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Wheeler Chair Robot

I saw that last year somebody had built a wheel chair robot?. My idea for the new Robot will be as a stage mascot that can also pretend to play the drums on stage. My brother has a live Metal band every Saturday night and most of the time we have trouble with no drummer showing up. We end up using a Drum machine instead with the 2 other guys on real guitars and singing. So Terminator will be able to move around and substitute behind the drum kit with the Live drum machine signal activating terminator arms at the drums. Also need him to move around in a wheel chair , so is anyone out there that has done this wheel chair hack, looking for suggestions on power/motor controller connections etc...should not be too hard just larger than I'm used to building. This is a youtuber that bought what I just bought,takes a month to get from China and we are building the rest of the Endoskeleton to integrate in wheel chair....

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The simplest, although possibly not the least expensive is to just remove the wheelchair electronics (except possibly the battery charger) and connect the motors to a Sabertooth 2x25 (or similar) H-Bridge.  Most wheelchair motor conversions use this method.  It is possible to tap into the joystick controls and send the correct signal controls to the existing controller, but none of hte wheelchair companies document them, and each one is a little different, so it would take a lot of experimentation.  (I have also seen someone just hook up servos to the joystick.  Seems a bit cludgy to me, but works I guess).



So a Sabertooth sounds like something to look at then I can decide what type of motors will work as I am just using the smaller H bridges right now for 6 volt motors . Looking at Kijiji for listings of used wheel chairs and heading out to the huge Flee market we have here this Afternoon to see what I can find as there are also many Hobby venders with great deals on all sorts of stuff and possibly an old wheel chair ,you never know til you look. Another thing I may find is a child's electric car that they can sit in and drive outside. These have some really powerful high torque electric motors too. I have a bunch of arms and hands from old Robosapien V2 and Media bots that have fingers almost as large as human to modify for Endo skeleton arms, just need newer servos for those. They work the hands using a wire pulley system all the way to the fingers. As long as the drum sticks can be held on they will work great. My brother is going to work on the chest and back plate adding modified shock absorbers to give it the wide shoulders and waist movements...This is going to be a Fun project, Thanks again Alan.

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Yeah, Wheelchair motors are overkill for a lot of robots.   They can carry 300 lbs at a good speed.  The Power wheels car motors are much smaller and have fear boxes, and can easily move a 50-80 lb bot.  I have a couple of the motors, but am looking for wheels for them right (the gearbox axle is kind of strange.  Will take some work if I want something other than  wheels from the same toy)

Windshield Wiper and car door window lifters are also good choices for smaller but still powerful bots.


Ah yes, the classic wind shield motor mod, I have seen this used in other robotics Forums, Classic!


Yessss! I did find the perfect wheel platform for the T-800 ! The kiddy electric ride in cars really have come  far in tech since I was a kid. Not just a single battery and motor,talking about a kids version of a Lambo with dual  heavy duty 12 volt motors,yes 2. Also 2 12 volt batteries with a convenient recharging port! Plenty of extra wiring inside and even high performing head light system....Wish I was a 5 year old!  The power lasts something like 4 hours if a kid inside but if just a robot and plastic body removed could last way longer! great price brand new in the box!


Following some example programs on this forum from some members like the one with the Laser turret and target overlay, there are some great creative robot enthusiastic people here! Giving me some ideas for the Terminator while I wait for a month before the chrome head and neck gets to Canada by the slowest shipping method, LOL! I would have to say that buying the EZB camera just before Christmas was my greatest online purchase all year in 2018. I had no idea what amazing things could be done with this cam, and so easy to apply the programming with the wealth of videos provided by DJ and the EZ team. Does anyone know if it would be Illegal to have the Terminator bot wielding an actual replica of an Israel Army Mini Uzi? I bought online a few years ago and it is made to the exact specs and materials used to build the actual 9MM bullet Uzi's. In terminator 1 Arnold does use this to blow away many umm Cops I think. Mine is just a copper BB version that uses compressed Co2 to fire. but if I just use empty BB clip and have the robot fire it, it makes the exact same sound as a real mini Uzi cycling at 950 cycles per minute. On a stage this could look very real and dangerous but sure would add to the realism of a theatrical Terminator! Like, if I paint the tip of the gun orange just like on all Airsoft BB rifles, it should be legal right? I do have also a Wal-Mart M4 airsoft machine gun but looks totally fake due to the see through plastic and it is much longer, not practical for a robot really. Although I did modify it to shoot much faster by using the 11.1 Lipo instead of the 7.4 battery it came with. The M4 also has a built in L.E.D. to shine light on the 300 round glow in the Dark green BB's so it looks just like real bullet fire tracer rounds. Great for Airsoft battles with friends outside but not for shooting on a Music-band stage in a bar, LOL!!It could take an eye out as the 11.1 Lipo proved it could blow holes right through my ceiling! Well anyway ,the EZ cam used to identify human faces, colors and shapes is going to be fun to use to target my guitar player on stage, ahhh still early ,let us see when it is ready!

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Well, I do know that EZ Robot inc. does not like their products, or robots in general, to be used in any type of anarchy, mayhem or world dominating plot. With that said you could build your uber robotic BB gun and post it outside at night to patrol and guard your garbage cans against rouge raccoons.  :'(

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:DAha ha ya the Racoon thing I did already, caught some funny night vision stuff when the Racoon was trying to break in to the cottage every night through the screen window on the porch,it was smart and knew how to break in and open the refrigerator door we had there. The BB gun did target the little guy and eventually he stopped trying it... I guess I could just have the robot have the Uzi in a Holster and mainly wave the drum sticks and have the beating motion using the sound servo settings,there are actually some interesting arm movements that can be added to a script using the Recorder option too.Fascinating the more I look into these servo settings. As I was looking at buying a Lidar navigating sensor I discovered what would be a great add on camera to go along with EZ-cam. This is way cheaper than the other Thermal cams that came out last year. The 33 version of it is ideal for Robot vision( longer range than the 90 and better detail) to detect humans or animals outside even in sunlight  or total darkness..Think of the Westworld Gunslinger tracking a human in the old 70's movie,this is now reality!Will be perfect for a Terminator bot outdoors looking for people to interact with....

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So I am on this learning curve right now to design the neck head movements of the Terminator project, Thirsty for knowledge on the regular or HDD servos and what is the difference between a servo Linear actuator and a regular servo? I am thinking that since the new Linear actuators seem to resemble what were used for a long time with RC car steering mechanisms and what my brother uses in Pneumatic air cylinder pistons to control fast moving Props for movies and stage shows. My bro was telling me to go with the Pneumo cylinders but I want the Bot to be able to move around the field at summer Festivals we have outside. Must be Electronic and mobile, with no Giant air compressor to haul around LOL! Does anyone know if these actuators are faster than regular servos with movement speeds? Also would the Linear servo handle more load as a piston push pull mechanism VS a motor or regular servo with a cable attachment? I am leaning on getting the Linear actuators to replace the fake chrome pistons that go on the Terminator head,neck,chest,back and the giant fake pistons that go at the hip Chest connection. The price of Linear actuators are expensive just like the more expensive high torque servos, so ya ..Decisions, decisions. Now if I go check out the local hobby store here in town I can likely get much cheaper electronic servos used for Radio control vehicles like used for hobby Monster truck steering or Hobby R.C. airplanes.but not likely as large or powerful as these new ones from the robot store inventory. So I learn something new everyday, I had no idea that this existed,perfect for hands and finger movement!... Arnold had too much Flexinol wire in his jaw muscle,LOL! Sorry guys thought this was Hilarious!...


I considered going [color=#442e5f][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"]Pneumo for a short time with my B9's arms. There is plenty of power you can put into a small space with less power needs them regular servos. It was tempting to use this method.  However in the end, like you I didn't want to find space for a air tank and compressor. The thing that really killed it for me was the noise. You will hear the compressor pumping air into the tank and the hiss of the air escaping when the piston moves. Maybe your brother know how to overcome these problems. [font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"]

[color=#442e5f][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, Segoe UI, Roboto, Helvetica Neue, Arial, sans-serif, Apple Color Emoji, Segoe UI Emoji, Segoe UI Symbol, Noto Color Emoji]Recently high speed [color=#442e5f][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"]Linear actuators are hitting the market. Again like you said they are costly. Seems the faster they move the higher the price. [/font][/size][/color][/font][/size][/color][/font][/size][/font][/font][/size][/color][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"]

[color=#442e5f][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"][color=#442e5f][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, Segoe UI, Roboto, Helvetica Neue, Arial, sans-serif, Apple Color Emoji, Segoe UI Emoji, Segoe UI Symbol, Noto Color Emoji][color=#442e5f][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"]I ended up buying a real nice [color=#442e5f][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"]Linear actuator from Progressive Automation for another part of my B9 (the bubble lifter). I haven't installed it yet but am real excited to upgread using this. If you order directly from PA they can custom build to your specs for no extra cost. Just choose what you need from a drop down list. [/font][/size][/color][/font][/size][/color][/font][/size][/color][/font][/size][/font][/font][/size][/color]

[color=#442e5f][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"][color=#442e5f][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, Segoe UI, Roboto, Helvetica Neue, Arial, sans-serif, Apple Color Emoji, Segoe UI Emoji, Segoe UI Symbol, Noto Color Emoji][color=#442e5f][size=3][font=OpenSans, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif, "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Noto Color Emoji"][/font][/size][/color][/font][/size][/color][/font] [/size][/font][/font][/size][/color][/font][/size][/font][/size]

[color=#111111][size=2][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][/font][/size][/color]

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After playing with the drop down menu on the Progressive Automation website I see the price does change just a little as the stroke gets longer. However only by a few dollars. You can get strokes from 1" to 24" with a force range from 11 -33 lbs. It looks like the speeds will drop as force needs goes up. Fastest I see is about 9" a second. Slowest is about 3" a second.

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Great vids Dave! That is what I was looking for some examples of Linear servo in motion. 9" per second is actually really fast for what I may need but again I need to balance with the cost. That Progressive web site is something to look at,so much selection!

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And these guys have already done what I am doing, some others too I saw one video from 2015 so I am not the first but only difference I will have the entire body replicated and moving with actuators and another thing most people do not have the best robot controller EZ B!

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some of you guys may be building great large robots as well. A good secret on trying to make vinyl or plastic look just like real chrome. Do not use most of the Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire chrome paints,they do not really work. There is a very few that come close to chrome or more like a polished Aluminum if clear coated(The clear coats always kill the chrome shine effect for some chemical reaction or just the coating results in yellowed or dull appearance) There is a paint that works great called Spaz stix about 17 dollars for a small can but it really looks like Metal Chrome on any material and the secret is to really lay on a high Gloss black first and then sparingly add a thin top coat of the Chrome paint,Gently buff after for convincing Metal chrome shine. Then the company Alsa is great too but way more expensive,they do sell a regular aerosol can for $50.00 called Killer Chrome that looks so good,they use it in auto body shops to repair chrome bumper damage and they have a new one too that works better but too expensive called Easy-Chrome,100.00 for the minimum size,not worth it. Alsa also sells Chrome wraps that look so amazing you can wrap a car to look just like a chrome plated car! I have seen the Lamborgini's with this Black Chrome wrap that looks Jaw-dropping gorgeous. You can get these many colored wraps from Ebay and China way cheaper and easier to do yourself as they don't get damaged if you make a mistake and need to peel off the wrap. Just my 2 cents on Robot cosmetics,wraps can be used for anything as well....I am going to do this on parts of my Black Fiero GT like on the Big rear spoiler at the back as a Black chrome look,Hood with shiny Chrome area and the Pegasus Emblem,possibly the silver bottom side panels with Black Chrome. Also any future Robots of course, Cylon Centurian comes to mind!......update.....

After watching this youtuber, The Centurian just does not seem as menacing any more like what I remember as a kid, Possibly the Doctor Who Cyber-Man would be a cooler next build!.....

And this one just made me cringe,LOL!!....


Glad that vid was helpful. It was actually done by a friend of mine down in Australia by the name of Steve Neal. He's built a B9 robot that rivals any other I've seen.


Dave that is awesome, a Small world indeed!


Well The Terminator skull is landed in Ontario so it won't be too long for the delivery I hope but it may take time to go through more customs before it gets out for delivery here. I decided to strip down the Wow Wee Chimp Alive I had since the neck movement motors are very quick similar to servos and run at under 6 volts. Using my old 298 H bridge seems to do the trick for adding EZ-B controller, Now I just need to slow the motors down and write a program for the Terminator Head that will go on it. Also saved the Jaw movement motor and will add that so that Terminator Jaw will move when it talks " Give me your Clothes" " F___ You A__Hole" etc.. Here is the demo....

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Wow crazy,just saw this,could be why my T-800 skull is taking too long to get here, they seem to be overwhelmed by orders in China,i recieved in the mail today a post card from china with a picture of a cat? Saying my parcel is on the way with a different shipping carrier and should arrive soon so who knows.....

Update---Got new tracking info and my parcel is just in customs area in Toronto, won't be much longer now! Can you tell I'm excited!

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So I was thinking about what to use for a mobility base as I have never built a really large robot before, I was testing to see what kind of balance and center of gravity I can get by adding a huge chrome shell from a vacuum cleaner I never use (I just broom a lot). So I got it quite high taller than a regular chair. Fooling around on hardwood floors the old Rad robot tank base was a perfect fit as it clamped right on well almost ,I need to shave a bit of plastic off the rad tank sides and I just did a temporary hot glue fix LOL! the old rad body shell can be used for the motors to bend it or turn it side to side at the waist. Outside it works on the driveway but I can tell it will have problems turning on grass if the plan is to make this skeleton to grow with Actuator servos and shock absorbers to be 6 or 7 feet tall. I will for sure need to make the Tank base way bigger and use the high powered all terrain Hover-board motor wheels 8-10 inch size.The only problem is I don't think H-bridge controllers work with those Brushless motor wheels.I need to research it more as it looks like I would need to order 2 separate controllers for both motors from China(I hate ordering from there) I may also just go the easy route and buy the 12 volt kiddy car Gear/motors,so much cheaper and easy to use sabertooth or equivalent H bridge controller.Then there are also the power window motors that are slow but high torque.I tried to insert photo from file but it does not seem to work here.


My tracking number has showed more activity so it is in Transit ,hopefully that means it is in delivery to my house....just get here already, I wanna light up the Terminator red eyes and scare the smiles out of the dog here!


It has arrived! Even more creepy in person. This thing is more heavy than I thought. It is a Chinese copy of the Sideshow T 800 replica. Full Chrome process makes it strong and about 5 pounds. It weighs more than my whole Rad-Robot ! I used the Rad Tank base and the Chrome Vacuum shell to see if it can haul the beast around the room and yes it does but the 6 volt motors will likely burn out so now I am checking Ebay for all the Electric skate board duel motor deals 36 volt ones.... Here it is!.... T

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I have never tried the EZB digital output for controlling L.E.D. lights before but will look for info on doing this today also hooking up EZ cam to Terminator and get some basic head tracking movements with a servo.If I have time get it talking with some old Arnold MP3's responding to voice questions in microphone. I want the EZ controller to cause his eyes to slowly come on and then slowly fade out in response to questions asked to it. I have located the wires to the battery where I can hook up to EZ controller digital pins. It looks like I will need to invest in some Arduino type relays that can connect to the EZ 5 volt digital pins and this will activate both eye lights and a capacitor for the dimming effect.Also noted that the cavity under the neck goes all the way up to the skull top,ideal for adding a larger Chrome "Spine" with servo up and down actuator or left and right.

I forgot I left the eyes on and went to the store so, when I came back the room was dark, Holy S--- did  that Terminator look spooky shining it's eyes in the dark!! I can already see this will make Eddy from Iron Maiden look like an Oompa Loompa in comparison!...The strategy now will be to find light weight but strong aluminum brackets and tubes to start the skeleton Process as well!

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Here is a neat trick I thought I would share, For any type of Chrome plating or even that new Alcad chrome paint that looks like real chrome, A modellers secret is to buy Pledge Floor shine from hardware store and you have endless supply of cheap clearcoating for any chrome finishes that will not yellow,gives a hard acrylic clear coat shine that you can maintain easy wiping off dust and finger prints...check out that shine on Terminator!


:)So Now the Testing is done to control my old Chimp Alive Neck servos(Older DC motors with mechanical increments)Used the old Rad robot as test subject. The up and down motions can work in a script using the PWM single channel plugins can also control T 800 eyes using that method but the left and right motions work directly from the Camera plugin when I enable the movement tracking option and there are many fine options that you can adjust to get the right type of tracking speeds and smoothness movements...Me Likey! The color tracking also works but not as good as the motion tracking...somebody will enter the room and robot instantly turns to follow the person's movements, it is incredible to watch! Next is to add this servo to the Terminator head/base with special shock absorber connectors as it weighs about 5 pounds and the servos will need help supporting it and the sudden movements up down left and right.


Cylon Kit So now I have a second robot on the way ,got the kit to build the original Cylon Helmet ,not sure if he is sending me the rough chrome kit or the un-finished vinyl kit either way it should be fun to put together and stick an EZ-B in there! Now T-800 has a friend on the way! If you need any other props like a Predator or anything he builds all types of Starwars,Horror anything Sci-Fi these for TV and movies....


The Terminator inner core body is just a long PVS pipe that goes from the bottom to the neck and using the old Rad body to house the EZB,H bridge and head movement/waist motors. The bottom is the Chrome shell from a Vacuum all hollow now that will house a large 12 volt Marine battery or 2 lighter 12 volt batteries,need to see how much weight the motors will handle when they come in tomorrow.Will mount them on the sides of Vacuum shell. I do want the bottom heavy so it will have better balance when running outside. Also Future designs ,going to add large Actuator pistons to raise the arms/neck head another 2 feet taller as it is now at 4 feet but a Terminator should go at least 6 foot tall! When travelling it will stay short but standing it will raise it's height.Shoulders and arms will be coming too but later.The old rad body will be completely made over and chromed. It is still just in the rough testing phase but I hope to let it run down the street if all this snow melts tomorrow from the rain! I have decided to just make this robot frame universal for the other Cylon helmet I ordered instead of having 2 robots,use the same frame for both as the chromed Cylon helmet will fit over the Terminator's Skull...interchangable ....robots in disguise...Transformer,LOL! I am going for the modern Exoskeleton T-800/Cylon Hybrid frame design.


;)Now if you can just think of problems outside the box there are always simple sollutions. Instead of expensive Actuator Servos I have an idea from being a car guy...The old scissor jack that you can lift a car really high could be used with this method to make Terminator skeleton double it's height. Only need a heavy duty motor to turn a modified scissor jack up or down or whatever design is used in a power window even! A scissor jack could be used if it is made with less resistance to turn, I have 3 of them in my car but a motor would need too much torque right now but could possibly made to work with another window Lift motor.

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10 minutes later.....So I see they do make 12 volt Electric scissor jacks, interesting..... But this actuator can lift 30 inches so,still better than scissor lift at only 13 inches.

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I am not really liking the old rad body in the middle, I think I will go out to home hardware and see about getting a thick plumbing pipe or an aluminum tube to be strong enough to go from the bottom all the way up to the neck part, The rad body just looks to old and "Plastic" A bit too flimsy for a Terminator,LOL! The PVC pipe I have now is also not strong enough in the center ,it will be okay going to the skull part only. It needs to be made really tough and sturdy. I also want to make the pipe look like the spine from the Terminator movies so I will need to get creative and shape out some hexagon spine connectors to go all the way up and have them looking like chrome after.Many nuts and bolts I will need to buy.More smaller tubes as well to imitate what is in the movie then the chest and back plate I will use some type of light weight plastic and chrome paint them.

EDIT....... On more testing ,the Rad body in the middle really seems to help as a shock absorber when moving forward or backwards, The body has a motor and a spring that controls the waist movement for lean forwards/Lean backwards and this gives the whole robot a nice cushion effect as the head is heavy at 5 pounds and will slightly move backwards if it is taking off suddenly and slightly forward when stopping suddenly, a shock absorbing effect, Possibly good to have. It will be hidden anyway with the front chest plate bars and arm /shoulder linkages. I will likely paint that inner body black but have all the tubes and chest in chrome as well. Trying to replicate what side show does on their whole 1000.00 bust piece.....

Edit------So I have been just studying all the sideshow models of the T-800/600 life size statues and I can see what I am doing wrong with my Model. It is directly where the bottom of his neck is, that is where the Shock absorber shoulders and arms are supposed to go and on my model the Rad body arms connections are way too Low. I am going to need to raise the body up to the neck bone part and from there buy the 4 small shock absorbers (or just make look a like shocks) The chest plate is easy to make and just add on to the Rad body with self tap screws(Or hot glue LOL!)Similar the back plating. Some of my creative artistic painting skills to get the battle damaged chrome look and I just love it when a plan comes together! I will grab my scissor jack and add that to the bottom inside the vacuum battery can. I found out any old cordless drill can crank the scissor jack up and down. So did I mention I want this T-800 thing to look like a real monster at these out door festivals in summer, Take it out for a night walk and just watch the old people collapse from heart attacks LOL! I am worried about getting the mouth jaw part to move as it talks since, the Chrome process has glued it all shut I have not tried to pry it open yet,a bit too scared to crack any other chrome around it.

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Well since the new car window lift---robot high torque motors came in yesterday I spent the last 3 hours doing surgery with some of the hardware clamps and install the new motors to modify the Terminator Base mobility drive.These motors are way more heavy than the puny 6 volt original Rad drive motors! I will try a quick test using the old H-bridge at half power and see what kind of movement I get as these are 15 Amp 12 volt motors.Could be overkill for the old plastic Tank and rip it in half! Too bad there is no more snow outside,would be fun to see this thing rip around on the snow fields! Likely gonna need to upgrade plastic base tank to Aluminum heavy duty frame.

Edit---Testing the 2 motors on a bench with my 5 Amp 7.4 Lipo battery went really well! even with half speed the motors are very powerful and not too fast just perfect for a robot . They have internal worm gears which means they will not move not even budge until power is applied and then the torque is so high you can't stop them with your hand. Very quiet too, I am so impressed,exactly what I wanted!

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User-inserted image Here is a cool idea for a stage performing Robot!

I attached the front chest piece higher up and now it looks proper where the shoulders and arms can fit but I will need to cut the bottom a bit to make it look right and connect to a back plate with custom made shock absorbers as rod links. It is starting to come together the way I planned it in my head and I can make it rigid as tall as me!


I am unsure what to do here as the vacuum chrome plating process has sealed the Jaw movement shut. I really want to un freeze it and put in the new type of muscle servo wire and then control his jaw movements with ARC software "Talk servo" Function. This really bugs me as I don't want to damage the chrome around the cheek bones if I tap it with something, Possibly will try to put Allen key wrench and see if it will come loose but I am scared to crack anything. The skull was originally put together as separated pieces and that jaw should be able to move if screws are loosened.


I changed to an 8.4 volt Nimh 3 Amp and the base motors drive good with out weight but probably should add the 7.2  5 Amp Lipo battery for testing tomorrow,more current will help.Can't test right now because somebody is freaking out about all the robot motor noises last night,LOL! Want to try it tomorrow with the Robot on top as the bust weighs 10 pounds ,I don't yet have the proper 12 volt wheel chair battery or the high current H-Bridge so trying it tomorrow with old H bridge rated for only 5 Amps. Motors rated up to 17 Amps so hopefully there will not be a smoke show. Using just cardboard box for battery box Mock up test, This is not final robot body configuration,just a test.

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Oh ya, no smoke show running at about half power goes perfectly and weight is no problem for these car widow lift motors. With the Tank treads put back on this robot can likely climb any hill ,dirt,gravel big grass outside! Why does this thing remind me of Stephen Hawking........


User-inserted image so The Cylon helmet kit just came in from Scott down at Kropserkel --- and it is perfectly chromed already all I need to do is put it together and since it is made to be a real helmet for a human to wear a cylon suit ,this helmet is very light weight unlike the Terminator head 5 pounds The Cylon material is strong and it has the real Chrome covering it and it is shiny! This will actually work great with my neck up down left right servo!


This is coming along so well!


For sure,owning my 2 favorite sci-fi robots is a dream I have had since I was a kid and to finally be able to source the body parts and affordable electronics, bring them to life ,mainly thanks to EZ-B for making it easy to learn simple coding.

#41   — Edited

User-inserted image Ok so the 2 halves match up really well! Scott really helped me out big time by doing most of the rough cutting for me before shipping,really nice guy to deal with! I only need to cut out eye slit for lights and glue the halves together. Then on to the neck servos! The Cylon voice will be just the EZ-B speech synthesizer going into my old Iphone using the Q-Neo voice effect cylon distortion "On the Fly" voice changer app. An MP3 will also be added for the Eye warble sound effect....Not sure why the photo downloaded upside down?

#42   — Edited

Ya weird every pic I try going upside down,strange.


User-inserted image Try again here I got Cy patiently waiting for me to glue his head together and a new body while T 800 waits to have body completed, he is a bit less patient though!

#44   — Edited

  So The head is almost sealed up,did the top and back but the front needs to be c-clamped with a soft plastic clamp and then glued from inside. Got the Scan eye working good and installed secure. Also need to dremmel some of the rough edges around the eye slot.

#45   — Edited

It's coming together pretty great :)


So Mr T 800 will be going in his comfy home for a while until I can get at my power tools in the RV which has a ton of snow in the way,next month is supposed to be a big warm up and then I can continue his body build.User-inserted image


Mr Cy is going to be User-inserted imagehuge with what I am formulating in my head as the helmet is very light weight. The Chrome vacuum will be cut at the sides to show inner Exoskeleton and I am going to use my artistic skills to duplicate his back pack and chest plate similar to the Battlestar Razor modern CGI version of these classic centurians. I have done something similar once with paper mache to build a hard body piece that can be chrome plated. This time I will start with card board boxes and cut them to the correct shapes to make the chest and back pieces,very light weight again! Then I will use Chrome wrap that many cars use these days.Some hot Glue of course (Later add screws) He will share the same base motor drive that T 800 has.For now I need to get the neck servo attached.


This is the look I'm going for with Cy but instead of walking he will have the 3 wheel base drive and I have a bunch of robot arms in my RV that I need to get for both bots and attach them later.User-inserted image


So as I wait for the Live hack event, thought I would work on my robot wheel base. Found a perfect fit from a tool storage container, clear plastic. Now I can see all the cool lights shine through from the EZ controller and electronics at the bottom! So you see you do not need to spend great deal of money to build your robot body! I will use self tapping screws to put the main sections together so I can drive  both robot versions around,still just a mock up prototype until I get all the balance adjustments good. Robot User-inserted imageArms and shoulders will make this dude look mean!


The other guy with same wheel ride....User-inserted image


I think I will just buy the whole Cylon body kit to save time instead of creating from scratch!....User-inserted image


Flash light Hack!  I changed the L.E.D. eyes with the L.E.D.'s from a dollar store Flashlight, what a difference the eyes are super bright now and this thing just gives me the creeps now at almost 5 feet tall!User-inserted image


I am still thinking that my original idea to have the Terminator sitting in a creepy old fashion Wheel chair was the best idea, I think I will try to source one off Ebay and then add my own motors and electronics, add robot arms to terminator that move making it look like he is controlling the joystick on the arm rest.That would be so insanely Frightening to the Max!User-inserted image


Does anyone else second guess their project? Sometimes I am happy with the robot building progress then I start to think, Should I just tear it down and start over? Then I will just have a coffee and brainstorming on what else I can do to make it better,LOL! I am pretty happy with the Base wheel carrier and the Terminator is getting there,until I start adding all the chrome pipes for the rest of the skeleton with arms I won't know how good it will turn out. I really want it to look spooky and mean so once I move it to where all my power tools are next month hopefully the progress will be almost done.User-inserted image


Second guess? You bet! However I like to call it Research and Development or Prototyping. LOL.


You are not alone in second guessing your projects, I do that all the time to mine.  I start to see different ways to do something or overthink it.  I usually have more fun and learn more if I just keep pushing ahead when I don't change too much from my original idea.


xDHey guys, glad to see I'm not the only one! You are right though when a plan does come together nicely it really is fun. I am just limited by my tools or lack of tools I should say. Next month when I move back to my Motor home  I will be so happy to see all my power tools again, I missed them so much this winter! There is only so much you can do with a screwdriver and a hot glue gun LOL!


Oh well I had a dream last night! Unlike Martin  Luther King's dream ,mine was the vision of Terminator as lawn mower ride on conversion, Gardening with a weed whacker/Leaf blower, in the house vacuuming and polishing floors with attachments and in the winter a possible snow blower conversion....oh yeahhhhh! Possibilities of doing something practical with this guy is endless. I have a huge lawn to cut this summer and weeds to whack so going to start planning that out!

#59   — Edited

So it is amazing to see all the robot action going on lately in this Forum! We are really living now in an amazing time period! Thanks to DJ and his vision to get this EZ controller out for the masses we can do things we only dreamed about as kids. Also credits to all in the EZ company for all the hard work they do!  I guess I am the only idiot that is building 2 robots at the same time LOL! So excited at what I can do and really did dream about as a kid, My Cylon project is also coming together nicely and he is asking but where is my body sir? It is coming and it will be cool! I am building his neck servo tonight to play with EZ camera and come alive..Just like CY from the Galactica 1980 episode "The Return of Starbuck" where Starbuck crashes on the lonely planet and rebuilds the enemy cylon robot to be his companion, I am there...Sci-Fi meets real time reality!


Well so far so good with the motor testing but this is just with a light weight Nimh 8.4 volt battery and the motors are 12 volt 15 Amp so I need to see how it will work with the added weight of a wheel chair type SLA battery or 2 smaller SLA 12 volt batteries used in lawn mowers and rec vehicles. if the weight is too much I will consider a more expensive Li on Battery of equal volts/Amps. Also could get several Lipo's in parallel each at 10 Amp/Hr. Now I need to connect 2 Sonars ,EZ camera and hook the eye lights to the EZ controller...and let it rip around!


stunning how did you get the chrome on the cylon mask?


Scott down at Kropserkle sold me the un-finished kit but I was surprised when I saw he sent me the Chromed version for the same price and all I had to do was glue the 2 halves together and then glue in the mouth piece,I already had the scanner L.e.D. from Ebay so it was a great deal!


yes he saved me time by doing most of the rough cutting before sending it to me as I did say I will buy the other Armour pieces from him chromed to add for robot body, going for a look similar to the new CGI model.User-inserted image


Also my Terminator body is still on hold until I get to my Motor home that has all my robot arms and other parts needed as I am trying to get the same look as the Sideshow replica they sell for about $800.00 on Ebay and that is just a model with no arms no servos! User-inserted image

#66   — Edited

This is me talking into my Cylon voice changer on the Iphone app,has different EQ settings to make it sound like original robots,you just need the Microphone/speaker combo for the input to make it "Live" not recorded but can also make recordings too.Can even be used inside helmet and worn by human as costume voice changer but I am just going to use the ARC Speech default voice synthesizer for input to robot.At the end that was my tribute to the Boney M song,Sounded really close too!


yep that sounds like a real cylon.


Not bad for a free iphone App, can even use next halloween if I wear full costume,LOL!


that i would love to see,haha .what is the name off the iphone app?


it is Voice Express by Q Neo free cylon and many other voices in the paid version.


got it many thanks,its starts ainstant with the cylon voice.


the app also works in dutsh language and reacts to music too.


Well these new 12 volt Cytron motors are not only high torque but also extremely fast,too fast had to modify the EZ script to search out the room with sonars and drive at 50% of the speed as it was going fast as a cat at full speed! Few more things to do before I put on the Terminator body,I have a much larger 12 volt motorcyle battery that will fit inside the chrome cylinder that Terminator rides on top of.Need to drill the holes for wiring.

#74   — Edited

It has rained like crazy for last 3 days just hoping to get it out for test tomorrow.

#75   — Edited

Ready to try it outside but will need to add servos to shoulders and also make them wider ,then add longer Fore arms with hands ,they use the old motor servo style pulling the fingers with cables . Should be fun to terrorize the old folks across the field, the Cytron motors go fast enough using the motorcycle battery . The arms will sway for balance to help out when moving. electric BB gun will be added as well for target practice via EZ cam.

#76   — Edited

Weird that my new posts are showing up with wrong date and not added at the last posting just saying edited Jan 1?


Well, I broke down and bought the Google home Mini as it is still on sale so cheap at WalMarts, I am pleasantly surprised how loud this little Hockey puck size smart speaker sounds! I am just going to use it as my Cylon robot Brain,it is so small it fits great and the microphones are so sensitive you can just ask Google from across the room or in my case right now across the lawn  at my cottage outside! and the first thing I asked was "hey google play me a rock music list" And the damned thing some how knew my favorite death metal band and my favorite song as it pulled a music channel from youtube and started to play,damned impressive! Can't wait to see what else it does as I bought the chromecast plug to go to my TV and play all the youtube vids and netflix or any movies.Also got the smart electrical plug to control any electrical devices and these things are cheap,like 12 bucks,gonna get more later. My Cylon helmet was in an earlier post on this thread if you look back a bit to see picture. Terminator project is still going great roaming around my yard,still using EZ-B of course!:D


   So I am now doing the surgery to attach Life size arms and gripping hands,will be using high torque motor to grip left or right hands and motors in the arm joints ,added the strobe effect light to simulate electrical damage after a battle.


This is the Terminator with New extended arms,joint motors and working hands to grip objects tight ,will use a heavy duty motor or just an HD servo could be better for this as I will need to get a fancy motor controller to run and program all the arm motors. Just having fun ,keep your bots improving Folks ,Let them become self aware LOL!


Had trouble with Terminator doing 360 turns outside on the grass Lawn since the old 3rd wheel was not able to turn properly,would just drag sideways causing friction. Bought a larger 3rd wheel with ball bearings for smooth turning. Also re-enforced the whole main body so it is extremely tough and durable now able to take falls if needed ,battery is on bottom and weighs 18 pounds so great for center of balance. Arms are ready to train for some movements tomorrow to aid with mobility using older H bridge type controller and ARC program. Ordered a much better motor controller for wrist and hand grippers.Cut out holes for dual sonar sensors and still need to cut hole for EZ-Cam. Fun day ahead!


Oh Yeahhh she's back in the New Terminator movie coming out soon,this looks really damn good!


Wait what? Sarah Conner is back?! My T 800 is now upset ,Just Ragging out on me because he is not up and running. . Had to add the EZ Camera to give him ability to track humans down such as Sarah Conner. Soon....Soon.


Rained again today so stayed in the motor home at cottage,completing other tasks on the 2 robots, Linked them together with the Google home mini and my iphone with Cylon voice setting.You may need to turn up volume as the small Terminator speaker is not as loud as the Google mini speaker is.


Right on! I love the Cylon head, is it a helmet?


Oh Hi Jer, Yes it is an official Kropserkel Helmet you can buy online complete with eye or cheaper as a kit where all you need to do is glue the 2 halves together,the mouth piece and add the Jupiter electronics L.E.D. red eye from Ebay or Amazon. The owner of Kropserkel Scott lives in my old home town so he gave me the Helmet kit with the 2 halves already Chrome plated. He is a great guy to deal with! I am hoping to get the rest of the Cylon body parts to complete as a real robot rather than the costume it is meant to be sold as.His Cylon costume parts are all Chrome plated and in high demand all over the world so it is a bit of a wait when you order from Kropserkel. His full size Cylon classic statue was featured in the 2004 Battlestar TV show re-make when they show the Battle Museum of it in a glass case aboard the Galactica near the start of the first show.


Keep the videos coming mike - super cool!

#87   — Edited

Thanks DJ , I also found a secret Free Terminator game for the P.C. last night, It was made by a regular guy for fun ,not profit. He never finished the whole game but put out what he could as a Alpha download around 2011. The people who play it swear it is the most exciting Terminator shooter ever made! I got it working last night and Damn! what a blast with such smooth dtailed graphics and action, The T-800 Terminators are Scarry as Hell and hard to kill. I got so into the game that I forgot to fix my P.C. Power supply box that over heats because of the dead Fan inside. After a few hours the loud popping sound came as the power supply over heated and exploded,LOL! Right in the middle of a huge Fire fight on the battlefield...scared the rainbow out of me. Thought I would post the Link if anyone else wants to have a go, I changed to another power supply but it is only a 300 watt and can't use my newer super video card,hopefully I can continue with my old one now,dying to get back at it! Anyone interested this is where you can find it.... Also if you download the 2.1 newest version it will not work unless you download 2.0 first as there is an important file that is needed from 2.0

#88   — Edited

Well I lost some time as my hard drive crashed big time due to the Power supply exploding in my desktop computer,it must have also caused a major short in the Drive and it became impossible to fix,tried every trick I know but it is beyond repair,the data can still be seen on my Ubuntu laptop oddly enough so I may be able to copy over my music and files before throwing it in the garbage. Back to building up the Terminator and programming what I want it to do with the EZ controller. Although I have it Linked up to my Google mini using the USB 12 volt adapter, The synthesized voice actually sounds best coming from EZ-B and then into Google mini speaker for loudness. To be continued...

Edit---- Now with the EZ Camera I am thinking how cool it would be to get a red soccer ball so Terminator can see it easy and knock it around the soccer field, in between the goal posts!


Well Hell yeahhh! I thought I lost this, was looking all over the Motor Home where I left it over the winter. Last Fall I put that EZB-3 in a box and hid it in one of the upper cup boards, just found it now after cleaning up in here! I think I will use it to control some Cylon body movements once I start building it . This EZ-B v3 was actually sent to me from Vancouver and came directly from the Calgary Office. The guy that sent it to me says he got it directly from DJ...the Imperious robot Leader ! I always liked this older design the way it lights up, will be so cool on the Cylon.


I have added the M4 Machine rifle to the Terminator, it is fully electronic and can be switched on with EZ-B controller,with out airsoft BB's it makes avery impressive sound in Full Auto mode just like in the Terminator movies and of course with the 300 BB's loaded into the magazine it will fire them hard enough to go through card board(Even my sheet rock roof!) It would hurt to get hit like a minor bruise but will be only used for hitting targets in the field outside with Aim from my TV or smart aim by the Terminator. Hard to see full detail of weapon but wait 'Til I get it out in the sun shine!

#91   — Edited

I added some brush on black paint to the eye sockets and Brain CPU cavities,also in the deeper holes around the Jaw areas,looks more like the real Movie Terminator now,just need to add a new LED to the right eye and pop it back on...Raining again here like usual so can't get much testing done. ...oops forgot to publish vid,try again,hold on.....


Template for painting Chest and just leave the shiny chrome parts under as part of the spinal column to make it look more like in the movies. Still raining here so it is a bit dark but you can still see The shiny bony parts on the chest.


As for the second Cylon robot project , I will be converting this Rad 2.0 robot I got from Ebay to use the body parts and lighting,possibly the original 6 volt motor gear track system as well. Along with my Spare EZ-B version 3 and H bridge controller. Of course it will be way taller too. The fist step is to paint it Glossy black and then the special chrome paint ordered from Ebay.


Just had had a great Field test here night time at the cottage out in the Dark Field with only a Flashlight on the Robot to light his way around. I only used the Mobile bottom section for now since it is hard to see any bumps in the grass and would not be able to see if Terminator upper body may topple over.The bottom half wheels were quite fast booting around the Field!

#95   — Edited

Congrats @Robo Rad! It seems it's been a successful night for the both of us. I was able to get the power glove controlling the Adventurebot on tonight's Live Hack :D

I know it's no easy feat to get your robot driving around outdoors on an uneven surface, so that's awesome!


Nice. I'm hoping to see an action video of this big guy soon. Do you intrend on sending on one of your ghost hunts?


Today will be a great day for testing all the Walking Gaits I want to program with ARC,I also just changed the eyes to the correct color and brightness of the movie Terminators using automotive dash L.E.D.'s 12 volt, super terrifying now. The Terminator has already scared a few old people here and it is not yet even 6 foot tall,that comes later with the lifting cylinder I am buying, he will lift upper body when ever not moving to search for stuff or observe cams but Lower when booting across the field. Some of you may remember how the larger Robosapien V2 had different walking styles,that is what I need to start on today,it helps with balance.Ghost hunts would be Fun with T-800 but I bet the ghosts would even be to scared to come near it, LOL!


This was going to be the first outdoors test with the Large wheelchair battery installed as it was running slower but with a small Lipo battery Okay but just slower, with the extra power , it seems to want to tilt to far left or right on the 360 turns,too much power now! So I will add some side support wheels to avoid this problem.


Ya, that doesn't surprise me. He's pretty tall and heavy for such a narrow base. You have a great idea there with side support wheels. Do you plan to have them powered and part of the drivetrain or just freewheeling and suspended just above the ground to "catch" him when he starts to tip?

#100   — Edited

Hey Dave I am looking to copy the DJ Snow robot design for better traction. Bigger ATV wheels and 2 larger castor wheels at back with wider axel.We had so much rain yesterday this bot design will only work on hard floors but not the mud. Stock

wheels need replacing with ATV bigger wheels for sure to gain some traction!


The 8 channel Relay board is on it's way so that I can control the old style DC motors in the Arms and wrists using along with the EZB to send the commands. This will be yet another learning experience getting the modern digital EZ to the old school relay board and figuring out the timing for each elbow to wrist movements. The Fingers gripping will likely need the HDD servo to work though. I will eventually replace the older DC motors to all HDD servos in the future. As this can all be controlled with just the EZ-B.


So I have gone back to the drawing board on outdoors mobility for the Terminator, Found an old Kiddy car that has the perfect sized wheels with rubber treads and the both corners at back have the larger wheels that spin 360 like castor wheels but are actual tire types. Will need to cut car body in half first to make it shorter and then add my window lift motors to the front,this should work on all terrain outside!


The 8 channel relay board came in so I am figuring out getting one relay working with ARC program to control Arm motor duration/speed.I am using the Older EZB-V3 as the 5 volt regulator for the Relay board and the EZB-V4 to get the signal also ARC program to adjust timing for relay#5 to open and close switch,next will be to control an Arm movement.


It's kinda cool seeing an old EZB-V3 burning away. At first when I saw it in the vidro I wondered why you were using outdated and unsupported hardware. Then I read your post where you're just using it as a regular. Very cleaver and a good use of devices on hand.

I heard the relay board clicking away. Looks like it's working!


Yes thanks Dave, it is working and is just a mess of wires for testing out the new stuff. I just love electronics and trying out new or old style circuit boards! Most people have no clue what I am doing until they see me organize the wires and boards neatly on the robots. Hey , I was just actually reading your B9 thread, some amazing stuff you are doing there! The old EZB-3 was going to be just like a classic museum piece on my shelf to just look at but I think it deserves to serve it's intended purpose to live on a robot. It will display itself on the robot's back pack. L.E.D.'s showing through clear plastic cover.Of course EZ-4 will still be the main controller.

#106   — Edited

I think I need a break, Took me many hours today to just figure out how to reverse motor polarity using old style relay board with 1 battery to raise the Terminator Left arm up and back down,  programmed with ARC Blockly. Next will be the wrist motor and finger grippers. When I get to building my other Cylon project I think I will stick with the HDD servos, wayyyyyy more easy than Relay board ,older motors for arms.I think I accidentally made a crude relay wired H-bridge to get the motors working without shorting battery.


Chopped a kiddy car in half to try wheels outside in Field. 12 volt high torque motors and wheelchair battery. Also adds the height I wanted.

#108   — Edited

At just about 6 foot tall I think he is about ready to cause Mayhem in the outside park! Still need to add the chrome paint tomorrow on the wheel base and the electronic turret machine gun just BB's of course and only for the cool sound effect.


Nice progress. I love the look now that you added the with to his lower section. I'm sure that will help with the top heavy tilting when he turns.

I may have missed it but are you using RC control for the drive wheels? If so what type of controller are you using? I'm going to be mobilizing a full size B9 robot and am looking for good RC options to control his movement. I'd like to keep the cost below 150 USD if possible.

#110   — Edited

No RC controls ,just going to keep it under ARC Mobile app control or full autonomous Roaming with all the new sensors helping out,EZ camera and possibly some tilt sensors to help the bot roam in the bumpy field areas. I am using 2 high power motor controllers at the wheels connected to EZB-4.These work great with my 15 Amp motors as they are now updated to handle 13 Amps continuously with 30 Amp peak power and all the way up to 30 volt motors.Very good price on these too......



Sounds like quite a cool robot you have here. When in roaming mode do you have some kind of "return to home area" if it go beyond a boundary? This scary cat would cause quite a commotion rolling down main street in town. LOL


That is a great question Dave and something I need to think about . I have lost control of my older robots before when roaming around outside All I could do was run after them when they would keep running across the field. If EZB controller disconnects for any reason there is no cutting off at the motors ,they just keep going with no way to remotely shut off. I will need some type of safety cut off circuit  like a drone uses to return to home.

#113   — Edited

So I missed having the Terminator at the big event we have in the soccer field every summer solstice last weekend. I wanted to have Terminator roaming around near the Giant Bon fire where all the people gather to celebrate. My box of sensors arrived too late to get the bot ready. Still had a fun weekend but next year for sure dammit! So decided to re paint with a better chrome paint and see if it looks better than the last aluminum paint I used on the body.


What brand paint did you use this time?  I have heard painting with a base of black first then chrome or gold or any of the metallic is the secrete to really make the paint pop.  Yours looks good!


OMG...what a beast!! Hopefully we can see it in action soon!! :D


Hey Justin, My local hardware store just got in some cans of Krylon Chrome Premium and yes if a base coat of Glossy black is used first then this paint will look really close to chrome, there is more expensive Chrome paint that does look even better from Ebay called Spazstix Chrome but I have not yet tried that brand but thinking about ordering in the future.


So I bought 4 HDD EZ Robot servos from Robotshop Canada ,as they get shipped to me so fast and no long waiting from China. These will be used to replace the older motors controlling the Terminator arms. I like the fact that the HDD were designed for EZ-B controllers and have metal gears,great reviews too! I may also update the hand/finger grippers since the goal will be to have Terminator pick up full bottle or can of beer and deliver to guests around the camp fire,actually hand them a beer. I need to see what are the torque requirements to get this job done and try to source the parts.


Oh my God, after installing Terminator body on top of wheel base, The sight of this thing is absolutely terrifying! It looks like one of the Army base early Terminator security robots shown in Terminator 3!

#119   — Edited

Just put together with electric motor base about as tall as my car but I will still make it much taller. I also need to add a stabilizer bar to the Front motors since the body can flex right now throwing out the forward movement. Tomorrow I can put all the electronics back inside and mount all the lights and sensors...Wwell I feel incredibly sad, we just had to kill a large Porkupine that was constantly coming around threatening us with it's sharp Quills.It took many hits from a large axe but it had to be done...R.I.P. little warrior.

#120 are building a Terminator Robot in the woods and just killed a wild pig with your axe? Who are you Mad Max??? :D


Ha ha ya but if it was actually a wild pig I would have a pig roast BBQ , I spelled it wrong as in Porcupine. I checked on the internet that they are a species of Rodent that some how made it to Canada from places like Africa and they are beastly huge rodents with about 4 inch needle spikes covering them. When threatened they make the Needles stick out like a blow fish and can charge it's enemy jabbing hundreds of these needles into the face of it's enemy.I was almost attacked last week early in the morning when I heard the crazy growling sounds it makes,By the time I saw it with my Flashlight it was just a few feet away and had it's spikes ready to attack me. Of course I ran back as they are really spooky looking the first time you see one. Think of a Gigantic Rat with long needles puffed out all over it!


Thinking of you out there in the middle of the night with a flashlight, searching for a beast makes it even more believable that you are the true Mad Max!!! :D


LOL! Ya the MadMax Road Warrior was always a favorite movie!...latest update...I decided to just tweek the default "Pink" English USA TTS voice in the Google home App and I get an excellent Terminator voice to use with the Small but loud Google mini Bluetooth speaker and a simple TSS/RSS news feed reader from the Google play store. He will just blabber all day long automatically every time the news feed updates.....The only thing I could not add is the slight Arnold German accent, the older TTS voice engines from Microsoft could do that and still read English with a German accent if you added the German language pack. The new TTS engines don't allow this, It will just convert the text to German and not read any English so I guess it will need to be English Arnold Terminator only. I still think it sounds way cool!


Is this metallic robot voice a TTS voice? Sounds supercool!!! Maybe you could just add mp3 files of your favorite Terminator quotes and have the robot pull one of those every now and then?


Oh for sure some famous mp3 lines to quote from films. It is still good to have the tts voice to say what ever from the ARC as it can use my modified google voice too when running scripts on the mobile cell app.


Ok ,so my 4 EZ Robot HDD servos just arrived. Very impressed how much weight they have for a small servo. These must really have metal parts inside. Now I am planning to replace the old Robosapien V2 arm and wrist motors that are about the same size and only use cheaper plastic gears. They were tricky to get the timing consistent using a relay board. These new HDD servos can be programmed directly from the EZ-B and the movements can be saved in a bunch of ways that simplify the whole process of arm/wrist gripper movements. The arms I use are just really light plastic parts so I believe it will work great. I feel like a kid in a candy store,LOL!


Terminator running good with just a 8.4 battery for now until I charge up the wheelchair 12 volt battery,that will give increased speed and torque for the two 12 volt motors. Gets stuck in deep sand due to the Terminator weight but I will change the wheels to all terrain type wheels to solve problem of sticking in sand or mud,,on grass he runs like a champ though.


Admit dug that hole on purpose, so he cannot escape and take over the world!! :D

#129   — Edited

Ah ha ha! I should have known that spot is Quick sand because that is where it turns into a pond every time it rains,very soft sand there. Well now the real work begins installing all the new servos and sensors. I need to add a 4X4 wood axel there at the front motors since the puny aluminum bars don't do much to keep the wheels straight but it did work fairly good this time. I am very happy with the rear swivel wheels and so far all the testing he has not fallen over,I am thinking about adding a Dalek skirt around the mobile base with bump sensors all around it. Would kind of resemble "Davros" King of the Daleks,I don't know we will see,my brain is always over-thinking stuff,LOL!


Well well well, Jeremie , I am so far really impressed with these HDD servos you engineered! If any of you ever had the Robosapien V2 with the huge clunky arms and saw how many plastic gears were needed for the tiny motor to lift them up. I can now confirm that a single shoulder HDD servo has the power and torque to do the job to lift entire V2 arm ! Very impressed,will buy more!


Thanks for the props @Robo Rad

Yeah I really like the HDD servos too. The manufacturer took quite some time to meet all our requirements but once they finally did we were very happy.


Oh yeahhhh, working hard to get Terminator ready for some summer fun. I was watching the Terminator movies to replicate the walking movements related to the arm movements when carrying weapons,shooting etc,I am programming the arm servos to mimic their style. (In Exoskeleton battle scenes). I have my A.E.G. BB auto firing Rifle shortened to fit Terminator Hip side. The Ez cam will point to targets and gun will be aimed at center of video hopefully hitting the targets I set up in the yard. Eventually the Terminator will learn to hit certain targets by itself. I have a red dot target sight but thinking about adding a green Laser to make accurate shooting.


Now you made the mistake of arming him!!!! Skyyyyyynet!!! :D


I have added the Sharp IR Sensor to help out with collision avoidance and used the EZB-v3 since it has the excellent 5 volt regulator and can take many 5 volt sensors there! The Latte panda should be here tomorrow as well.The EZb-4 will still have many great scripts running with the EZ cam attached to the Gun sight, Will add that eerie Terminator red view with distorted flanger sound and the target aquired visuals that I can watch on my big tv to see what he shoots at.Also still using my cool Google voice as I am using my old cell phone hooked up to the mini Amp speaker, but I can still use the EZB speak on the fly if some intruder gets in the way

#135   — Edited

Well that Latte Panda just came in with the 7"display that fits perfectly just over the EZB-3 ,the acrylic case comes in a million pieces that I need to put together so that I can mount it on the robot and protect it from the elements and I also bought the tiny cpu fan that will just fit with the case. It is the 4Gig ram version so it should be spunky!  The only problem is I  bought this tiny 9 gram servo that was to be used for a sharp IR radar sweeper but the servo is analog and no matter what EZB pins I try it just mover violently to the right with any ARC control I try?? I am new to using servos and the EZ HDD servos work great but this brand ,not sure what to do. This is the servo here....

added-----Also the tiny servo power wires ( +5v and Ground) go to the EZB-3 for 5 volts from the regulator and the signal wire I tried adding to any analog or even digital pin on the EZB-4 but no good so far.

#136   — Edited

ARC will control analog servos just fine. I use analog servos exclusively in my B9 robot.

Do you have the two EZB's neutrals (grounds) tied together? If not try that.

Also make sure you set the max and min range for the servo in the servo control or in an INT script at ARC startup. Make sure the servo start position is inside that range. Setting the range and start position in an INT is the best way. Here's the section from my INT script that sets these for me:

# #Specify the ranges for the servos
# #this prevents the servos from ever going past these limits

# Rt side_to_side Wrist
SetServoMin(2.D0, 120)
SetServoMax(2.D0, 165)

# Rt Up_Dn Wrist Servo
SetServoMin(2.D1, 20)
SetServoMax(2.D1, 170)

# Right Claw
SetServoMin(2.D3, 77)
SetServoMax(2.D3, 99)

# Left Up_Dn Wrist Servo
SetServoMin(2.D4, 14)
SetServoMax(2.D4, 180)

# Left side_to_side Wrist
SetServoMin(2.D5, 82)
SetServoMax(2.D5, 138)

# Left Claw
SetServoMin(2.D6, 68)
SetServoMax(2.D6, 90)

# Bubble Blocks
SetServoMin(D15, 85)
SetServoMax(D15, 177)

# Bubble Servo
SetServoMin(D1, 45)
SetServoMax(D1, 97)

# -------------------------------------------------------

# # Srart and Set servo Speeds & Position
Servo(D1, 80) #Move Bubble Lifter servo to rest postion
ServoSpeed(D1,20) # Bubble Lifter Servo
Set(D10, On) #Bubble 0n servo Power after move command to keep from jumping.


Oh right I forgot about the Ground wires should be common on the 2 EZB's,will try that! I have been concentrating on trying to get the 7" touch display working on the robot chest with the Latte Panda. So far only the HDMI going to my monitor works fine but the 7" touch screen just lights up dark grey with no text or picture. Suspecting it is a defective touch display may need to send it back for another one. Meanwhile I can still use the Panda win10 to actually get EZB -3 working since it has Bluetooth on it which none of my older computers had. Then I can still have the EZB-4 with more servos attached and the built in Arduino on the Panda can add even more fun sensors and gadgets. One final note or warning...if you buy the Latte Panda with clear Acrylic case, if you have large man fingers you will experience hours of frustration putting all the tiny pieces together! Took me 2 days not the 1 hour it says online,LOL!


Well that is awesome, I finally got the 7" latte panda display working so now I can figure out the mounting on the robot. I also need to find a good way to power up the panda using my main 12 volt motorcycle battery. so I am thinking to also use the EZB v3 as the 5 volt regulator and use the special power pins on the panda, hopefully EZB-3 has enough current amps for the job as it is very picky about which USB charger would work (some phone chargers too week) I ended up using the USB power adapter for my google mini speaker but not sure what the Amp specs are on that,need to research all this and compare with the EZ3 regulator specs to see if they match.


Well Great success....I have a 7.4 Lipo battery powering the EZBv3 which is actually supplying the regulated 5 volts and unknown Amps to the Latte Panda that is running a 7" touch display on the robot chest, a full size keyboard, a wireless mouse and HDMI output to my Giant TV all at the same time! I am typing this now on the Panda! Next to wire it all up to the Motorcycle 12 volt battery. I hope to roam around the yard with windows 10 on the robot chest running some old ARC scripts I saved!


Good to see you managed powering all your peripherals ...I always get very nervous when doing this, you'll burn a lot of money if this goes wrong!!

I can clearly see how relieved you where when that Latte Panda powered up!! :D


I had an interesting night last night trying to see how I can keep the on board Latte Panda computer running on the robot using just battery power. The requirements of the USB power on the panda are 5 volts 2-4 Amps. However, the Latte web site says that if you make a barrel jack power adapter that go to the Panda power pins(next to the fan power) It can handle much more current than the USB connector. So I tried using the power pins connected to the EZB3  5 volt regulated pins and with all the battery types I tried I was surprised to see that a lead acid 12 volt 4.5 Amp battery could not power up the Panda, An 8.4 Nimh 3000 Ma battery powered it up for a few minutes but my 7.4 5000 Ma Lipo (that I use with EZB4) could run the panda up to half hour. I think I also tried my bigger 12 volt motorcycle battery 18 Amps going into the EZB3 volt regulator and into the Panda but only powered the Panda for a few minutes? So I am actually looking at either buying a 10000 Ma 7.4 Lipo battery or one of those new Lithium power packs that have 20,000 Ma and cost about the same as a 10,000 Lipo battery......I am thinking a Lithium power pack would last way longer...Decisions,decisions. I also believe eliminating The EZ3 as a regulator would benefit the Panda.I don't know what the rated Amp 5 volt output was on that EZ3. All these tests were with everything on including EZB4 running a sonar sweep for the robot.


So when I tested my 7.4 Lipo battery yesterday, it was not at full charge, I am trying again right now and I started up both EZB's the Panda computer and running a sonar sweep ,started 9:00pm and it is now almost 10:00 pm so a good hour now! The wheels will be using the motorcycle battery separately which can last a day or 2. So always fully charge your Lipo with a good balancer charger Gang!:D


As you can see I had to organize the bird nest of wires a bit better,still can improve that by adding a front contact bumper to hide all the wires. The battery fits great but can't put it in until outside as it is heavy. Damn panda display ribbon broke,need to buy another display.HDMI still works but it was so cool to have a mini display on the robot. Big battery works great to power sensors,bottom motors,eyes,BB gun and EZ3. Lipo will do the EZb4 and Panda until I get better lithium battery bank.


Terminator T-800 able to balance better with battery at back,Larger front wheels are the next step for higher speed and weight distribution. Here he demonstrates Guard duty outside.


Here he demonstrates his sonar vision to avoid objects outside and with BB gun attached with cam to aim it.I wanted to use the 7 inch latte panda display to show the Terminator targeting all in red on his chest but the display is defective and the tech support at DF robot seems useless,may have wasted 50 bucks on that display if I can't get a replacement.


Wow so Robot shop Canada comes through again with super fast delivery like I ordered Friday and here this morning, I love those guys!The 7" display I originally got from DF robot china was a dud and can get another one for exchange but the ridiculous shipping costs not worth it (50.00) last time for duty tax? So Lucky that Robot shop sells the other 7" display HDMI and touch version that connects to Latte Panda or any small computer. Using it now and the Quality of this one is so much better! Using it now.It even came with free mounting screws for attach Panda to the back and an extra HDMI-HDMI adapter for 2 displays! I will use this as the mobile touch computer for all my robots and to go on my haunted adventures using the Kinect camera hooked to Panda and new display...Thank you! My only complaint with them was when I ordered 4 EZ robot HDD servos they all came with no mounting discs or plastic attachments so it made my life hell trying to fabricate them on the Terminator arms.Not sure who responsible for shipping servos with no attachments,possibly EZ Robot ships like that?


i would send them a mail and asking for it.the horns . 1 bag off horns per servo.



So Lucky that Robot shop sells the other 7" display HDMI and touch version that connects to Latte Panda or any small computer.
Do you have the link so I can get the model number to search on the US shop?  Been looking for some small HDMI displays.

#149   — Edited

This was the one I got from robotshop Canada....

And this display seems to have better resolution than the regular display from china most likely because it is true HDMI as now all of my EZ robot projects fit properly on the display for saving programs where before this would be missing at the bottom of screen the save button.



This was the one I got from robotshop Canada.
Awesome thanks, so not high enough resolution to run ARC, but could show a standard or custom web page or any number of other useful things....


#151   — Edited

Actually running ARC right now and it works great, I can totally do everything I could on the big monitor. ----Oh wait ok, so everything does look sharp and clear,my ARC projects all fit great on the screen but only thing is at this resolution the save button gets cut off at the bottom but only when saving project to synthiam cloud. Saving file on computer works great though, So this is a very tiny problem that I'm sure could be resolved possibly just need to reduce the custom font size or icon size down by 25%. I will figure it out. The touch is very responsive and just like having an expensive windows tablet but with real windows using  latte Panda.


Larger front drive tires added for increased stability and center of robot gravity is perfect with heavy battery distribution! I may need to adjust shims on Left drive wheel to get straighter. Will see how much faster I can get it to go out in the field with out falling over LOL!


Seems better with the larger drive wheels but I think I need more speed for the turning and over all forward speed so this I can adjust with the ARC win10 program running it.

#155   — Edited

Aha ha! Believe me it has fallen over and crushed it self about 10 times already! It just keeps getting stronger and faster. I don't think anyone has ever field tested the EZBv4 as much as i have through several bots outside and in rain, mud ,snow impact crashes...that EZb4 is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Nothing can kill it if wire connections are good I have used the same one for years now! Congrats. To EZ robot and DJ for such an awesome robot controller!


Yeeeeeeeesssss, send those troopers thru the mud!! EZ-Robot and Synthyam are great!! Also this forum is so much fun!!! Good to have all these great robot enthusiasts under one roof!! :D


This is the greatest community forum on Earth! The real skynet! LoL!

#159   — Edited

Well, they are "cute" aren't they?  Most of the police or security robots are like that one in their design appearance and function.  Designed to look like a kiosk on wheels in my opinion.  Their value proposition is they add a presence and they gather information and their TCO or Total Cost of Ownership is less than a manned guard.

The presence part is important because studies show people behave differently if they think someone is watching them.  Cameras don't change people's behavior very much.  A human guard or officer will change behavior and initial studies show people will respond the same to a robot as they do a human. TCO is important because any organization making money wants to make more. The information collection, that is probably the dark horse with these devices, because they can collect more data than just evidence recording.  They can record foot traffic.  Traffic patterns through out the day.  Customer flow patterns.  I'm sure they could collect all sorts of neat information to the cloud and could then be used for things other than security.

So it makes sense they design the robots to look like a kiosk on wheels, so no one gives them a second thought.....until its too late!   Not everyone can be as cool as RoboRad and jump start the robot revolution right now!!  :)

#160   — Edited

Oh ya for sure police in China have more sinister secret motives to gather data on the population. if they all looked like terminators ,the population would not trust them.Still I would laugh if I saw one like a walking pylon tailing me down the side walk!


Oh yeahhhh! Actually just chilling out with the A.C. and a beer in the R.V. here at the cottage. Programming a bunch of scripts for the terminator to seek out red balloons outside and terminate them with his electronic pellet rifle. I will be using an 8 channel relay I bought to activate pellet rifle getting signal from the Latte Panda running the EZB's. should be a blast! Had fun downloading about 40 Arnold Terminator movie MP3 Quotes that it can random;y spout out while shooting at balloons (EZ camera set to search and move robot to balloons) Just got to get arms and rifle back on and mount 7" display to his back for better room.His voice TTS speech can only use default microsoft voice with Latte Panda windows 10, which sounds lame but when I use Mobile cell phone on the mobile ARC I automatically get the cool Google robot voice TTS instead, sounds more Terminator evil!


omg i need to hide all my robots,terminator is comming.lolcool


Not to worry Nomad I keep it on a leash so it does not escape in the night!


So I am very impressed with the EZ camera performance to do basic color tracking ,it is bang on accurate for red color even in low light indoor condition! Now the Camera is mounted on the robot but I should put it on the BB Auto Rifle so Terminator can actually hit targets the gun is pointing at. This was the successful test I did in the R.V. I am using both a humpty dumpty chip bag in the background as a red target or my Mouse with red light for tracking test. The new 8 channel relay gets signal from EZB and activates gun when ever red target is tracked it scared me the first time even if the 300 BB's are not yet loaded in the clip magazine! The air is still loud from the gun! Next step is to buy some red balloons for outside and program the script for robot movement tracking/camera.


I have a theoretical question, because I'm thinking about building a terminator myself...Can a terminator speak if it is no longer covered in skin?

I mean, sure we can make anything speak with a speaker as robot builders, but what I'm asking is do Terminators speaks once their flesh is removed and they have no tongue?  They still have a jaw and teeth.  But do they need it to make sounds?  Do they have speakers in their throats?  Do we have t-800 specs on this from James Cameron?  LOL  I don't recall a scene where metal terminators spoke.  But the t-1000s could speak and they were all liquid, how did that work?

I'm trying to figure out if I need to make my Terminators mouth move or not.  Are you going to make yours move RoboRad?  Or is yours going to speak via video clips only (which if that is your plan is genius!)?


Ha ha ya you are right! I can't ever remember a Terminator Exoskeleton talking ever! Well mine sure does I was able to fill his soundboard with the full 100 MP3 1 liners and TTS speech from Google voice. I do plan on making the video record shooting at targets with red overlay and audio flanger distortion,like in the Films.People should not come around my Lawn wearing red shorts while I test this guys shooting ability. So far the EZ cam is amazing at how far it can see red targets and then blast it with gun. So far I have not loaded up the 300 BB rounds as it is still in testing phase and it can fire at 900 Rounds per minute . I have it set for 1 second bursts as it takes a while to load so many BB's.That is what I do next.It can now seek out targets and then go to a new script where it does the shooting routine,after,jump back to camera seeking and robot search script until it finds red lawn targets and repeats into firing sequence.


I saw this interesting russian bot ,reminds me of the classic cylons. Not sure if they are built only for zero gravity space?


That would be my guess that they decided to make it for zero gravity after walking on Earth was tricky.  And with Russian designs, there are no fail safes.  I would not want to be up there with that thing.  This should end badly.


It very well could end badly,not really sure how good the Russian robot tech has advanced but at least they did give it a cool body design. Likely for show and propaganda.


Well hey...all the years I have used ARC, I have never tried the RoboScratch in it. I have used Blockly many times and just wrote my own regular scripts the hard way but using the cheat controls to be quicker at it. RoboScratch is really nice the way you can make it like a traditional programming flow chart. Love the feature of adding a custom RoboScratch script module as part of the Flow! This will make programming the robot much more easy.


This time I filled the mag with the 300 BB's they glow in the dark as tracer fire but it is still dylight,hard to see them but you can heer them hit the trees way in the back as it misses the red target. Cam Needs to be adjusted for outside lighting as it thought I was the red target ,too much gain and color set too high ,it see's red everywhere ,LOL! Also back sonar not on yet so I need to watch where it backs into.

#173   — Edited

User-inserted imageSo I am still working on my Classic Cylon Project too, I accidentally ripped the battery wires off the L.E.D. sweeping eye scanner and had to remove the whole mouth/visor to re-solder the wires. It now has an EZ robot HDD servo in the neck to give it left right head turning. Planning to make the body resemble the CGI classic cylons in the movie Battlestar Razor... In the newer Ronald D Moore version of Classic Cylons he used a horrible Vocoder synthesizer, should have used the old Windows Cylonix vocoder!....


It looks like someone in Russia is building a Terminator as well....and theirs can also talk with no skin.     I like yours much better though RoboRad!!  I really had a good laugh at your last testing...when you became the target!!!  Whoops!!!!  The machine really did turn on you!!!!  hahaha

#175   — Edited

Aha ha, Thanks Justin! I just did my Final shooting test and it is working amazing how it can detect red targets and shoot with not much delay. I am going to convert the cheesy wheel base to a more modern Tank track design for better traction and movements outside. I purchased the VEX heavy duty 2 foot tank track kit that is designed for larger bots with more weight. A guy drove by on a bicycle watching my test, he was fascinated,LOL! I am glad to see more Terminators getting built from Russia ,the more the Merrier I always say! I have the final video uploading ....done!


Wow really? Ya I was actually lucky because I saw how hard the BB's were hitting the trees way in the back, The Terminator gun shoots bursts of about 10 that could have ruptured my eyes,LOL! Near miss there!


So I got a new V4 comm board because a spark had caused the board to stop connecting to my network .Now why are the 2 magnets at the bottom of EZB just loose there? Could they short out the bottom board as well? I removed them because 1 of the magnets was rattling around in there and it looks so close to the printed circuit board. Now the connection problem seems good.Before with the bad comm board it would still connect in Ad hoc mode but not client mode . Then the scripts would randomly disconnect the EZB connection at different times. Now with the new board scripts can run until the battery dies, big improvement  in both Ad hoc and Client WiFi modes.

#179   — Edited

Before some one says, "those are EZ-Robot products" and to ask them for support, etc...I believe the magnets you speak of are on newer ezbv4/2 units and help them stay inside base units they clip in like JD, etc with magnets.  They are there for reason.  But before someone else says it, if you feel like it's a warrant issue you'd want to contact EZ-Robot from their site.


This is the Terminator project getting converted to Cylon classic robot but upgraded CGI version in real life.Will for sure be taller as it has a large helmet,shoulder length greater and arms extended.The head is still not glued all the way as I need to add the eye visor and mouth grill.The Chest piece and back pack also need to be fabricated.


That looks pretty cool.  Did the hands/claws get painted black?  Or is that just a camera trick?


Nice to see that you are constantly modding you robot!!

Thats the fun part if it right?


Oh yes Justin, I did paint the hands with Gloss black model paint to give it a more ominous effect. I sure do love modifications on the robot, sometimes I am working on 2 other bots at the same time, there is just so many fun things the EZ B system can let you do with out being a computer programmer just a normal guy....Ha ha ,sounds like a commercial.


Ha ha ! Terminator is laughing at Cylon because Cy looks like a wimp without his Chrome Battle armor! LOL! Ya i got his head attached to the Terminator Xoskeleton but still trying to order his Chest and Back pack Body Chromed Armor plates. This is the busy time right before Halloween because too many people are ordering the same Cylon body kits as Halloween costumes...GRRRR!User-inserted image


After trying out this new chrome polishing cloth called "Power polish" Both of the robot heads shine like new again, I an having a hard time deciding which robot head should stay on the robot body. Halloween is coming and it would be cool to have the terminator answer the door and hand out candy but then again the new cylon chromed battle armor is on the way with chest and back pack pieces That will also be an indoor robot so I can make it 7 feet tall easy as there are no big bumps on the floor to tip it over. Decisions,decisions.User-inserted image


Makes me wanna do a Halloween mod for my robot too!! :D


So while I'm waiting for the CYLON armor pieces to be shipped over as I gusss it is a big job to do the Chroming process. I tried to use the EZ camera with ARC to re-create the western Duel in the old BG series. So I noticed the robot would see the red frisbee on my chest and fire the empty BB rifle at me but I would always be the faster draw and put a few real BB's in it's plastic chest first. Is there a faster way for the EZ cam to see me instead of using color? You would think that machine vision would be the faster. Could be just the code I am using, I can try to speed it up some way


I'll be experimenting soon with my own terminator.  But mine will have an ethical code I'm going to experiment with as well.

For the slowness, you are using a relay board to trigger the gun?  I would not discount the engagement time of the relay system if you want a fast shooter.  Ask yourself, "what would Battle Bots do"? cool


It is true that a relay is not as fast as say a digital output on a controller but it is one of the newest 8 channel relay boards from Robot Shop. I will try to use an image of a human shape for the camera to learn and see if that gets a faster response time.


A test I might do to is if it is code or electro/mechanical reaction time would be to use a print statement with data logging.  If you wanted to be fancy you could write the data to a text file or just watch it on a script debug window.  But if you do a print of the $date (which gives you a time/date stamp) and maybe even have the robot make a noise) and see if that happens before or at the same time as your trigger.

#trigger your BB gun
print("Primary Weapon Fired at: " + $date)
#191   — Edited

Well one thing I have noticed is when using the Sleep statements in the code ,they are not always timed exactly correct like sometimes too early and sometimes too late, which is weird because it is a digital computer right? Everything should happen at exactly the right time.I have written many scripts over the last 3 years and I always notice timing problems in the code,I try to fix the timing issues but then again the timing goes out of whack.Mostly with Audio coming at the wrong time MP3 or TTS.So when I use an alarm sound for the robot to fire BB's at me, it will respond but usually I can beat it on the gun draw like as if I hear the alarm faster than the robot. It could be just my coding skills still suck too.I'm no DJ for sure!


LOL. That Richard Hatch clip is so campy. I love it. Reminds me of a few Lost In Space episodes. Would there really be a parallel civilization in outer space of the old west of the USA? Controlled by robots? Of course there is! I believe.


It also reminded me of the original 70's movie West world with that cowboy Android going nuts and killing everyone in sight by duel and he always says "Draw" before it kills. Actually I think it even had the same type of machine cameras we use today for tracking human color and infrared heat,Way before it's time!


Ya, West World was one of the creepiest movies I've seen. It really left an impression on me. I think I saw it in first run at a movie theater. Back then you never heard or saw innocent people being randomly killed.  Tragically, now a days it happens all too often. :(


Actually, I do use all 3 systems Windows,Ubuntu and IOS Apple but thought this was a blast....


I am really interested in other people's Terminator projects so when I saw this it blew me away! Then I kind of noticed the movements do not look real at all, more like the old stop motion camera trick used in first Terminator movie. Also do not see any servos or cables moving, got suspicious, What you guys think? Real or not?


Its beautiful...looks like the guy handcrafted it out of wood!!

To me the head looks like it is driven by servos, would make sense!! :)


Head over to YouTube guys, the whole thing is made of cardboard and wood...beautiful!! It also has working servos, but probably not on all of those joints!!

Great find...subbed!! :)


i dont think its real.cause to move such a big arm that smooth,you will need the very expencive servo's excample from robotis.


Lots of liner actuators. They must have spent a fortune on them. The move pretty fast.  Dont know if they are electric or hydraulic.


Ya it still kinda reminds me of that animation show Robot-Chicken ,still a great video if real or not!

#202   — Edited

I was informed that my Chrome Cylon upper body parts should ship to me this week,leaving me excited about getting them as they are pieces that actually big enough to fit a large man as they are designed as a life size costume. Should I wear it for Halloween when I hand out candy at the door? I would need to put some sort of baseball cap inside the helmet to wear it correctly and make the eye area able to see out. I don't know ,depends how crazy I feel that day,LOL! On a side note I may need to design the Cylon parts to fit on a real Mannequin and then make the arms,head etc movable by servos, Where the hell does one buy a Mannequin?I will first check out the big Halloween store to see what Life size animatronic statues they have but likely too expensive.

A quick search showed that something cool like a walking life size Frankenstein animatronic prop goes for 10.000.00 ---ridiculous and the cheapest was a woman Mannequin with working servos for 180.00 but sold out and the chest would have needed to be removed.

I think I'm in the wrong business....People are actually buying these moving props at inflated ridiculous prices!!


Oh well, I guess if the new Terminator Dark Fate movie opens on November 1st and Halloween is the night before, I may as well release my Terminator bot out into the parking lot to freak out the kids while they trick or treat.


For mannequins I'd check out amazon or ebay.  On ebay I found male mannequins for about $70 US with free shipping.


I saw this video on Scotts FB channel where I am getting all my Cylon chrome body parts, I am so tempted to do this next time my brother performs with his band on stage at the night club. I should just put on all the Cylon armor and helmet and jump on stage with guitar and surprise my Bro's band like that,LOL!!! I am so tempted to be the first Cylon Heavy metal guitar player in the world,LOL!!! What you guys think? I can't really play anything except Black sabbath Iron Man,LOL! it would be so fun!

#207   — Edited

Dude, yes, but play a cow bell!! Rock ON!!! cool


Yes that's so funny the cow bell indeed! That would still rock and not ruin the rest of the band with my poor guitar skills LOL!!


Aha ha ha! I was at the post office this morning and My Cylon chrome body parts are there but the lady working in the post office says I need to wait until she sorts the new packages for everyone before I can take the package....I say to her but but...but I see it right there on the floor ,my name is on it and she is like no she will send an email to the postal website when it is ready to be picked up??? I am like, but...but...but I am here now and it is right there on the floor! She is just an old lady with her mind set to do it her way,LOL! I can't win so I am here waiting for the email to go to the Postal web site for when I can pick up, Dear God what has this world come too,LOL!


LOL! I swear the same thing happened to me the other day. I was in Walmart shopping for something for my kids and I had an online package coming in that day. I figured, "hey, I haven't got the email yet but the package should be here by now." I call the number and the service desk says "Sorry, the package is still in transit". Too bad, we then headed home. Then surprise, surprise, a hour and a half later I get an email that my package is in. Arrrgggg! hahaha Shakes fist in the air


Believe me I know Jer, The red tape situation is just everywhere these days, I am lucky the post office is just down the street 5 minutes, Going to have lunch and hopefully the Lady has finished her sorting.

#212   — Edited

Ya so anyway, I am stepping out soon to get my Cylon body parts. I am still going to be missing a few important pieces like the Collar/neck chrome piece and the utility belt piece plus the smaller parts like Arm,knees and shoulder bells. but the 2 biggest parts are here chest and back pack which is where I would like to put all the computer parts,voice synthesiser and an LCD touch screen.Hockey gloves look similar to cylon hands,grab them from canadian tire,LOL! Still planning on using mannequin and robotize the sugar plum out of it so the Cylon will be quick and flexible with real movements.As for walking,no, will still use tank tread system.Thinking of 2 smaller tanks for each leg, I have an idea how this could make it simulate walking using the torque brake system inside with worm gear motors.I have the classic Cylon body parts but still want to simulate the newer Ronald D. Moore CGI Cylons shown in the Battlestar 

re-make. I love this corridor battle scene,these Cylons rule!


Wow nice, even though I ask Scott for his B grade costume parts ,he always sends me stuff that is more Like A grade perfect Flawless chromed pieces! I guess he likes the fact that it will be part of a real working cylon robot instead of just a halloween costume worn once a year. Chest and Back pack!

User-inserted image User-inserted image

#214   — Edited

I know I'm jumping ahead but so excited to get the build started,LOL! Oh I forgot to mention for voice it is just my Google mini speaker using the Home app the voice can be changed from human to robot by just lowering all the slider settings after you choose the English Male "Pink" voice. Thgen Google Mini will always sound like robot ,even when you use news RSS or any google voice apps,Mine tells the time every half hour too.


Wow,back to the Terminator topic,There are books for Terminator Universe??This guy has amazing info on stuff even I didn't know,that is one ugly early Terminator!


Well I think I may not need a mannequin to strap on the Cylon Armor, as I have one of those tall fans that rotate left and right. seems like the perfect size to build cylon exoskeleton customized with wires and pipes to look robotic underneath the chrome armor. Then all I need is to build the robotic pelvis and legs. I want the legs to be able to bend low when it fires it's gun so that is going to be something new for me to invent. I need to see how the fan looks inside to take out the heavy AC motor and see if I can change it to DC servo with existing gear movement Should be fun!


Nice. Found the Terminator Sarah Conner chronicles tv series on net. Binge watching both seasons, very good so far! So a terminator can talk if it loses head but still has rotted skin.Must finish this ep and see what happens next! All stoked for new Terminator movie soon next month...oh just saw. ..full endoskeleton can talk!!!!!


What?  What episode of Sarah Conor Chronicles shows an endo talking?:D  I loved that show in first run.  To bad it ended.  The "John Henry" was pretty interesting.

And yeah, knowing that their flesh rotts if not cared for brings a new level to the first terminator movie, because he just didnt care much about his "camouflage".   But in T2, until the very end his wounds were dressed.  But in T1, when the land lord knocks on his door and asks, "hey buddy, did your cat die or something?", it really paints a pictures of how stinky he must have been.  Lol


Hey Justin, i think it was ep 3 or 4 when masked terminator breaks into science guys house to regenerate his skin in the bath tub. Before he dis robes he is talking with a low garbled voice and reveals himself full endoskeleton.


Too funny the Zombie land 2 Sequel. They have the new zombies that take hundreds of bullet hits but keep getting up, Nick named Terminators or T-800's!

#221   — Edited

Wow trying to find the last episode of Terminator/sarah chronicles was tough but really worth the effort, was just as good as the very first Terminator movie because they copied much of it. Too bad they did not do a 3rd season as it was getting really Sci-Fi good!

#222   — Edited

Nice!! Terminator dark fate has hit the interwebs if you know where to look, a week early. So much action i can hardly type this out! That new T- model is just sic

Edit---- So after watching new Terminator movie I gotta say I will actually pay money to see this in the movie theater when it opens. I hope there will be a 3d version to go see, as the movie is non-stop action from start to end. Don't listen to any critics that say it is Lame,slow or boring it is in fact the opposite to us normal people! I won't spoil this for anyone but I gotta say I am happy to see the future of Teminator movies looks promising .The funny thing about it though, that tick me off is the Hollywood democratic influence they spin at the beginning. With the millions of Illegal aliens coming through Mexico border getting put in detention camps that look like prison when they are actually treated too well. What the hell,that is just sad to see it in movies .The new Terminator hero to carry the Terminator franchise is an illegal Mexican,LOL!


So with Teminator dark fate on my pc I can now add some really cool Arnold 1 liners to my robot Terminator!


hey guys look:p the ultimate terminator game.

#225   — Edited

Right on Nomad! That was a good find, I will be doing something similar next summer programming artificial Intelligence into Terminator and the second robot a classic Cylon. They will battle each other with Laser Tag system and I will allow people to take control of a robot over internet for player VS player battles, should be fun and it will be outside as well EDIT---- And as a side note, for anyone new reading this, None of this would be possible with out the EZ robot Controller system,Screw Arduino, LOL!


Very cool, the new CTV space channel is showing StarTrek the motion picture from /82 I think, I have seen it about 50 times at least,That first one and Wrath of Khan are some of the best Sci-Fi ever made.Today the sci-fi are a dime a dozen and all non imaginative dribble. Where have all the best sci-fi screen writers gone?


@Robo rad.  Have you seen "The Expanse" series?  Was on SciFy (not sure where it was shown in Canada) but now on Amazon Prime.  Best Sci Fi TV since Babylon 5.



I agree with Alan  The Expanse series is very well made and written.  The problem with these series is they take  a very long time to come out with next season, sometimes over a year.


I try to watch these new space series that come out but after the 2nd or 3rd show the storyline is just too slow or they purposely make the plot line too complicated to follow so early in the season, I find my self bored and never go back. There was one I just loved years ago called Space Above and Beyond,awesome series. The new Trek looks promising on this thursday and hoping new "Picard" series will prove interesting as well.


You know, nothing makes me more angry than these new sci-fi writers that think it is cool or Artsy to write a sci-fi script and get it made into a movie, then leave it with no ending! Oh my God! I see that all the time now. I just saw one that seemed like a good story "400 days" They get these space cadets to go under ground for 400 days to simulate a voyage to Mars,cool things happen and then it just ends where there should be more explaining of what really happened, you are left completely confused and feel like you wasted an hour and a half! Like is everyone dead or aren't they all dead, who knows because it ends! Grrrrr.


Maybe you need to stay 400 days under ground youself to understand the full scope of it!!  Just make sure you take enough beer!! :D


Oh yeah,for sure would need beer underground, 400 days is a long time,LOL!


Think of how many Terminators/Cylons could be built in 400 days of no disruptions in a nice quiet bunker with no one to bother you...just you and your code, some beer, some tunes and some 3d printers.   Now there is a Terminator movie!  "Terminator:400 Days of Synthiam" dun dun, dun, dundun


Robo Rad, Ray Butts drinking whiskey to Johnny Cash was awesome...

User-inserted image


Lol, I'm definitely with you @Robo Rad.

"Ascension" and "Salvation" are two shows that I wish had an ending.

You guys aren't the only ones talking about "The Expanse", here at the office it has some fans too. I'll have to check it out!


If you want to check out "the Expanse" make sure you watch from the beginning or it will be confusing. as it has a very good but complex story line.


Oh no, complex story line, that is where I Zone out ,need laser effects,Explosions, psycho killer robots or my attention span drops like Homer Simpson except more like an intellectual Homer.


If you can build and control a robot then you will have no trouble understanding the series Expanse.


Oh for sure I will check it out. While I do have a whacky sense of humor I am a serious Sci-Fi  nut. started in public school where I spent all my time reading the classic Sci-Fi books of  authors like Ray Bradbury,Arthur C. Clark, and the awesome books from Robert A. Heinlein(wrote starship troopers in 1959) and the insane Robot Berzerker sci-fi books from Fred Saberhagen,where much of his fiction about robots has come to pass in many Movies. The Berzerkers were a race of highly advanced robots that came to war with Earth and the stories were mind blowing. The idea that Humans had to dumb down their weapons to defeat the advanced robots by using giant spears on ships called Lancers..Oh I can go on but all these cool ideas were all stolen for Hollywood movies.

#241   — Edited

Well if you really want to see some big action, I am just watching the re-make of Midway 2019 just on my TV but this really should be seen in the Theater if you like vintage war planes . Edit----After watching that I should say it was amazing considering the classic Midway had all the best actors in History,to replicate that today,they also have all the greatest actors of today! Just when you think the action is over they add even more action! I would definitely pay money to see this in the theater and then when it comes out on Blue Ray buy it for the collection to watch over and over!

Last Edit-----so before going back to robot topic just wanted to add that I saw the new Stephen King part 2 of the classic horror The Shining called "Doctor Sleep." The first time I watched it last week I fell asleep near the beginning where it is a bit slow moving.I saw it again today and it is a great story as it gets better towards the middle and end.They actually go back to the original Shining Hotel!!!!!


So my original plan was to build the Terminator to be a Giant 6-7 foot real robot mascott that would move around on a concert stage. Now after I just watched the new Slayer feature movie on the net,it was released world wide theaters Nov 6th.It was Awesome,2 hours of Brutal violence from Actors like Danny Trejo and cut scenes of Slayer performing out doors. It was violent and heavy for sure! This made me think of getting the original plan to work during this long winter as I have many Musician friends that could be interested in my project.My Cylon build will also happen at the same time so I plan to get really busy.


Oh yeahhh, winter started here last week.It's Friday today going to have a few beers tonight! The reason i mention that is because I used to waste too much time going out with Friends after work to bars or strip clubs. Wasting too much money! Now I only get a 6 pack on friday nights and just enjoy my free time working with the EZB. I now save the money but it just goes to buy robot electronics! Still saving money and gotta Thank all you people at Synthium and EZ robot. The feeling I get when a robot script comes alive in the robot and it actually works correctly. I never thought it would be so easy to build a Terminator that roams outside able to shoot a bb rifle at any targets that work with A.I. from a camera! Although sometimes I miss going to the peeler bars with my best buds!


Well after3 or 4 months of using the Latte Panda mini computer on my Terminator and then for using to stream TV shows and movies all day and night,never turning it off,it finally just froze for the first time,this has been the best PC I have ever bought,my larger desk tops would freeze up once a week in comparison. I did buy the little CPU fan with it so that could be why it is such a screaming performer and never crashing! My opinion on the 4 Gig Ram Panda with unregistered win10 is 10 out of 10:D!


Still no love for Ray Butts


Thanks for the endorsement Robo Rad. I am probably going to get a couple of these for my robots. It's nice to hear how well they preform and stand up.

Do you have any close up pictures of how you mounted your Latte Panda and have it wired? I looked through your posts above and didn't find anything I could see well.

#248   — Edited

Hi Dave, The Panda also came with the see through Acrylic case to put the main board in and protect it,there is an opening for where the small fan sits on the CPU and it looks just so futuristic and beautiful when all the L.E.D. lights shine through the Acrylic. Looks gorgeous when mounted on robot body! It is now just used as my main computer for winter as I am in the winter apartment until next April.I use it for everything and my giant desktop sits unused now,LOL! The Panda CPU power is just amazing as it is only a Quad core but I see no difference in computing power when compared to my big desktop 8 core CPU (And Radeon R7 video card). I am using the Panda now as well to browse the net,The only thing it likely can't do is play advanced Graphic games which I really don't need it for anyway ,as that is what the big desktop does on occasion.When I get my Cylon robot running I may buy another Panda to mount on the Cylons Chrome back pack.Right now the pack just has fake light decals recreated for the Galactica TV show but adding another Acrylic panda would give it real flashing L.e.D.'s to make it look way better.If you look closely near end of vid ,the small fan and red L.E.D. is where panda is just under EZB4, The EZ3 is the flashing blue to the right,hard to see because case is see through


Wow check out this youtuber that built an animatronic prop using Pneumatic air cylinders,very cool!....


Ahh, I thought that looked like the old V3 EZB. I miss that blue heart beat LED.

Which Panda did you go with, the 4G/64GB or the 2G/32GB?


Ya, Pneumatic air cylinders are great but noisy.


The 4 Gig/64 drive version is the better one I got. is all you will ever need for robot programming.You save money when you get the unregistered Win10 version but it does almost everything thr registered version does except you cant add pretty pictures to customize your win10 color background,as if I cared LOL! People are brainwashed to think they need the registered win10 when it is not needed at all.


Thanks man! A couple more questions please, Do you get any warning windows that stalls startup with an unregistered version? Do you have to manually push the power button on the Panda each time you start up your robot?


Unregistered version nag message is just always there,small partially transparent in the bottom right corner but has no interference in any programs and you completely forget about it. There is ways to get Panda to turn on and off by itself but I have never tried to explore that yet.


Ah ha ha! Nice I want that now for my Terminator collection! I'm guessing that is early Nintendo or sega ,Possibly DJ may know as he has everything. The PC game Salvation from 2014 or 16? does look fantastic but I can't find it anywhere yet as it got dis continued early possibly Ebay or Amazon I may find that. It is funny how all the comments are saying that 8 bit game looked better than the new Dark Fate movie,Ha ha I am starting to agree even though I am still a big Terminator Fan.


Well Hey now! Today we got a good break in the weather,very mild,no snow and the roads dried up,so I made my way to the summer cottage to grab all my robot parts and bring them to my winter place over by Georgian Bay.(in the main town Wasaga Beach)Now this winter can snow like crazy and I got all my tools and parts! Going to put a note on the door saying "Go away ,Mad scientist at work!" The Cylon project is a go!


So I have this 4 foot tall Fan that turns left and right when it's plugged into AC. I am going to mount the Cylon head ,the back pack and front chest. Then when it goes on the wheeled base it is roughly 6 foot tall,Also in summer it will then still function as a fan and be a robot at same time. Will need to build new servo arms for it.Also another servo in the neck. User-inserted image


So I am studying the new version of the classic centurians designed for Battlestar Galactic Razor movie..there are tons of pics that I can imitate for real.

User-inserted image User-inserted image


I was trying last night to see how the chrome armor would fit on the fan but after I tried to pick it up,realized this fan is extremely heavy and could burn out the tank motors, so I am looking around for lighter alternatives,this build I want to make perfect with speed,agility and battery efficiency.

#261   — Edited

very cool,can't hardly wait for this... and there is another one just released on Steam ,I will try it our called Terminator Resistance,has mixed review .....


So I figured a better way to mount Cylon Helmet by using the Terminator neck base the Cylon fits almost perfect except I need to dremmel the sides a bit to fix the nose splitting apart as that is the weakest glued part.The body armor can just mount on the chrome can and then I will buy some aluminum pipe to be spinal column and raise it to 6 feet tall.

#263   — Edited

So,Ya this is the Link for anyone interested in a new Terminator game 'Resistance" kind of expensive at $50.00 CDN but if you are a fan the visuals look good but voice acting a bit Lame and controls not the greatest....


Ya this is kind of the direction I am going with the 6 foot Man size/Monster Cylon build. Next I need to mount the huge chromed back pack on the aluminum body and hook up some lights and electronics on the back pack.I still need to buy many chromed pieces to truly make it classic Cylon,1 piece at a time. User-inserted image


Maaaaan I saw this and thought it is a chrome beer keg!!! That would be the best thing ever, why did it never cross my mind before!! Just imagine, the Terminator serving you a cold beer...Hasta La Vista, Baby!! I am getting thirsty!!! :D

#266   — Edited

Hey ya a beer keg could likely fit inside and just add a tap! I had to shorten it now a few feet since it was too hard to work on that tall and I still need to add more body parts anyway. Got the back pack on with a simulated fan that hides the cheap fan decoration it had. still want to add more like the Touch screen for the Latte Panda.Oh ya and in the Battlestar universe they are jokingly refered to as "Toasters" due to all the chrome,LOL!


Well even though there is no Black Friday sale happening for the Terminator Resistance PC game, I decided to buy it anyway,as it just looks too amazing with the graphics so I will likely be gone for a while getting heavy into the Terminator universe! I also decided to buy Fallout 4 because it is on sale at about 60 percent discount and there are really cool robot battles in it.

#269   — Edited

Well  I certainly had to take a break from the Terminator PC game, It gets difficult after about 1 hour when this is when the real game starts getting good as you are about to enter the hospital controlled by psycho robots experimenting on captive humans and this is where you run into dozens of T-800 guarding the place which you can't kill yet just stun them for 30 seconds so you can run away,LOL,better weapons come later on. I was watching Battlestar Razor and some newer battlestar with the newer bots,how they move and shoot their guns, Gave me a wicked idea how to improve my real robotic Terminator arms,extend the shoulder joints and mimic the way they really shoot with 2 guns in each arm(built in) . I am bloody excited now to try this for the Cylon build,will be epic!

Edt-----side note, I am not familiar with bright strobing lights or the flash bulbs used in cameras. Can anyone suggest a really bright flashing strobe light that could simulate the muzzle flashes from machine guns? Something that the EZB could control with my relay board and reasonable voltage input? I have an older 12 volt strobe light insine my Terminator skull but is not bright enough to resemble muzzle flash.


I have decided to change the Cylon inner body aluminum can to something more human shaped for the inner Torso, similar in shape to all you guys building the 3d printed Inmoov robots. I don't have a 3d printer but I just shop for stuff online in sporting good stores,found this great ABS plastic formed body armor for football that has the look I want and the chrome will still fit over it plus light weight is a bonus.

User-inserted image


@Robo Rad  I like the look of the body armour, I think you are going into a better more professional look.  I have to ask How you can work on robotics without a 3d printer I cannot guess.  My printer is a flsun chinese large Delta and it has made two inmoov robots, upper torso and five other robots and a talking head, all 3d printed . it was under $200.00 from china free shipping. the printer has been running over seven years, without issues.  you could use some of the Inmoov body parts to use with your Cylon.


Yes thanks that is great info on the 3d printer! I do want to get one soon as it proves to be a valuable resource when you have a part idea in your head but no way to find it or produce it. I always fall back on my artistic side and become like that miracle worker on the old tv show Macgyver who just creates important parts out of scraps he finds lying around, I am good at that...but not always.


I cut things up with a dremel and saw before I had a 3d printer. Lots of hand sanding and carpel tunnel inducing work. :)


I am going to try a new filament it is carbon graphite filled nylon,  it very strong but easier to print then regular nylon. which can warp and shrink.  I made planetary gears for my inmoov's elbow, using regular nylon and it was difficult, but I think you have to build strong if you are making a robot.  my first inmoov had pla filament, Inmoov1 had a fall and I was 2 months replacing broken parts.  Inmoov2 uses nylon and PET-G  very tough,   3D printing is a very slow process some parts can take days to print, so you have to be very patient.


Yeah man...get a printer, they are super cheap these days!! Does not mean, that you'd have to abandon being a scavenger... But it will be much easier to make all these intricate parts that would be impossible to make without one!! ;)


If you want to make part that is super durable, then 3d print it, clean it up, sand it , prime it and  use amazing remelt or recast to make a temp mold to cast parts in durable polyurethane or other resin.


Man, I cannot wait for you to show us how you do this!! :D


It will be coming either late december or january I think. :)

#279   — Edited

Sounds great for people like me that have no experience 3d printing! Seems so sci-fi creating objects by computer. Speaking of which,had to take another break from that Terminator Resistance game,so addictive! They have made this game so real to the Terminator universe, The T-800 skeletons are so highly advanced artificial intelligence, you need to come up with other strategy to kill them. If you try to take one down at close range,forget it,will end badly for you most of the time. Usually with the thing grabbing your neck and slamming you to the ground! This is actually way better than the recent movie, Will be coming out on game consoles for December and I predict this will be a huge seller. For PC you can get it now on steam.The only way to kill T-800's you need to get the red or purple plasma rifle and hit them like 20 times from far away,or several pipe bombs,LOL!


there are lots of 3d parts for cylons,  so you do not have to design the parts yourself. just download maybe cut and print.User-inserted image a cylon backpack as an example.

#281   — Edited

Holy S--T Are you serious? I mean wow!! That would save me serious coin if I could make those myself, I would build a whole Cylon army patrolling my cottage next summer,LOL! That is about the coolest thing I have seen all year as I just bought the Back pack and chest plate for abut $250.00 but that included the Chroming,still wow! Well you know I have always been a fast learner with computers I started building PC from scratch when I was 16 so I have built hundreds of them since and trouble shooting computer problems with hardware or software has been something I always do on the side to help people and make a little side cash so I am really interested now in getting one of these printers. What is a reccomended 3d printer for large robot parts like that back pack?


I only have good things to say about my Crealty 10s. It is great for bigger parts too.

If you go to thingiverse and search on cylons you will find a lot of models already.

This caught my attention


@Robo Rad , if you really want to one piece the print then get a Creality C10 S5 but they are 700 bucks. However if you are ok with printing it into maybe 4 pieces and glue them together then get a Creality Ender 3 Pro with glass bed for $230 on Amazon. I just got two of them from UPS today!


Hey thanks Jstarne will start researching, most likely go with one that can make big parts and is there difference in speed with these units?


$719 20 x 20 x 20 inch Bed

or Creality Ender 3 Pro w Glass Bed 9 x9 x 9 $230


They print the same speed , but I leverage using several cheap and small printers to make parts faster. For example if you cut a part into two pieces instead of one it prints twice as fast. If you have 4 cheap small printers and cut up a print into 4 pieces then you get your print done 4 times faster. More print nozzles means faster printing.


Wow okay good to know thanks!

#288   — Edited

Now when researching stores online I see very little where to buy and the models they offer range from $1500.00--$8000.00 and this is why people like me get instantly put off the whole idea of ever getting a printer. So now that I know to ignore the commercial stores and just look at these suggested 3d print machines at Amazon ,$700 for a big machine I get questions like why are they so cheap? Are these Chinese knock off versions? Why don't the commercial stores in N.America sell them at that price in the physical stores? Too many questions,more research I need but I am guessing Amazon is the best source then.

Edit----So looking at the different print materials I see that there is also stainless steel compound that can be used to make robot parts such as Terminator skeleton bones,then left raw un-polished or polished to resemble Chrome! So is this the reason why Printers vary in price? The 700.00 dollar ones can't do Metallized material only Platic compounds? Oh I wrote too soon, I see that the Link does support copper material,HMM I am thinking about getting one then. I am also forgetting that is U.S. prices while finding on may be nearly double in Canadian dollars---Well just checked and the same company does not sell this 2019 model but do sell an older version for same price canadian around $700.00,good to know,hope my research here helps others looking to buy in Canada and thanks to Jstarne!


@Robo rad.  you do not need to go nuts buying a large print bed printer, to build a inmoov robot you only need a 4.6 inch build bed most printers are much larger then that.  the flsun printer large delta is 185mmx185mmx 315mm more then large enough to print even the legs of inmoov. delta printers are faster then Cartesian printers and take up much less room. and under 300.00 canadian with free shipping from china.  I suggest you research this and don't take just our word.  the process of 3d printing is very slow anyway and if you print parts on a very large printer thay could take days to print and something goes wrong, and a lot can go wrong.  that is a lot of wasted filament, and time.  all I say is research this.


Yes thanks Nallycat, I have started looking what they got on and I could start off smaller with those great prices, still reading much info on the subject but greatly appreciate all the helpful info from you guys!


I don't know I'm just stuck on this boss fight,Terminator resistance game, The way this youtuber plays is no help,seems like he has cheats activated because you can't take risks the way he does,I get as far as the point where 1 more missile will destroy it but all hell breaks loose around you too,never survive...


Well, it took me all night to complete the whole Terminator game,All week to finish! was it worth $50.00?  Oh hell ya!! Epic battle at the end similar to the T-Genysis movie where that movie starts is where the game ends,nicely put the whole Terminator story all together! The sex scenes were absolutely funny as LOL! The purple plasma mini gun is freak'n awesome! I would say this beats all the C.O.D and Battlefield games as not to be repetitive,so much action and different things to do.I will replay all the levels again because there were so many places I did not explore and secondary missions I skipped...could go on but you get the point. So many Easter eggs about the Terminator universe, for T-fans this is a must have!


Here is some promo video James Cameron made when He first wanted to continue T2 Judgement day but titled Future war,then he never completed it.Stars Arnold and that whiny kid John conner.Bet you never seen it,starts after the original future war  scenes in the first few T films about 5 minutes in.


While I am waiting for the new body armor to arrive tomorrow, I have the helmet attached so it is well balanced and can move freely as if it is on a ball-joint.When I add servo movements to the neck ,I need it to move it's head like a real person because it has no moving mouth, it should articulate with helmet movements when it is talking.They told the original cylon actors inside the suit to shake and nod there head when ever they talked in the original Battlestar tv show. User-inserted image


Hey there,I know the philosophy of Jeremy and DJ that robots are not meant to harm anyone and should be built to be friends of man,not war machines bent on man's destruction. Last summer I had some fun building my Terminator T-800 Endo into a robotic mobile A.I. camera-vision ,seeking targets to "destroy" with an A.E.G. soft pellet machine gun. In fact twice it almost shot me in the face,as the EZ cam A.I. was really excellent at finding moving targets to shoot at,including me,LOL! I am now in the planning process to modify my Terminator EZ scripts for the new Cylon. Wondering if I should plan for friendly contact with other humans coming around curious to see the 6 foot Cylon roaming the property next summer. This would be going against the original story lines of tv show creator(R.I.P.) Glen Larson and newer re-imagining creator/producer Ronald D Moore.Although Moore did change the Cylon's purpose near the end of his series with Cylon kind becoming one with human kind and seeking God. Programming the classic cylon could be fun to make it friendly,different but I have some ideas of how this could be done.


I think I mentioned I also bought Fallout 4 because I really enjoyed the Fallout 3 PS3 robot battles,have not had time to start #4 yet as busy working on real bot but took a peek at some of the new robot battles on YT.


The originally series I don't remember all the ins and outs of that.  There were lizards, right?  FaceMan on it!  Now the the 2000's Ronald D. Moore series I remember the heck out of that...those Cylons were built to serv humans until they turned on humans.

Sooooo, just program your Cylon to be friendly and serv humans.... and wait for it tor turn... THEN, it's an accurate full recreation of a Cylon.  ;)

I mean if you get bored you could force the issue and set a random timer code script to turn your Cylon evil at an unknown interval so you have to prepare and be on guard for a Cylon attack all the time!    If you do, you need to vlog and live stream that stuff!!!   xD


Haha ya! I had a similar idea to program key words to be used as to transform the robot into defensive mode depending on what humans say to it in conversation! You are right the original cylons killed there creators that were Lizard Aliens and the Imperious leader was always a Lizard shaped robot designed to pay respect to their Lizard origins.


I try to stay on Terminator and robot related subjects here but an interesting Terminator-Arnold side note, Did you know Arnold has a son that looks like a young Johnny Depp,so I was just watching a new movie out from his son, very impressed with his acting skill,good movie too,check it out called Daniel isn't real 2019.

#300   — Edited

I am always on the look out for anything robot related and damn I think I need the Oculis Rift VR head set in order to try out these incredible P.C. VR robot games,there are 2 that I would like to try ,here is one of them demo...

Well after a search it seems that this VR experience can be had on the newest Oculus Quest which needs no PC it is stand alone using google phone tech built into the headset with OLED display just as good as the thousand dollar Rift But at a cheaper price of 399 USD. Unfortunately super popular just before Christmas and sold out everywhere,good luck finding one until the new year later on


I bought a Quest some time ago, to build the remote VR control for my robot... I thought, I will only use it for tinkering and building stuf, well!! :D

It is my recommendation for VR at the moment! Low level entry price, good screens, 6 DOF tracking and all the hardware you need is in the it is basically plug and play!!

And if you own a PC the meets the requirements, you can also ply Oculus or Steam VR from your PC!! Check out the Oculus Link feature, its in Beta at the moment!! :)

#302   — Edited

Yes you are correct I just spent 2 hours watching comparison videos between Quest and Oculus s and it seems the slightly older Oculus S is getting described as obsolete now that Quest can also link to your high end gaming computer with a 20 dollar USB C cable and they are both selling at 550.00 CND  at best buy and Amazon.Quest can do way more things and run just as smooth with sharper OLED screens and run all types of 3D movies while you are out and about riding a bus,so ya ,I will be getting one my brother has 2 drones as well that would look cool flying with the VR on.


I know but now i need to decide which to buy first.Hours of fun 3d printing or hours of entertainment in 3d on the Quest!


Oh my god.Watching the new Jumanji 2019 novie on kodi,just about the funniest movie ever! Laughig so hard i got tears bursting out! Danny Devito is now The rocjk LoL!!!

#306   — Edited

In the world of VR I found another way to access your PC using the much cheaper Oculus Go system,going for 200 in USA and 250 here in Canada that is half the price of the new Quest! You only need to add a 12.00 dollar App from Oculus store called Virtual desktop,no Latency and you can then watch all the same streaming movies or hard drive movies on your big Computer and even play all the same PC games! Like I am hoping to re-play Terminator now on the VR will look like on a 100 inch theater screen! Game changer app!..

I also believe there will be many cool uses on the Cylon robot to see what the robot see when outside talking to people, I will be able to see the ARC camera view from robot on the Oculus Go and take control in VR If something bad happens like Cylon becomes agressive and starts beating up kid with baseball bat,LOL!

#307   — Edited

The Oculus Go is double rainbows...but cheap!! :D

Playing Lone Echo on my Quest via Oculus Link at the moment!! It is amazing!!

#308   — Edited

Oh I so know every detail of both the Quest and the Go,I have followed so many product reviews on both. I have decided to get the dirt cheap Go even with all the reported flaws because many people that own the High end S or Vibe always say they turn to their dirt cheap Go just because it is so much more convenient to use and nothing to set up so ideal for 3d movies and taking anywhere. I actually want both,try the Cheaper Go and later next year upgrade to Quest for the extra features. Forgot to mention I also bought the rest of the chrome cylon body pieces that I need to complete upper body from waist up,arms chrome shoulder bells,he gave me a great deal on all of it!


So I can confirm that the Cheaper Oculus Go can in fact get streaming movies and PC games using a couple of programs ,Big screen Beta and Virtual desktop but Virtual D. is 11.00 while Big screen is a Free App and they boh do the same thing.You will need fast internet and a really good PC to make this work ,however. You can use Netflix and even all Kodi movies are streaming to my Oculus Go! It really does look like you are at a super huge IMAX theater screen sitting about 20 feet away,It is so Glorious I about cry from how good it looks. I even played Fallout 4 from my PC streaming on to Oculus using Big screen with no delays! I am sure the more expensive newer Quest does look a bit better but for what I paid on the "Go" I am super happy! About to search all 3d movies on Kodi and get blown away by Imax 3d!


The big difference is...with the Quest you are not streaming the game to a screen, you are IN the game!!

Happy to hear you are having a blast with your Oculus Go!! :D


Yes I know the robot games built for Quest and Oculus S are really amazing! I was surprised to see hundreds of games and apps already in the Go store,many are free.And put you inside the game in VR with basic 4 point movement,love the VR short movies and youtube has hundreds more in vr! The one where I nearly barfed was the actual roller coaster ride at Canadas 's Wonderland,after that I had to run to the toilet and almost Barf,the feeling you get is real when the roller coaster is falling! The one where the lady takes you from Earth up in the clouds and then in space was mind blowing! I did get my newest Terminator PC game working perfectly using Virtual Desktop and it is also in the game VR .To see 7 foot tall terminators coming at you is just absolute Horror!.


Not all of us robot builders are nerds, I am opposite,LOL!


don't let Jstarnel  see this have you seen a Ladybug pooper-scooper . justg kidding Jstarnel


Way ahead of you , lol I saw Beetl a while back, apparently it is a dead project from 2017. I would like to have a accessory for the LEVi platform to detect and pickup doggy presents :)


What does bluejeans have to do with picking up doggy doo?

#317   — Edited

LEVi Rover is the name of the modular platform I am working on right now, it is one of my dogs name. I’m going to have several attachment options to customize the ability of the platform outdoors. One of those being a pooper scooper.


Oh that is interesting, what is going to be your drive/motor system on the Levi Rover? I am still using 2 12 volt car window lift worm gear motors, super torque but running at 10-15 amps each uses more battery power, I need 3 of those motorcycle/wheel chair batteries fully charged to run all day.That is just moving around and pausing,can't run steady for longer than 20 minutes at a time because outside in my hilly grass ,the motors use up even more amps causing the motors to heat up, Wondering about better wheel drive cheaper motors bit more efficient on power and less heating up.My robots are heavy too at 5-6 feet tall. The old Rad robots I used 3 years ago worked well with the 2 small tank motors outside running at just 6 volts but those bots were only plastic  2-3 foot tall. They were excellent rovers. Looking for something more modern and better than car window motors for the big Cylon this summer.


Those are all good questions. There are worms gear drive motors that are both quiet and cool you could use. I am using tsiny ball bearing dc worm gear motors. 160rpm to start with and provide 40 kg cm torque each at around 1-2 amps. Since the LEVi is 6wd that is 240kgcm of usable torque. My favorite part is they lock when not powered and make very little noise ( like any well built robotic platform should)


If you can get more specific with each robot I a happy to help pair up better motors for your particular use and better efficiency on power draw than 15 amps.


I am interested on what you use as tank trax as when I look around to buy,there are only small robot versions, then the larger ones are nearly $1000.00 ,unless you are making them yourself . Then I could match with proper size motors,gears for the track drive.


I make them myself, first 3D print the track , make a mold from silicon or amazing remelt and pour in liquid rubber about 80D shore rating. The stiffness is like car tire rubber


Hey that's great! I don't have my Printer yet but I will in the new year, I'll hit you up for detailed plans then!


I have seen people use strips of rubber conveyor belts joined to form a loop as tank treads quite effectively. Think about the conveyor material at the check out stand. They used lawn mower wheels for bogeys and made plywood drive sprockets. The belts are fiber reinforced which you really need to keep the tracks from stretching/snapping.

Here's a link that might get you thinking.


Wow great find Perry, exactly the type of project I could copy!


So the new starwars movie hit the interwebs last night, watching now on my Oculus Go streamed from my main computer, Great movie so far,had to pause the kodi as I found an interesting spin on the new robots in the movie. You know how dogs were mistreated by owners and then end up in the Animal control cages? Afraid of humans trying to pet them? So they find one abandoned robot like that to join their crew. Amazing idea to program into a robot, make it shy,timmid but still curious of human owners, I love it!


Wow this announcement makes a Happy New Year for 2020!...


Aha ha ha! so hanging out with Family on Christmas is way more boring than ever ,had to sneak away and get on Terminator news,check this out,LOL!


Ya I know it's Christmas,still I can't get my mind off planning all the details for this massive Cylon project,It can be all mounted with velcro strips on to the aluminum cylinder but I think I will add brackets to hold up the pieces to the inner shell with screws,to make it stronger,so from the waist up it looks Genuine classic Cylon but at the waist it will be more Robotic/Terminator looking as there will be no Human gut there just cold tubular Aluminum. Thinking I will add brackets for the shoulder chrome pieces and extensions for the robo arms,they will have powerful servo/gears there for lifting them. My brain is still in full build mode despite the holliday distractions.I just can't use any power drills to get it done,people get mad at me right now. User-inserted image And this is what the upper body will eventually look like... User-inserted image


I wonder if this could work with a 3d printed cylon head?...


There are now hundreds of un official games and apps for Oculus Go and Quest by side loading APK files into the Go memory. Found this cool Free Demo,nearly peed my pants at the end there,well done,3D and 360 VR unfinished Alpha,still spooky as Hell!


I think I have the Chest and collar mounted pretty good and balanced, I am waiting for 3 high torque servos for the arm and neck, before I can start drilling where the Wide shoulder pipe will go. After I have the servos I can design the Terminator style arms for it. The high powered Star L.E.D's came in too so I can start playing around with them to see if they will make Decent Muzzle Flashes for the guns built into the hands. I will be using the gun sounds from the Re-imagined Galactica TV show as they sound more realistic. Of course my Cylon will talk with a modern take on the classic voice from the 80's but more clearly understandable using the Google mini bluetooth speaker and modern speech synthesizer of Google,tweeked to sound robotic. The base wheels will be made wider and longer with 6 wheels all terrain and cosmetic shiny aluminum panels to enclose the batteries and electronics,sensors.All in good time of course!User-inserted image


User-inserted image User-inserted image Dabbed a couple of Hot glue to the left shoulder bell just to see how it will look later when I get the shoulder rods on....


The old Universal Attraction in California, we had something similar 1 year at the CNE in Toronto,I was a scared little kid going into this cave and Cylons were on one side shooting at Human warriors on the other side and we had to walk in between the Laser fight to get through,LOL!


Wow had no idea that ever existed but now with the Oculus Go i was able to watch Terminator 2 3D  and it looked just as impressive as you feel like you are in an Imax movie theater and the 3D effects are so real because there is zero ghosting or cross contamination in the headset lens,seems just as good as that Universal 3

D showing!


Wow here is an article showing a robo-cop type terminator or whatever in a negative prediction of killing humans... I was all about that last summer getting my Terminator to intelligently seek out targets outside and fire the BB machine gun at them. That's so last year,get with the times RT! This year will be about robots with A.I. having intelligent conversation with humans. My next bot the Cylon is going to have an updated Cylon voice I am currently designing to work with the EZB and the Google Voice I use from the Google Home app. As it has the coolest voice synthesizer that can pronounce words so clearly but yet be able to modify it to sound very robotic.This will make it easy to communicate with people this coming summer when the robot goes out and about exploring. No more violence,LOL! I will still have the guns in his fore arms that pop out if it feels threatened by a human,only to shoot beams of intence light of course,flashing muzzle and sound effects but no more BB's.The classic cylon voice was cool but really hard to understand every word.Mine is going to be much better with less monotone and I am working on giving the voice different levels of pitch depending on if the conversation moves from calm to joking around or feeling scared/threatened...exciting time to be able to do this thanks to all the cool software in synthiam!


The Cylon arms are ready to attach to body,going to use heavy duty bolts that attach at shoulders and then a servo attached there as well,the shoulder has a hole that is slightly larger than the bolt so it can move freely with the servo,the arms each have 2 hdd servos and one wrist motor that is analog original. User-inserted image

#339   — Edited

Hey thanks Mickey, I did borrow the Terminator arms and made them slightly longer to be that of a real man, I then put the original body back together with the Terminator who is now just a statue until I get a 3d printer so I can make more authentic Terminator exoskeleton pieces in the summer,then add new servos again to the 3d printed arms and waist,neck possibly a jaw servo too.Ya poor guy now he just watches over me building the Cylon. I am thinking of making a video where both robots come alive in the middle of the night and start planning the take over of be continued.

User-inserted image


So this idea I got from the Heart beat light on the EZB v3 ,I believe it was Jeremy that said he designed that cool little feature on the board. I got this Heart beat L.E.D. triple light set up from a halloween decoration,very bright so I thought wow, the perfect Cylon heart beat,kind of like Iron Man! Gotta credit Jer for this idea and DJ for the entire EZB concept of course.


I always loved the heart beat light on the V3 EZB. When the V4 came out I was really disappointed it was gone.

I'm looking forward to seeing how your arm servos work in this application and how they are applied. Is there any chance you could do a video of the building process along with a completed working test?

Nice work so far!


It won't take me long to attach the arms I just need to drill a couple holes for the long bolts and then start programming the motions with the EZB, I got lazy with my Oculus Go watching tons of Kodi 3D movies, I just watched Terminator Genisys 3D,what a blast that was!


I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole project in action too. Well done


Hey thanks Mark, I just needn to install my star L.E.D.'s to the arms before I can get them on the robot. The 2 super bright white lights go in the hands for a gun flashing effect and the multi color red,blue green light will go in the wrist controller for effects. User-inserted image


Still not happy with the aluminum can I used for skeleton under the chrome pieces,gonna buy some aluminum pipes and tubing to build an exoskeleton similar to the Terminator and then re mount all the chrome pieces to it.Will look way more robotic , like the newer CGI cylons in the Razor movie.I did get the eye scanner working again so this is what it looks like now,there is also a servo for the neck to add but I don't seem to have any drill bits with me here,will need to buy new ones,need for the arms as well.


Just chillaxing watching TV with my little T-Arnie bud, gonna go out for some drill bits later today as the winter storm seems to have ended. User-inserted image


So all the hard drilling work is done, The shoulders and Bicep arms are on solid! I still need to remove the hand and motors to extend the fore arms another 12 inches as it would be too stubby as is. It is starting to look like the new Cylon CGI models in that last movie! Getting it 7 foot tall is easy but no need to do that yet.Adding electronics and re-wiring everything is the next big job.User-inserted image


@Robo Rad   I think it looks like a T-Rex with short arms,  They say T-Rex was always angry because it couldn't reach it's "you know":p . LOL


Ha ha ya it does,will need to be fixed soon,LOL!


I don't exactly remember what the Height of these Cylons are supposed to be but it is either 6 and a half to 7 feet.Here is another cool scene from Razor where you can see how tall they are.

#353   — Edited

Huh? Would you believe our Walmart super store does not sell any spools of wire? not in electrical or automotive section! Then even the trusty dollar store everything else but no wire! I guess I need to drive way far out to look for a hardware store.I want to re-do all my robot wires new and something I have never used before is that shrink wrap stuff to seal wire ends.Since it will be an outdoors robot.Another thing after that is looking into how to add more ControlCommand() lines to EZB(I love those,so powerful!) I want to do what others are doing to have the mini computer wake up in responce to outside alarms or on the clock wake ups.Then activate EZ Bv4  on startup whiuch can then activate start up programs inside ARC.  The Windows Vocoder program I have specialized for the classic Cylon voice needs to be able to come on by itself to allow the robot speech in the EZB.So this is something new I have never experimented before .Going to wrap my head around programming with all the ControlCommand() functions,just need to set aside some extra time to learn more. Any advice on starting windows programs on EZB wake up appreciated to point me in right direction.


Well I think I was wasting too many Amps last summer on the Terminator computer set up,reducing my run time outside with the wheel motors.To stay energy efficient this year with the new Cylon set up I am now re-wiring everything and only using the electronics that are 100 percent needed and cutting out anything that was wasting amps.You can see in the video last summer I had too much going on there! I do want to keep using that Terminator's voice and use it for Cylon voice as it is a good compromise for Clarity VS Distortion. I like that you can understand every word the Google TTS engine is producing from the RSS news feeds. I am just really bummed out that the bluetooth on that android phone now keeps cutting out and I can't seem to fix it anymore,will need to just wire it directly to a speaker the same as with EZB,but I want to only use the phone with Mobile ARC to save battery power.I want maximum run time this year


I was in that Ad Hoc mode in EZB for so long I forgot how to change it back to Wi-Fi client mode! First I forgot to add my network name and was just trying only my network password,for 20 minutes not working everytime.Then I added the network proper name and my password still not working,tried another half hour.Finally,I realized the password is case sensitive so I had to add 1 capitol letter on the password and also had to add a tiny space in between the letters and a dash,then it worked,god I hate doing that everytime it screws me up for hours! Now the same type situation with my Android phone,The Bluetooth would keep disconnecting after 30 seconds ALL THE TIME. It took me days of resetting the phone back to Factory setting,re-adding all my apps and then still the bluetooth was not connecting properly to my Google Home mini speaker nest. Was at my wits end. Finally today at my last straw I just simply turned it off,pressed the volume buttons together for 10 seconds just as a wild guess,Suddenly the phone comes on in some type of " Safe Mode" and I thought okay lets see if Bluetooth will stay on. It bloody well did 1 minute ,3 minutes,half hour it was working!Then all I did was reboot it back to normal and the bluetooth was still working! Why that worked I have no clue but now I got my robot voice back for the robot,damn what a bad few days!


Aw man @Robo Rad, we definitely have those days as robot builders eh?!? Glad to hear everything is working again!


What kind of phone was it that you were having trouble with?

#358   — Edited

LOL! Ya Jer today I just took a day off to just drive around go spend money,get some KFC and beer ,then just plop in front of the TV to watch movies on KODI. Did not even look at the robot with half the wires that still need connecting. I feel better now,stress level back to normal. @Jstarne1 ,my phone is a 4 year old LG and the bluetooth is miraculously still working,the only thing that fixed it was the accidental booting in safe mode and then just rebooting back to normal,Why that could possibly fix it is amazing,everyone with bad bluetooth should just try that on their phones! You won't find that info anywhere on the internet it was just a wild guess for me as even factory reset did not work,all that did was delete all my apps and it was so frustrating to add all the apps back,wish I would have tried the safe mode first!


Well after a bunch of coffee and some epic robot battles in my PC game/Oculus "borderlands 2" I started re wiring my 2 sonar sensors to the EZB and mounted them with hot glue just over the robot wheel wells. The body is off so it looks a bit creepy.You know how a spider has 8 eyes on the front? The robot wheel base has what looks like 4 eyes on the front and the wide wheel stance makes it look like a creepy Tarantula! The sonars work great as they are further apart now and lower!


Right on! It seems like pictures may be in order, robot spiders are awesome!


Ha ya I thought about adding 4 more Tarantula legs in the middle ,would look creepy with the Terminator body but since this is a classic Cylon now,I don't recall them ever riding around on a spider carrier, May consider doing something like that later with Terminator!


Wow the last 3 days I have really improved all my A.I. devices that will be working with the new robot. I am ditching my old Android phone because the mystery bluetooth error came back,just can't figure out what is causing the time out errors. I am now using an Android emulator program with my Latte Panda windows 10. I should be able to run mobile ARC and the regular ARC windows or ARC on the same little computer.I have checked out all the other TTS robot voices out there and I still find the Google voice to be the most clear and the best robot effect to use for the EZB voice. I should be able to use both Wi-Fi and bluetooth to get the TTS voice conversations on to my hacked Google mini Bluetooth nest speaker.The Android emulator is just excellent  as it runs the newest updated Android operating system and just lets me download any app I want from the Google play store,no APK sideloading needed! My Old android phone will now be entering Ye Olde garbage can!


So I really do like the Cereproc TTS windows voice I bought. I wrote up a long worded script in ARC for the EZB to output  this speech to the Cylon Robot's Google Bluetooth speaker as a first test. Used a screen capture program

to capture the sound for this video.


that  really sound's awesome.very nice picture too.


Hey thanks Nomad, It is not an exact match of how they sounded back in 79 but close enough and still not too distorted to understand.I just wanted a quick TTS voice sollution that will work with ARC and my latte panda to output the voice by either Bluetooth or headphone jack.Then start programming A.I. as the Google mini speaker has amazing microphones that can listen to me all the way from across the back yard at the cottage.


Here I am playing with the many EQ dials on the free Cylonix vocoder as it has a more accurate voice. Unfortunately the screen recorder app is recording both the primary Google TTS news reader and then the output robot voice at the same time,so it sounds like double rainbows in the video! The speaker on the robot is only playing the output robot voice which does sound amazing,very authentic classic sound.


so after tweeking the EQ sliders some more on the Cylonix vocoder, I think I have the best sound effect for the TTS robot voice, I can still make it more clear to understand but then it starts to sound more human, I may turn down the echo slew a bit more but this is really close to the original voices.


I have a fairly sophisticated computer and robot security/convenience setup going on here for the winter months My PC with bluetooth is fully automated with cameras guarding my car outside( I get weird people opening the car doors in the night,possibly homeless looking for shelter??). My google/Terminator voice used with Google nest home speaker is connected with power switches to turn things off and on,like robot power charging cycles from battery charger.All the voices come out of the Robot/Cylon now.Everything web related on my PC is relayed to voice notifications coming from robot and mini speaker. The one thing that does not work which bugs me is any email notifications from Synthiam go to my junk folder instead of INbox so I never get the robot voice telling me of new notification from Synthiam!  Every other type of email I get vocal warnings though.I tried setting it to "not junk" but it never works,they still keep going to junk folder,on different hotmail accounts I tried ,no success?`

#369   — Edited

Ya so I noticed an issue with the Google Nest Mini speaker using the Bluetooth,it runs better with just Wi-Fi but when I try to use it as a bluetooth speaker with my PC sending over the voice or sounds,Every once in a while it will cut in and out. It could be just the battery not strong enough to power it. I tested in my car. I noticed that if I set voice loud with bass that speaker will even cut out and die from cigarette lighter to USB power input. Is this the reason many of you guys use the Amazon dot speaker? Uses less Amps to run mobile? I may just look for a dedicated Audio bluetooth bass speaker that can be used outside on battery power....I am almost ready to mount the cylon back on the wheel base.I also have the pipe extensions for arms but not going to install those yet until everything else is lined up,like where exactly I need to mount shoulder bells,need to test arm servo movements first so they have enough clearance to move freely.-Lots of work to do before spring hits!:) Edit----I guess for now the easiest way is to just use the audio out on the EZB4 or the Latte Panda audio out but the old loud speaker I was using has static and crackle sounds everytime the line in cable wiggles,  I need to buy some contact cleaner as that is what I sometimes use to clean the Jac on electric guitars to stop static.


I saw on the news yesterday a new facial recognition technology getting use with all the police forces, I guess every cop with a body cam or dash cam can scan a face and the A.I. will find really quickly every web site every photo ever uploaded and all kinds of personal info with 98% accuracy. Even if you cover your face with your hand half way it will still work! Imagine if I could get that on my robot! every person that visit my cottage would be intercepted and instantly be identified as harmless friend or a criminal attempting to rob me in which case the robot would set off alarm and go defensive,LOL!


A big part of robot building is just organizing where you want to attach your circuit boards and get it to be cosmetically pleasing if the boards have cool Flashing L.E.D.'s and to line everything up nicely. So here I got my Latte Panda attached where I want so far and the mini amp/speaker all hooked up and working. Running Mobile ARC with my Android emulator program in win10 so I can still use the old Terminator Google voice I had before. I also have Windows ARC for all the actual script writing and the Cereproc Cylon voice I bought can then be used too,to continue now with a

ll the rest of the circuits and wiring also the head is off for servicing and more wiring of servo.....

#372   — Edited

I did some repairs on the helmet today and buffed out some scratches as I had dropped it a few times, I made a bracket mount for the 7" Latte Panda screen,which is removed easy if needed. Getting there,Once I get the shoulders and arms with the chrome pieces securely attached,it will make a big difference, I still need a Chrome utility belt though....I can't wait to see what it looks like out in the sunshine, all that chrome will be blinding! It would be funny to let it rip around in a shopping mall, Do they still exist? we don't have any around

User-inserted image


So I got the EZB under the helmet sitting on the neck compartment,attached EZB camera to Cylon mouth piece. I got rid of the neck servo because I have a much better high torque Gear box motor with low RPM to move the head left and right to be used with my old 6 volt motor controller and EZB can use head tracking with the camera.This is going to be cool! User-inserted image

#374   — Edited

Send him to the mall and have him shoot people!!! ( with a BB gun of course!!) :D


Mickey BB guns are dangerous maybe a paint gun.


Actually no more BB guns, I have just installed the upgraded arms and I have the dual star L.E.D.'s that are so bright 3 watts ,that you cant look directly at them.I am going to add 1 of each to the hand palms and when he rotates either wrist it will blast out gun Flashes. I have not decided which sound effect to use with the loud speaker,Either regular UZI machine guns or the classic Cylon Laser blasts. The mall would be funny but I bet they would call in a terrorist alert. I am thinking more about the summer Comicon convention where everyone goes dressed up like starwars characters or Xmen. They would likely let my Bot walk around in there!


A fun fact, I was heavily involved in the launch of the new Battlestar series way back in 2002 I think...we were discussing on the Sci-Fi forum about what Ronald D Moore could add to the new TV series and I was all upset at what the new Cylons looked like and the fact that they had none of that classic Cylon Voice, I was reall miffed at Ronald,but he would not budge on my suggestions and then I got into a heated debate with Ronalds wife She was talking about new Cylons communicate with internal internet and do not need a voice,Oh I was bummed out with the 2 of them. Any way, even though they screwed up the classic robots,I still enjoyed the new show. I even entered the contest they had "Build a cylon" and I converted my first Rad robot and another RSV2 Robosapien to both look like Classic Cylons. I won 3rd prize which was a DVD box set of the entire series. I still have the video of them somewhere online,LOL! I still think the Classic Cylon was the best looking,you can see it in the middle there,The other 2 newer ones just look like rainbows and buttercups mechanical Dracula,that can't even talk.... User-inserted image


MAN....ComicCon!!! Great idea!! That you be the best!!! :D

#379   — Edited

Oh ya man, How cool would it be if someone like Grace Park from the Galactica series was there at the comicon, she played that Boomer chick,she also was the judge that awarded me 3rd prize for the build a Cylon contest! You never know who you will see at those events. Definitely some weirdos too! I would even think about adding a "Powered by Synthiam" Label on the robot,but only if it was running good ,if something screwed up I would just hide the Label with a towel,LOL! Edit-----I guess that's it for tonight,hooked up the main batteries inside,ready to test tomorrow.User-inserted image

#380   — Edited

Ya I know my wheels are not straight,I need to cut that axel bar a bit shorter so I can tow in the wheels,job for tomorrow,getting tired,all the wiring I did last few hours and still more to do. I am going to end up making some kind of newer wheel base anyway later on. Prefer a track system,like those plans for the lawn mower robot,those tracks look awesome! Not the Lady bug mower but the other one he had a while ago.


Spent the last hour getting wheels straight and adjusting for weight of batteries,Almost ready to test run around the apartment! User-inserted image


Well I have done more to finish this cylon in the last 2 days than all winter! I have the 3 watt Star L.E.D.'s super

bright white machine gun simulators attached to both hands. It's going to be fun programming this on the EZB, as normally the fore arms are pointing down but when the command is sent to rotate the fore arms ,they spin and move up showing the machine guns flashing with loud sound effect. Then they reverse rotate and move down once again showing the Chrome only. Excuse the wiring mess, I will end up neatly hiding them and using plastic zip ties to secure them. I also had to install the L.E.D. driver boards on the hands, so now I just need to start soldering the connections and test.


Well we got a snow storm heading in to Southern Ontario I am slightly North but also in Lake effect snow area near Georgian Bay so I expect to get snowed in for the next few days. It will give me a chance to get much done on the Cylon. I have started on it already, I changed the mounting location of the Latte Panda 7" LCD screen to the back pack area which is so much better for viewing.It is at eye level when I sit in a chair to program the EZB scripting! User-inserted image


So I should give a plug to my bud Scott Maple as I get all my Cylon Chrome from him,even though he is just 20 minute drive from me I just get everything shipped over anyway.He has a web site at but the home screen is always blank you need to click in the top corner Skip intro,to get to the main Menu and see all the cool movie props he builds. He was contacted by producers of the Battlestar Galactica Revival mini series movie back in 2003 for the Museum scene showing off the classical Cylon in a glass case.He has the photo on his web site plus many more....User-inserted image


I ran into this funny vid browsing youtube...


Aww daisy we have the Fire inspector coming over tomorrow to check for safety so I actually need to hide all my big 12 volt motorcycle batteries used on the robot,I am constantly trickle charging them all. Would not look very safe in a small apartment! Also the 5 foot Cylon standing in a corner with a mess of wires hanging out also would not look very safe.So everything is on hold as I take it apart for now. User-inserted image


hi roborad

is that standard procesure to have fire inspection?


I think so in Ontario Canada as, Every apartment I ever rented in Ontario .I always had a visit from the Fire Martial sometimes partnered with a cop twice per year, Mainly to check on working smoke/C02 detectors and that there are no cheap dollar store electrical 4 in one adapters plugged in electrical outlets as they start many house fires. Just like my big 12 volt batteries unsupervised can explode and start fires. If you have ever seen a 12 volt car battery explode like a huge bomb,it's not pretty. I had 1 explode in my car when I was trying to boost it.lucky I was not near it.


actully is that a good thing.we in belgium have only hospitals and elderly homes shops restaurants and new house for inspection. i had one cell phone batt explotion here.also loud and lots off smoke.good yourre ok.


Working on the scripting and timing for the Guns sequence using EZB sending signal to the 8 channel relay board and testing with the old Terminator script,just modifications to the Wrist motor timing it takes about 45 seconds before the gun sequence happens.


Well I got the high torque neck motor working with power but I found out my old motor L298 H-Bridge is now dead,too old. So plan B is to use the same 8 channel relay board that I'm using for Hand/Gun motors connected to EZB4.The tricky part will be to figure out the head/camera tracking as before it was easy to combine with H-bridge just like a servo control in camera tracking options.I have an idea how to do this but it will take some fancy scripting! User-inserted image


Just fascinated by the panic in the news and how my friends down in the States are talking about how Toilet paper prices are going up and selling out due to panic,It is Fake ,my sniffles cold is more deadly,what the Agenda is for this hoax? Anyway I did buy some wiring supplies to continue my robot project. User-inserted image


@robo Rad  This virus is not a joke.  but I cannot see why there is a panic for toilet paper.  I could see the shortage of face masks, and hand sanitizer. causing a panic, maybe food and water shortages.  Jessi Ventura's TV show the conspiracy theory had it right, this is a engineered virus, designed to get rid of 2/3 of the world population.  it's only starting so hoard your toilet paper, when you die you want to be clean.  Coronavirus case deaths surpass 100,000  globally


Well,H1N1 was the serious one,I had that back in 2009 as did 1 third of the world population,I had fever and passed out for 2 days,just collapsed at my cottage in the middle of June. This Corona is quick but not any worse than normal Flu stuffy nose mild fever and a cough,why the panic,the media is doing it for some other agenda,we will see later why.


@robo rad  Coronavirus infects the tissues in the lungs, and other organs in the body,  your lungs fail and you sufficate.  isn't 100,000 deaths already scary enough.  it is not your normal flu.  it was engineered to kill adults and spare children but it does kill babies.  the normal flu shot you may have had is what allows this virus to kill select people, children's flu shots were different, so they live.


Ya true it may be engineered to spread faster but if you do a google search you will see that corona virus is one of the common viruses that give you the common cold which is why they say wash your hands as cold viruses can latch on to surfaces for days.Also on medical charts of known virus severity,newest  Covid or corona is listed at the bottom of the chart as the least severe,least deaths and very easy to recover from so ya this is a big hoax going on,it is the common cold. It is not anywhere close to dangerous as H1N1 was in 2009 which I had and nearly died from,my younger brother did die from it in hospital so I have some experience with this subject.


Common guys. This is a robot building forum. Lets keep it on topic. There are lots of other outlets for your chatter about the virus. I come here to relax and forget the real world. I don't want to hear theories and 2nd hand news. :(


Aha ha you are right Dave, and it is just what people talk about at the checkout lines when I go out to buy parts for my robot at the hardware stores so it seems you can't get away from the topic anywhere these days,LOL!


@roborad you can still hide in your cabin in the woods, plus you are having a Terminator army now!!:D I am just hoping my vacation is not going down the drain because of the virus, a lot of flights are being canceled in Europe!!


Ya it is just ridiculous when now our Prime Minister Trudeu says he is isolating himself,ridiculous...for a few sniffles and minor fever of his wife.It's just a cold,I am supposed to go see a Death-Metal concert end of this month,hoping it will not be cancelled from unfounded fears,If this is a test to see what a fake pandemic will do to the world,they are winning the test. Aha ha sorry Dave,I will now stop,LOL!


Well just like every other concert and event cancelled looks like they just cancelled the Toronto Commicon event, would have been cool to have my Cylon walking around, I just got the Hand guns flashing and damn the Star LED's are so bright,the first time it just blinded me!


@robo rad  I like what you accomplish , so do not treat this Virus as a cold, it is not, and it is dangerous.  I don't  want any of our synthiam members, friends to be harmed  by this.  take care.    Trudope is isolating himself so he doesn't have to work, and face a lot of angry Canadians.


Whole Europe is going to have a complete shutdown, all borders closed...all flights canceled, only food stores and pharmacies stay open!! The virus spreads be prepared, stay calm and in good health!! At least we are robot nerds, and will have loads to work on while being in quarantine!!


I have not done anything lately on the robot as I am packing up everything to move in a few weeks.Hopefully anyway. if trudeau declares national emergency restricting movement.that would suck. Sometimes i listen to alex jones because he mixes truth with highly entertaining fear mongering. The funny thing i heard today was about strict martial law coming.Robot soldiers popping from the ground to do crowd control controlled by the 1 percent, LoL! I wish , How cool to see some real Cylons and Terminators walking the streets!


We are already having those movement restrictions...well too bad we did not build our robots fast enough, so they can do the shopping or we can mind control them while not leaving the house like in Surrogates!! :D

Stay safe guys!! Lets get over with it...strange times!!


Well with all the shut downs going on at least I think most of the Electronics venders are still open online, I am now in my isolated area which I will no longer discuss but it is an area where wild animals such as bears ,coyotes and every other small to large wild animal will come around looking for food scraps,The lack of people here makes the animal population more brave.Also need better security from vagrants or the criminal element looking to raid empty cottages,homes that are all deserted now .My cylon robot will now just become a Low profile fast moving all terrain wheeled base with all types of camera surveilance. I am wondering about making my own heat vision camera to see people or animals lurking in the trees at night? Any one has done this for a project?


Daleks to enforce community Lock downs,stay inside,or else....


That is hilarious!!!! Do you know the guy who did this???

Great!!!!! :D

#411   — Edited

It has to be Dave, He masters exosphere. my mistake Dave has a B9 not a Dalek robot,  close enough.


I think it was a video from someone living near me in Barrie Ontario as I got a Facebook link from the Barrie community page.



Aha ha I'm back just because all this social distancing getting on my nerves It's all Fake you got like a .01% chance of dying I mean really ridiculous over a cold bug.I am upset because now I see Boston Dynamics selling their dog to police in singapore and 1 state in USA to deploy the dog in parks as a test. To holler at people gathering too close. Well I was already doing this with my Terminator last summer copy cats.LOL! can see the link here... Not cool Boston Dynamics,I can't even get to my park yet as camp sites are still closed but my Cylon project would kick that dogs Butt!


Well I got banned from facebook again for a day.So looks like I'll be poking around here today.Just goiing stir crazy with all camp grounds still locked down.Total BS.My cylon project is still there unfinished.


Anyone watch that new StarWars tv show The Mandalorian? Pretty good so far just gonna binge watch that whole first season Today.


Awwww that Baby Yoda is just too cute! I'm betting this idea I just got to build one as a real moving robot has already been done? Most likely DJ has as, he gets all the same ideas first, LOL!:D


Just started watching it too! Yeah it’s pretty good, Robots sprinkled into every episode. I haven’t heard of someone trying to build baby Yoda, maybe you could be the first!

#420   — Edited

An amazing TV series for sure I would say much better than the last starwars movie!...Good to know I could actually beat DJ on a cool robot idea! I already designed it in my head,LOL! Ahh but DJ is really fast to build them too, so will see!

Well,that was just epic that last episode of Mandalorian,Cheers to the writers of this show! I would like to buy them a beer! That is saying a lot from me as I usually hate all new TV shows...50,000 channels and it's all Garbage...but not that show,Well done,I may give the whole series another go ,it was better than all the StarWars movies combined! That very last scene I won't give it away but I have never seen a Black U.V. Light saber before,what an effect,Beautiful!

#421   — Edited

Hey Guys do you think this new Agility robotics Bot could be easy to replicate with a 3d printer? Because I have a feeling they will charge the price of a new car to buy one. It looks simple to replicate the legs and body and try to match to cheaper servos and an EZB,Would make a great Terminator,all I need to do is use my Terminator head I have here! Oh by the way they have invented both the Light saber fighting Yoda and a baby Yoda robot so no point building one,they stole my idea ,I believe,LOL!


@Robo rad    that robot looks like it is made of Aluminum, the turquoise color parts could be made with a 3d printer if you have the talent, but the most expensive parts are  the actuators they have to be fast and strong. unless you have a large amount of money, ain't going to happen.


So I wonder how annoyed people will get on Canada Day when my 5 foot Cylon walks around outside finding drunk people to measure their body heat for fever and then order to self Isolate in their homes,LOL! I just find the fastest easiest way to make robot voice waves is with talking into my Iphone (Voice express)and sending the voice waves to my email for processing to Arc.


OMG, that is the best usecase for a robot that I have ever seen!!! :D

Make them ALL go home hibernate!!

Spaceship earth lol!!!


Hey guys reading this, check out that new movie called Archive 2020. A robot movie that only people like us as builders can really appreciate.Very trippy all the way to the end!


seems similar like ex machina .


Ohh I so wanna see this. Ex machina was pretty good, I think this might top it. We shall see.


This is a side project I am working on, An RS Media Robosapien that still powers up ,bought over kijiji near my town for 20 bucks I will be using an EZB mini ,,all the motors can handle about  6 volts,will walk again with creative EZ builder programming,I have done it before so yes it is very possible using original motors wired up to a separate multi channel relay board hooked to EZB for timing control. I have an extra rsv2 head somewhere that I wil modify to be a chromed cyon head with sweeper eye...will be mini-Me to the full sized cyon i have.Also thinking I will add a tracked mobility platform for stabil movements using my Vex Track kit. User-inserted image


robo rad

lookin forwart to see your project.i love the rs media. i had one connected to skype.


Like to see a video of it moving


#431   — Edited

I think this looks like the future of gaming, invite some buds over for beers and blasting robots .I wonder how hard it would be to make your own room be just like that!


Pretty sweet live wallpaper for my Samsung s20 and Tablet combo. Going to add it to the Ezb T program I use.


Chck out this amazing 360 software cgi video! I need to learn how to make vr videos like that,do it with a battle between Terminators and classic chromed Cylons! Use your vr oculus type glasses and prepare to be blown away!


So I am waiting for this chrome pen to come in which is actually the best liquid chrome you can get to repair real chrome metal or just paint on any flat plastics or any strong materials.My Terminator skull dropped so many times because it is heavy and needs the scratches and chips repaired with the Molotow chrome. The cylon armor also has a few scratches that need touch up. If it works out well I will dip the robosapien media parts in it too.


Interesting. Thanks! Let us know how it turns out.


Wow used the Molotow chrome pen on both terminator head and Cylon,it really did cover up the chipped and scratched spots so you can't even tell where the damage was,going to wait a full day to dry.


Hey Dave I sure will, I got that new samsung s20 phone that can take all kinds of fancy pics,LOL!


1 day after repairing chipped damage to chrome on fore head with molotow chrome,can even be buffed for more shine.User-inserted image


I will use my older samsung phone camera to do the Terminator vision system when seeking out targets.


I can't even see where the repair was. Nice stuff!


User-inserted image User-inserted image was going through my boxes of robot parts and when I found the rest of my Cylon chrome body parts,as I moved 3 times during the summer and Fall. I just can't resist putting it back together on top of my Roomba Irobot Create 2. So the next step is to first find out which wires on the Roomba serial to USB cable have the 5 volts or 17 volts that I could share with all the EZB and electronics.there is a header port directly on the USB cable to sponge power from.


It's cool to rediscover old love and fascination. This is a neat build. I was really enjoying watch you work on it. Good to see it again.


Thanks Dave  once I get the bug for building these,I go all day and then possibly 4 hours sleep ,get right back to building and testing. User-inserted image

#446   — Edited

Thanks Mackey, I did a test run to see how the default Roomba cleaning could handle the 3 foot body on top. Did go great but the problem spots are under chairs or couch. Next I need to add the ultrasonic sonar to the top of 3 foot body to avoid chairs and couch. The 3 foot body is just a bucket from Walmart.


I may ditch the idea of using an acid battery on the bottom and just power the Ezb And Latte panda from the Roomba usb cable ,as it is capable with 15-20 volts there. Not going to do 5 feet high as I want it to boot around at normal roomba speeds. There is more chrome parts to still mount on User-inserted image


The Roomba USB cable cannot support the constant current of the Latte Panda and EZB, without any servos at all your looking at 5-6 amps draw under use at 5+ volts, you can use a buck converter to regulate the voltage and then it draws 10-20 percent more due to heat loss and inefficiency of the voltage regulation of a cheap converter.

#449   — Edited

I do have A voltage regulator i bought from robotshop.I would be happy if it has enough amps to run the panda because my 7.4 Lipo can run Ezb  and sensors,servos pretty good. If not I may upgrade to a light weight battery pack similar to what the e-bikes use.

#450   — Edited

Okay so I took back what I said that Roomba can't work out on a taller robot body....After I put in a few self tapping screws and tons of hot glue in the seem of buckets to make the body stronger, it seemed okay could not tip it over by hand! The First test with taller body was a disaster though,Roomba is working too good! the torque on those roomba motors  are crazy good! I had to stay near the robot because the default cleaning program was to just ram into the corners of room and spin in a 360 turn just going nuts getting tangled in shoes and wires! Speeds are crazy too fast,all these can be adjusted with the Synthiam ARC software. So I will continue to Modify Roomba/Cylon. Adding the ultrasonic sensors should help big time.


Not too sure if I will put the robotic arms on it until I can buy more sensors ultrasonic or Infrared to add on the arms. I have 2 Ultrasonic now, will try one on it,s back and Front. Also run at half that speed!

#452   — Edited

Well ,I do think I solved my power problem so that I can run the EZB and the Latte Panda at the same time . I found an other battery from an RC boat .Not a Lipo just a NImh at 8.4 volts.Will use for EZB. Then on the Panda I can use high powered Lipo at 7.4 volts and has a high current rating.In testing the Ezb lasted longer than an hour! So re charging now and after will see how long the Panda will run.


I added a 12 volt lead acid battery that was from my e-bike. On the bottom which is not too heavy but just enough to keep the 4 foot body stable at high speed.will even stay stable after sudden abrupt stops.should be able to provide more current to electronics.

#454   — Edited

User-inserted image Okay, so following  instructions from the Roomba hack video with DJ, I did some simple surgery on the Create 2 serial-USB cable,using the available header connection directly on the cable. I am now using power for the EZB from the Roomba battery at around 15 volts,no problems. Then only adding the RX wire and connecting to the EZBv4 TX output pin at D5 or 6? I forget which as the other pin is only for recieving data from the Iroomba which I dont really need now. Also EZ camera comes on so I can right away start remote driving the Roomba while watching the view on my big screen tv as a monitor. I can now finish adding the Cylon Chest and back pack pieces maybe the arms not sure on that yet .


So here is the first successful test of the Cylon /Roomba. His head was removed just in case it failed and flipped over,causing any damage. I have 1 small lead Acid battery on the bottom which gives it enough stability to get to medium speed and stopping without tipping over. I think I will add my slightly larger acid battery for good measure. He does vacuum the floor,all the buttons that DJ and crew added to the Roomba plugin work great! Now I need to finish all the body parts and figure out how to make a script with adding sonar sensors to the middle of body. Next great challenge not sure how it will work,if Sonar needs to control Roomba H-bridge? I could also add the wires for recieving sensor data from Roomba infrared bumper sensors. 1 thing at a time.



a cylon cleaning your floor .you must be a powerfull man . thats a big robot.


Hey not bad 50 to 60 pounds it can take, I won't get anywhere near that much with body and battery!


Most of the Chrome body parts are now on, just need to add arms and shoulders,may need to buy some PVC Pipe to hold the Arms as servos and motors need a stable support. I want to take it for a spin around but cant make any noise now too Late.


Added his Utility belt...where the Roomba is ,that is where the legs should be,oh well, he be half there! User-inserted image

#460   — Edited

So I just ordered a new EZB-Tiny to use on the Roomba project! I have decided to put the Cylon body back on the ATV carrier So that it can still roam around outside and be almost 6 feet tall as well. The Cylon just looks too awesome to be stuck indoors on a Roomba.I will play around with Roomba and see what else I come up with.It can't be too heavy as the battery won't last long ,possibly damage motors. User-inserted image


I just have so many robot parts stored in bins from when I moved. Here I found the head cover from an old Rad 2.0 bot, seems to fit perfectly with some velcro on the Roomba. The EZB-Tiny will get here by Friday and should fit under but the serial cable connection is long. May need to coil it around the head cover. Anyway, has a really low profile to go clean under tables and chairs. For fun I will add a line Laser and a strobe! User-inserted image


Here I did a test using the low profile Rad robot head cover and it showcases how awesome the sensor array works,even in a messy cluttered room with wires ,bottles boots,it navigates like a Champ!...I will try out the Terminator Head next when the EZB Tiny comes in tomorrow,Just for a fun video.


Well I looked into this new technological breakthrough. Was hoping to be able to afford it but no,price of a new car in Canada.Still you rich guys in Synthiam could possibly try this out, make a great add on for  large robot!...


User-inserted image

So here i found one of my 8.4 v 3000 high performance rc battery. You can see the 12 volt eye bulbs work but the one on right is a bit brighter. The 7.4 5000 Lipo is way worse dim eyes. So it is important to get the 12 volts to both eyes,current has no help. Hoping the 15 volt from Roomba will be brighter but not kill power for Roomba motors and vacuum.Will try that next,fingers crossed,if still enough power left to run EZB Tiny,All good using just Roomba power!if Roomba fuse trips then I will just try using Lipo on EZB but separate from roomba power on serial cable.If it still trips then Those 12 volt eyes will be changed to 5 volt star L.E.D.'s.


This is how the eyes look with full 12 volts, at 15 volts I do have a resistor I can add so bulbs don't blow. User-inserted image


looking good  :-)



Well really excited about getting EZB Tiny from robotshop Canada. Seems I got the last one available until they get new stock in the future.This seems to sell out really well.Love my EZ4 but need it on the Giant Atv Cylon. The Tiny can be used on my smaller bots. I wish I bought 3 of them, at 30 bucks so much performance for the bucks! Shipment delayed to Tuesday now.

#468   — Edited

Wow just got EZB TINY! I had no idea it was that small!! I will be buying more of these, can fit these controllers in anything!love EDIT--- Just noticed views have gone up to 8k level,that is mind blowing! I never pay attention to those statistics,this is just me having fun with help from all you other robot builders out there on Synthiam that are way smarter than me.I would say some of the first robots that started this life long interest,movies like starwars,Galactica and even Disney classic the black hole! Omni magazine growing up with and thousands of Quarters in high school on an old arcade machine in the lunch time pool hall, Berserk.or Robotron. Thanks guys for your interest in what I do with my favorite movie robots as an adult.Most thanks to DJ for starting his company making a kids dreams come true!


Glad you like the IoTiny @Robo rad! It was definitely a fun challenge to make an EZB that small.


Yes Jer I remember DJ saying you designed the Tiny! An Absolute miracle for placing it anywhere, I even want one for My Fiero on the dash to do all kinds of cool stuff!.. Next topic here, I just tested how long my Roomba would clean the house with Li ion battery and timed it at exactly 1 hour and 18 minutes,not too shabby! Next test will be on EZB Tiny and Terminator head with glowing eyes on top the Roomba and battery time test.


Oh -my-god. That is all I need to do to change my Create 2 into normal brush cleaning Roomba?? As all the regular brush and side motors ar still there,just buy the main and side brush then look in my parts bins,find equivalent pastic holder instead of 3d printing one and Bingo,there I go. Too easy. Will have an actual hacked Terminator head / intruder cam cleaning my floors at programmed intervals.


LOL! I7 better than more expensive 1000.00 I9???

#473   — Edited

I just bought a Shark IQ R101AE with Self-Empty Base. It was a reconditioned Amazon buy at about $350 usd. This reconditioned unit was only about $25 more then the next lesser module. It has the 30 day self emptying bin. It's not as advanced as these two above robots (S9 and i7) but I'm amazed at how it keeps my 2100 sq ft odd shaped house clean. I have three dogs and a wife with long hair. It's self cleaning brush actually does not let the hair wrap around the brush at all!. I had an old Roomba and it was a discussing nightmare keeping the brushes clean. Till now there was always dog hair around the tile floors of my house and my wife's bathroom was always fill of long hair. None of that anymore! Yah!

This little guy took a couple days to map my house and the technology it uses did an amazing job of it. After a couple tries it nailed every room perfectly. I was able to interact with it's map through a phone app and actually name each room. I then was able to use Alexa to tell it to go clean any of the rooms if it need extra attention or a extra cleaning like the kitchen. It fascinates me how it can find it's charging and emptying base every time. It will dock, recharge and empty then go out back to work! I could actually sit there and watch it for hours. LOL

It's cool that you are going to be mounting your robot on your Roomba. It's going to be awesome watching it move around the house and actually do something productive. From watching my robot vacuum roam around, I think the only problem you're going to have is when it wants to go under something low like a table or couch. The Roomba will want to go under because the bumper sensor will not be hit but the upper body will hit the object. Have you been able to come up with a work around if this happens?

#475   — Edited

The great thing about the create 2 series is i can still add all that cool Lidar mapping and many different cameras,sensors,possibly a robotic arm to pick up and toss dirty socks,ha ha,most fun using Ezb Tiny the possibilities are endless. The robot heads will interchange because of the cover on the roomba comes off and I can have a different robot everyday mounted on the cover,thinking of Predator skull next! Ultrasonic sensors on the heads to stop from going under couches.


Yep, but it really is a practical vacuum cleaner,ordered the brushes. May take Terminator Roomba over to moms senior citizen retirement building and clean the big common room.They do have ambulance visits every day there,help out with heart attacks.


Ha ha ha video just because I was bored and love watching it Dock! Ya the removable top cover has screw holes cut around USB plug and Hot glue left overs from trying out different robot bodies on top. Actually dont need it when just cleaning,looks just like new on bottom side.


So it was not really that frightening until I let it go down the dark hallway and come back to me! I need to hide the Hot glue around the neck /cover welding there have an idea to use the old Cylon black ribbing effect around the neck on top of the messy surgery,will look new again. The IO Tiny needs to be found a good location still,used a tie wrap to Keep serial cable shorter.Not too sure I should bring this to my Mothers Old Retirement home to vacuum there at Christmas, some of those 90 year olds may not appreciate my art and helping out to Vacuum their Main Lobbycarpet ,as it is still a Roomba!

#480   — Edited

very cool robo rad :-)

Also nice movements on the iRobot



Thanks Ezang, after DJ helped me solve a connection issue with the Tiny controller, I was supposed to go to bed after but Just had the Urge to keep putting the Terminator parts back together,had to make a custom plastic case for the tiny controller where it connects to Serial cable and it is see through so all the lights shine through it nicely. Seems stable and can move really fast when I turn up the movement slider. All the regular clean and docking commands work right from computer but I did notice after docking I cant Restart it from the computer commands. Had to take it off the battery Dock first. I do know there is a wake up command and a connection on the roomba serial connector,need to get that going. Later today,since that would be annoying if I can't remote wake it.I can't test if all the Roomba bumper sensors work while cleaning because it is 6 in the morning,but later on. Need coffee now ,LOL!


lol, when you get that urge, forget sleep, coffee time!

I know you succeed - keep me up to date with your progress.

thanks , EzAng


Oh for sure Ezang,you know what it is like when you start brainstorming with all these cool idea you want to add to the robot. Forget sleep,lots of coffee! In my testing of Regular cleaning mode,I started to notice one of the sensors kept activating causing the robot to only travel a short distance and keep turning but only on automatic cleaning. I realized the Head is tilting too far back and not in the Center.Causing one of the sensor to keep tripping.Not sure which sensor on the bot,there are so many when you look on bottom. I just thought more simple to place head straight up and directly in the center on top of main drive wheels,best balance! The head is about 8 pounds so ya what a big difference,now so much faster and no more sensor glitches.Will clean whole house every room and after 1 hour 15 minutes returns to recharge by itself. still cant wake it up when charging,need to solder that extra wire for waking up from PC or internet.The EZ cam works but less performance on the Tiny,possibly wifi antenna too small on Tiny connection?I can drive it around on my TV but not as smooth as the EZBv4. The camera is pointing up to track objects,colors,sudden movements for security all working good though.Even Face tracking works. I want to put a red ball and watch Terminator-Roomba chase after it, so now this is all new training a new type of robot to add these scripts, Looks like no sleep again tonight,LOL! Having too much fun to stop,you guys no what it is like,friends and Family think we are nuts getting obsessed with it!


So anyone worried about using the old Ez camera on the Tiny IO, try using it with WiFi Client mode instead of the default mode. The camera response smoothness is so much better when using your home WiFi Router!


He used to be ought to wipe Sarah Connor, now he is on a quest to wipe the floor...thats the story of my life in a nutshell!! :D

I am loving it!! Gotta do something to my Roomba too!!


Oh yeah it sure is an easy platform to use with Arc, I am finding everything still works the same with minor differences in either Blockly or EZ scripting,having a blast ,making Terminator Roomba do stuff like the movement tracking, when someone comes through the front door,Terminator sitting there waiting like a big bad dog ready to attack any movements coming through door,then making it scream or swear while running full speed at the movement coming in! (A friend came to see what I was doing with Roomba) Watching it chase a colored ball is just freakin funny as hell,too. There is so much that can be done and now we have the new realsense Plugin,DJ working on,will be fun as well.


So the Roomba Terminator skull went for more surgery today, wanted to have the brain L.E.D.'s to run off the EZ Tiny 3.3 volts data pins so I can randomly have them scripted to come on when ever the Voice comes on,Now to put it all back together again and then test it on the Floor,the scripts are fairly easy to do,but why does the goto loops not work in Blockly? LOL just means I need to do more typing in EZ scripting,all the Goto Looping still works in there.

#488   — Edited

So this is my Final vid today. I sure got a Lot done, Nice big test ,vacuums the house,still got to add my 2 Sonar sensors to help it avoid tight areas getting stuck as ,the head is taller. I think my Enhanced Roller brush compartment comes on Monday,I hope! Supposed to be able to vacuum more fine dust and pick up particles/easy to clean brush after.

I do also need to do the speaker hack to get louder voice on an amplified speaker,Tiny speaker is just too tiny to hear it well,over the vacuum sound.


Interesting, I found out great info on testing Terminator/Roomba this morning,ran for about an hour and 15 minutes and never got stuck anymore. I noticed that if it tries to go under chair but can't fit because of Tall Robot head, The wheels will wait for about 3 seconds trying to go forward but will then stop ,reverse,do a 180 degree move and continue vacuuming else where! so I did not need to ever get up but watch what it see from EZ camera on my big screen TV,Fun to relax with a coffee and just watch Cam view,like you are low down viewing like a what a cat would see. of course if it did ever get stuck like when it has edge detect on stairs,that is the only time it will ask for help so it wont fall over stairs.Really cool sensors it has! I want to add 1 sonar to front anyway even though it does not really need it now. I want it to not bump into those chairs anymore.Place sonar beside EZ camera at neck area. Surprised the extra weight of Terminator does not put any strain on motors and has the same battery run time from Irobot LI Ion battery! Also the EZB Tiny running on that battery! I do need to find a way to disconnect USB connection on Roomba to EZB since yes the charging dock puts out 22 volts on charging. This connection must disconnect EZB Tiny before it does battery Low seeking automatic docking sequences. That is if I set any date/Time schedule to clean when I am not home,Then EZB should not be on when it does finish cleaning and dock. I do have a relay board I can try along with a Google Home app that can turn off or on a wall charger. I could just turn off the wall charger just before Roomba tries docking with battery Dock station. I also found the Pin connection diagram that is hard to find so I can locate the Wake up pin for roomba on charging dock. User-inserted image


How many volts are you putting in the ezb? You could use a voltage reducer.


Ah yes great answer Proteusy! In the beginning of Roomba that was my idea I had this great Voltage reducer from DF Robot a small circuit board that could output 5 volts--5 amps I think that was enough for EZB Tiny. Problem came when I did not watch the Polarity on the Voltage regulator input and my 12 volt battery I was using fried something on the voltage regulator...Tried to buy another from Robotshop canada but they are so popular always on back order. Thanks for reminding me,I will see if I can source one from a different web store!


I am trying out Blue stacks (run Google play mobile apps on Windows 10) As they added some performance enhancements even a separate disc cleanup utility when you are running it on Windows like on a mini pc such as my Latte panda with 60 gig internal storage.want to keep it at least 50 percent Free all the time.Runs better than it did last year! I prefer to use the mobile Google voices,they are free and so clear to understand even when adding robot distortion effects(I have a cool guitar effects peddle all in one with many wild effects to add on the fly with Google voices).

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Spent about 2 hours looking for good MP3 sound files and then merging my 2 scripts together to make 1 super script but they say you should not have the serial cable connected for long periods on your PC USB port. The Roomba will go to Low power mode and not turn on until you do manual hard reset. It will still follow your script commands from computer and EZB! Even on Low power but not running too good, seems very sick on such low power, Just like it caught that whacky Flu bug going around....I also did see some hair caught in the 1 side wheel,likely causing Friction,needs to be taken out and cleaned tomorrow. Then I can take it's Face mask off,Ha!

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OMG!!!! The Terminator having to wear a mask!!! This is the best clip ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D Just blew coffee thru my nose!!!:D:D :D


Ha ha,Thanks Mickey! Glad I have 1 fan out there, oh and Nomad is always cool too,He built me a printed Dalek, wait 'til you see what I do with that one on youtube, will be hilarious!xD


Totally man, keep us posted!!! Your sense of humor always makes my day!! :D


Hi robo rad,

great combination - terminator  and rumba

mask, lol



Hey thanks EzAng, I am just waiting for the new enhanced brush head and compartment to arrive today or tomorrow.The web site at irobot is horrible, no help ,only info comes if you phone them directly.So It is still on the way. Will be nice to have because the Create 2 comes only with brush motors but no brushes,the vacuum is also there but needs the roller brush to pick up bigger particles of dirt.


So thought I would try Roomba again now on a full charge and at first when I was only using the control in ARC turning up the forward slider, It was still wanting to turn very slightly to the left so I checked the wheels and hard to tell if there was s\till dirt or hair wrapped around wheel axel,but it looked clean. So I tried again ,this time I pressed the spot clean on Arc, Let it clean a bit. Then I tried manual control again Forward, suddenly it was going perfectly straight like normal! I am thinking that the Roomba built in computer needed to re activate to control the left and right motors control encoding. Since the battery went so low last night I had to do a hard reset before it would start charging again(No Lights flash on top of Roomba buttons,no respond to clean button) Once the Roomba is alive on it's own, then the ARC remote controls also start working normal...Just my Theory,keep fingers crossed it does not happen again,always run Roomba with good battery charge. Hope these observations will help anyone doing the same thing adding weight on top of it and finding any similar glitches in Arc. AS for now ,Terminator Roomba is happy at it again doing a cleaning out there!


Just got the email , my enhanced roomba brush compartment upgrade is just shipped, supposed to be a re designed brush head better than original for 500,600,700 series Roomba. User-inserted image


Hopefully my Roomba cleaning brushes come in tomorrow,..In the mean time I am working on putting the Chrome arms back on  the 5 foot Cylon in the corner,,with some servo and motor/hand updates . If it was really alive it would be cursing at me for neglecting it since little buddy Roomba took all my attention.


I tried adding all the different Joystick plug ins to work with My PS3 game pad, they all work but one worked the best, the other one I could only get the D buttons working and the Joystick would move way too fast,could not get it too slow down no matter what in configuration, the software joystick DJ added to Roomba demo ,you can download to run Roomba,worked really good but is only for touch pad or use mouse to control directions. The final joystick plug in was "Joystick direct input" Microsoft PC Driver...The only one that could change speeds with my PS3 physical game pad, just having a blast driving the Terminator Roomba around  ,while watching on TV camera view. That is the keeper! Until I get some of these new depth sensor navigation stuff happening!


Until I buy a Realsense camera for 3d mapping, i am just going to have to add this Fake Camera effect on the Terminator Roomba camera .so when I remote view it on my screen and move robot around,it will give that actual movie effect. Also ,the EZ cam will also be there for movement tracking,face tracking,color/Object tracking.

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So thanks to Nomad for sending me his 23 inch tall Dalek 3d printed body. I Will add it to my growing collection of real sci -Fi robots  hopefully it arrives before Christmas! Want to add it to new wet mopping Roomba that Irobot selling or make my own swiffer mop attach ment ! Are you guys ready for Jan 1 new Doctor Who with Revolution of The Daleks show! This was a youtube video of some guy built a Giant Dalek,man size!