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Wheeler Chair Robot

I saw that last year somebody had built a wheel chair robot?. My idea for the new Robot will be as a stage mascot that can also pretend to play the drums on stage. My brother has a live Metal band every Saturday night and most of the time we have trouble with no drummer showing up. We end up using a Drum machine instead with the 2 other guys on real guitars and singing. So Terminator will be able to move around and substitute behind the drum kit with the Live drum machine signal activating terminator arms at the drums. Also need him to move around in a wheel chair , so is anyone out there that has done this wheel chair hack, looking for suggestions on power/motor controller connections etc...should not be too hard just larger than I'm used to building. This is a youtuber that bought what I just bought,takes a month to get from China and we are building the rest of the Endoskeleton to integrate in wheel chair....

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Still not happy with the aluminum can I used for skeleton under the chrome pieces,gonna buy some aluminum pipes and tubing to build an exoskeleton similar to the Terminator and then re mount all the chrome pieces to it.Will look way more robotic , like the newer CGI cylons in the Razor movie.I did get the eye scanner working again so this is what it looks like now,there is also a servo for the neck to add but I don't seem to have any drill bits with me here,will need to buy new ones,need for the arms as well.
Just chillaxing watching TV with my little T-Arnie bud, gonna go out for some drill bits later today as the winter storm seems to have ended.
User-inserted image
So all the hard drilling work is done, The shoulders and Bicep arms are on solid! I still need to remove the hand and motors to extend the fore arms another 12 inches as it would be too stubby as is. It is starting to look like the new Cylon CGI models in that last movie! Getting it 7 foot tall is easy but no need to do that yet.Adding electronics and re-wiring everything is the next big job.User-inserted image
@Robo Rad   I think it looks like a T-Rex with short arms,  They say T-Rex was always angry because it couldn't reach it's "you know":p . LOL
Ha ha ya it does,will need to be fixed soon,LOL!
I don't exactly remember what the Height of these Cylons are supposed to be but it is either 6 and a half to 7 feet.Here is another cool scene from Razor where you can see how tall they are.