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Wheeler Chair Robot

I saw that last year somebody had built a wheel chair robot?. My idea for the new Robot will be as a stage mascot that can also pretend to play the drums on stage. My brother has a live Metal band every Saturday night and most of the time we have trouble with no drummer showing up. We end up using a Drum machine instead with the 2 other guys on real guitars and singing. So Terminator will be able to move around and substitute behind the drum kit with the Live drum machine signal activating terminator arms at the drums. Also need him to move around in a wheel chair , so is anyone out there that has done this wheel chair hack, looking for suggestions on power/motor controller connections etc...should not be too hard just larger than I'm used to building. This is a youtuber that bought what I just bought,takes a month to get from China and we are building the rest of the Endoskeleton to integrate in wheel chair....

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Now the Ezb / Roomba USB connection on and working and need to add sensors next
User-inserted image
hey roborad

there are some very cool robots in the video .
It's almost like they want to build real Terminators and Global killer A.I.
wel they say there are to many people on the planet earth .
but many people are dying to . they dont need robots to ,
kill people . a virus will do the trick . i think some day ,
not in ower life time there will be a world with robots and,
a few people only . like all good things are used for the ,
wrong purpose . like in this video . the power they will have over you .
#921   — Edited
Well, this thread really took a dark path. I'll probably be staying away form it now for a while. There's enough darkness in my life already. Sorry. Good luck and stay alive.
hey dave

i didn know youve had a darkness in your life . wisch you all the best .


i didn know youve had a darkness in your life . wisch you all the best .
Thanks Nomad. No worries. I've got no more darkness then most others. I just try to keep it to a limit. LOL.
#924   — Edited
LoL sorry Dave , robotics is at the crossroads to go either way now good or dark. You can now buy the 10000.00 dog robot to do good or evil like the Chinese cop dogs. You can also just have fun like a real pet dog so not all doom and gloom! It was on the CBC news today, Canadian soldier killed defending Ukraine city. I am just speculating these type robots used by NATO troops to carry tools , ammo, guns already through trees and muddy ground there but hard to say if they are using like attack bots. I Would think yes, even like suicide grenade drones.
#925   — Edited


robotics is at the crossroads to go either way now good or dark.
Ya, I have to agree. I guess I need to keep my head out of the sand. It's probably time to upgrade my personal protective arms and ammo.:( I don't think my S&W and SIG Sauer 9mm's will take out an advancing attack bot. Ugh

However like a lot of this tech we have now, it's so cool. I love the vid you posted above. I wish my dogs listened that well. LOL.
Well not looking good today, tv news reports showing air drones by NATO attacking Russians. I do think war robots will continue to evolve sadly. I would still want to buy that robot dog as it has really advanced features I could do many things with.
I find myself pondering is what prevents the leap from "toy" to "real"?  What I mean by that is, many of us here and other DIY builders are making robot that can use "toy" weapons, myself included.  It makes me wonder, how big is the leap from toy to real?  

Also, Dave, I like your comments about your personal protective arms, I think they would still work to take out wheels and maybe sensors, but with the availability of lighter armor that literally anyone can buy, 9mm may not get far on a military grade robot.  I keep saying it though, Spray Paint!  Spray the robot's sensors and optics, it's done.  Lol, turn it off, find the USB programming port and ask DJ, How do we get ARC to run on this T-800 is I just "found".xD


Spray Paint! Spray the robot's sensors and optics,
Ya! I never thought of this. We need a long range, thin stream paint device. Kinda like the Wasp spray can with the long thin stream spray so you don't get stung when destroying a nest. Mount it on a seek and destroy robotic drone then send it out when a predictor drone is detected and hide!
Justin, LoL! Running ARC on a real Terminator! Actually that could make it do more stuff as it would be easier to program! Some type of spray that eats the rubber or plastic gaskets and then corroded inside the robot could work!
I'm going to try an experiment with the Roomba/Dalek mod.. Will let Roomba go at normal speed and default bumper sensors I.R. sensors..then also attach my lightsaber core hilt with no blade so it acts like the real Doctor Who Daleks. Any vibration from hitting objects or walls will trigger the vibration that causes the various Laser Flash effects and sounds. Also causing the Exterminate voice from EZB to activate...making it appear to Zap annoying objects in the way. Hoping the sensors are sensitive enough on the Saber hilt to feel the bumps.
So the lightsaber crash sensor worked about 50/50 but it would need to hit a wall at Full speed to activate Laser clash effects.So it seems just adding a star L.E.D.and combine with Roomba sensors for detecting objects or the sonar sensor for EZB can do this better.
SO with the advances of Chat gpt it has got me interested in robotics again, as Last summer I fell off a porch and broke my knee cap,Limited mobility for me all winter.Any way ,took the Cylon apart put in a big box,lost interest.Still had the new head I bought from Kropserkel with neck servo connected to Ezb.Today I put the rest of upper body,arms back together, tested electronics, so far working again. Things will get interesting once I get back to cottage where I left the bottom of robot...https://youtu.be/JqHFOb69Xn4
hi roborad

good to see you back in action .
I know how good it feels to have the robot fever again. I laid off my B9 for years while I moved across country and set up a new home and life. Poor guy stood there for 4 years only being partially working. Like you I'm also back upgrading and repairing him. Feels good to wake up in the morning thinking about what I can work on again. I agree, there's lots of good upgrades out there. I'm thinking about implementing the Chat GPD into my big guy. However, I'm kind of a purest. Up till now I've only wanted the voice clips from the voice actor that did the TV robot's voice back in the 60's. But..... Their is voice cloning software out there now that can get vey close to the original voice you want. There's a member in our club working on using this now. 

Have fun Robo Rad! Enjoy. I'm looking forward to seeing what you work on.
Ya thanks Dave I was just messing around with Bing speech and ChatAiml skill, It actually works pretty good for conversation to my robot, I thought it would be extremely dumb but no it actually remembered my name near the end of conversation which surprised me and sang that daisy song for me from 2001 space Odyssey . Good chat. Cant wait until the really smart one comes out!