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Wheeler Chair Robot

I saw that last year somebody had built a wheel chair robot?. My idea for the new Robot will be as a stage mascot that can also pretend to play the drums on stage. My brother has a live Metal band every Saturday night and most of the time we have trouble with no drummer showing up. We end up using a Drum machine instead with the 2 other guys on real guitars and singing. So Terminator will be able to move around and substitute behind the drum kit with the Live drum machine signal activating terminator arms at the drums. Also need him to move around in a wheel chair , so is anyone out there that has done this wheel chair hack, looking for suggestions on power/motor controller connections etc...should not be too hard just larger than I'm used to building. This is a youtuber that bought what I just bought,takes a month to get from China and we are building the rest of the Endoskeleton to integrate in wheel chair....

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So I have an idea for the hex 6 spider bot I got from Nomad. Not going to try this T2 head because I think possibly too heavy for 6 HD servos,don't want to burn them out .Thinking about buying a half scale T2 head smaller lighter, would look like "The Thing" 1982 John Carpenter's version! God I must be bored again darn lock down!xD
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Oh man, cmon rad, stop stealing my toys! Hehe.
I 3d printed this one, 15 cm high and light weight. Would fit nicely on the hex!
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HAHA, Great minds think alike!xD
I really need to give a shout out to my FB friend Scott Maple, he owns Kropserkel and with out him I could not have got All my Cylon chromed body Armour. Followed him for about 10 years on the web.when movie production needs robots,Aliens,Predators, Scott is who they goto ,any classic Cylon body costumes you see on YouTube, most were made by Scott at Kropserkel...amen to Scott!
Well I solved the noisy foot issue with six spider, used electrical tape wrapped at ends of feet to make cushions,works really well 80 percent more Quiet like a real spider!
Now all it needs are two red leds to make creepy eyes and some scary  creature sounds!
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How many eyes does a real spider have 4 or 8? I gotta check that!
YA creepy some 6, most have 8.
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So last night I got much improvements on the head neck and arm motors/servos. The new dual motor controller for the neck motor and for the wrist/hand rotation motors. Elbow metal rods added to support the robot carry 2 King Can beers.EZ Tiny controller just for head rotation and arms movements and to go to amplified speaker in neck,Cylon talking,heavy bass.,2nd EZ cam over mouth to be set for human facial recognition, will track movements with head motor, as  lower cam I use to see dirt on Floor watching it vacuum. His attack stance works amazing, when it rotates wrists the arms are to the sides but rotate the other way and both hands are ready to fire guns. Anyway a lot done.
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Well hey! I just noticed a video record option at the bottom of Camera panel controls, I never noticed that before ,or would have used it, must be new? Tried it and it seems to record smoothly for 320 mode,good in day light! I have 2 EZ cams on my Cylon now so this can be handy. I guess the EZ cam does not have a microphone for sound. Possibly try out one of the cellphone cameras to get audio and video.

More electronics added to get head movements and arm,hand motors in sync for various weapon stances.face tracking,color tracking with second head cam. Tons of sonar working now it can really safely vacuum without ever hitting any chairs in the way. Roomba handles the battery power extremely well!

Hey hey, finally got Nomad's 3d printed Daleks,sent me a small one for my desk and this bigger one that can be used as a synthiam robot body.I need to adjust the blue spider shell since it pops off with faster speed due to vibrations, some tape possibly. Dalek just needs painting now to look cool, then It can do some really neat stunt driving tricks!

Another 6 AM update as I do normally get up at 3 AM to do touching up jobs on the main robot I enjoy upgrading. This time I ripped out the old analog motor for head and upgraded with an extra HD servo because I could not get accurate left right timing on the head movement. Modern servo is really the best option with ARC panels.The buzzing sound is the old motor hanging off to the side still getting power will delete that.Servo is working perfect.Now just got to put Cylon head back on and wire up the main eye light to get power off Tiny controller. The small hbridge board is powering the old hand motors and has 5volt regulator for both sonar at top.
So here I have the servo tracking feature in the Synthiam ARC camera panel set for tracking any sudden movements, will train it to recognize my face and remember me.
Wow am having a blast, a little harder to use basic Synthiam ARC ,but still all the movement panels,sensors,cameras all work together so seamlessly well ,even merging other projects all together into 1 has no problems just a bit limited until I renew my subscription later today,as I don't think there is anyway to run both my EZB controllers together with basic. Still very impressive what I can do now without any real knowledge of complicated programming languages .soon I will have the top of robot handled by EZ Tiny and then the bottom with roomba running on EZb4, many sensors and servos,motors all running in perfect harmony ,the documents provided by DJ are so well organized on the web site and help files in Arc! If I can do all this ,I can only imagine what all you real long time builders are doing with Synthiam now!:)

Well the left hand motor now working with the new H bridge motor controller. Very powerful but once I run it with ARC script I can control the speed. Now need to connect right hand motor but seriously running low on wiring! Then I need to remember how I had the Star LED's hooked up before,as they are the guns on the hands.
Looks like you're having a blast with your robot. Very cool. Nice work so far.

I understand how fun this can be and how great it feels once you get things moving. I am currently working on arms for my robot but haven't gotten to the wiring or mounting of the motors yet. Still stuck at sanding, painting and fitting. I really dislike sanding so it's hard getting up the ambition to move the project along. I can't wait to get them at the point you are at. 

Do you still have the camera mounted in the head of the robot for tracking? I haven't worked on the camera for my robot for years. I was using the old first version camera and a young version of EZ Builder (now ARC) and I got frustrated. I had y camera mounted in the head also but I couldn't get it to work smoothly or properly for movement tracking. DJ said at the time that I should mount it on the main robot that didn't move the camera when tracking. Before I tried it I moved on to other things and removed the camera. I'd like to give it a try again with this new generation camera and ARC. It would be interesting to see how it works for you if you mounted yours in a spot other then the head to control the head.
Hey Dave I found this Tiny snap camera that is wireless which can do 1080 P at 30 Frames per second,that I mounted on the nose of the face but not sure if it will work with EZb Tiny, may work with the Ezb4 on the bottom of robot,will try it out tonight, if not supported I do still have 2 EZ cams, 1 mounted at the bottom roomba to see dirt on the floor for roomba remote controlled cleaning. The other ez cam has too short cable to mount on face but your suggestion to put on non moving neck could work right next to the Tiny.
Hi robo rad, looks like your robot is coming alive  :-)

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Well Ezang, you know how it goes,work on an idea then change my mind,start over then think of a new idea so,never really ever gets Finished,working on Mr Cylon since last winter now.In this video I am using mobile ARC on my phone to try remote control touch screen joystick and cam with my Samsung phone. On a funny note, the Landlord just walked to my door that is sliding window door, I am sure he saw the Cylon vacuuming ,wonder what he thought it was,LoL!