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Wheeler Chair Robot

I saw that last year somebody had built a wheel chair robot?. My idea for the new Robot will be as a stage mascot that can also pretend to play the drums on stage. My brother has a live Metal band every Saturday night and most of the time we have trouble with no drummer showing up. We end up using a Drum machine instead with the 2 other guys on real guitars and singing. So Terminator will be able to move around and substitute behind the drum kit with the Live drum machine signal activating terminator arms at the drums. Also need him to move around in a wheel chair , so is anyone out there that has done this wheel chair hack, looking for suggestions on power/motor controller connections etc...should not be too hard just larger than I'm used to building. This is a youtuber that bought what I just bought,takes a month to get from China and we are building the rest of the Endoskeleton to integrate in wheel chair....

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It has to be Dave, He masters exosphere. my mistake Dave has a B9 not a Dalek robot,  close enough.
I think it was a video from someone living near me in Barrie Ontario as I got a Facebook link from the Barrie community page.
Aha ha I'm back just because all this social distancing getting on my nerves It's all Fake you got like a .01% chance of dying I mean really ridiculous over a cold bug.I am upset because now I see Boston Dynamics selling their dog to police in singapore and 1 state in USA to deploy the dog in parks as a test. To holler at people gathering too close. Well I was already doing this with my Terminator last summer copy cats.LOL! ...you can see the link here...https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/08/tech/singapore-coronavirus-social-distancing-robot-intl-hnk/index.html
Not cool Boston Dynamics,I can't even get to my park yet as camp sites are still closed but my Cylon project would kick that dogs Butt!
Well I got banned from facebook again for a day.So looks like I'll be poking around here today.Just goiing stir crazy with all camp grounds still locked down.Total BS.My cylon project is still there unfinished.
Anyone watch that new StarWars tv show The Mandalorian? Pretty good so far just gonna binge watch that whole first season Today.
Awwww that Baby Yoda is just too cute! I'm betting this idea I just got to build one as a real moving robot has already been done? Most likely DJ has as, he gets all the same ideas first, LOL!:D
Just started watching it too! Yeah it’s pretty good, Robots sprinkled into every episode. I haven’t heard of someone trying to build baby Yoda, maybe you could be the first!
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An amazing TV series for sure I would say much better than the last starwars movie!...Good to know I could actually beat DJ on a cool robot idea! I already designed it in my head,LOL! Ahh but DJ is really fast to build them too, so will see!

Well,that was just epic that last episode of Mandalorian,Cheers to the writers of this show! I would like to buy them a beer! That is saying a lot from me as I usually hate all new TV shows...50,000 channels and it's all Garbage...but not that show,Well done,I may give the whole series another go ,it was better than all the StarWars movies combined!
That very last scene I won't give it away but I have never seen a Black U.V. Light saber before,what an effect,Beautiful!
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Hey Guys do you think this new Agility robotics Bot could be easy to replicate with a 3d printer? Because I have a feeling they will charge the price of a new car to buy one. It looks simple to replicate the legs and body and try to match to cheaper servos and an EZB,Would make a great Terminator,all I need to do is use my Terminator head I have here!
Oh by the way they have invented both the Light saber fighting Yoda and a baby Yoda robot
 so no point building one,they stole my idea ,I believe,LOL!
@Robo rad    that robot looks like it is made of Aluminum, the turquoise color parts could be made with a 3d printer if you have the talent, but the most expensive parts are  the actuators they have to be fast and strong. unless you have a large amount of money, ain't going to happen.
So I wonder how annoyed people will get on Canada Day when my 5 foot Cylon walks around outside finding drunk people to measure their body heat for fever and then order to self Isolate in their homes,LOL! I just find the fastest easiest way to make robot voice waves is with talking into my Iphone (Voice express)and sending the voice waves to my email for processing to Arc.
OMG, that is the best usecase for a robot that I have ever seen!!!:D

Make them ALL go home hibernate!!

Spaceship earth lol!!!
Hey guys reading this, check out that new movie called Archive 2020. A robot movie that only people like us as builders can really appreciate.Very trippy all the way to the end!
Ohh I so wanna see this. Ex machina was pretty good, I think this might top it. We shall see.
This is a side project I am working on, An RS Media Robosapien that still powers up ,bought over kijiji near my town for 20 bucks
 I will be using an EZB mini ,,all the motors can handle about  6 volts,will walk again with creative EZ builder programming,I have done it before so yes it is very possible using original motors wired up to a separate multi channel relay board hooked to EZB for timing control.
 I have an extra rsv2 head somewhere that I wil modify to be a chromed cyon head with sweeper eye...will be mini-Me to the full sized cyon i have.Also thinking I will add a tracked mobility platform for stabil movements using my Vex Track kit.
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robo rad

lookin forwart to see your project.i love the rs media.
i had one connected to skype.
Like to see a video of it moving