Atomo, Biped.


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Hi everyone.
First off I have to say thanx DJ sures, as a newbie to robotics you have made it all so easy for me, in just a few weeks i have got my 6 servo biped walker "Atomo"...walking !.

I thought I would post the script I created from scratch. Now i have to try to make him walk backward, right and left.
This is my first script so if anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated .

#Lynxmotion Brat walk attempt
#walk forward

#servos to centre position, Standing.
#right leg
servo(D2, 52)# Left hip centre
servo(D1, 53)# left knee centre
servo(D0, 47)# left ankle centre
#left leg
servo(D10, 55)# right hip centre
servo(D9, 54)# right knee centre
servo(D8, 56)# right ankle centre

#set servo speed
servospeed(D2, 3)
servospeed(D1, 3)
servospeed(d0, 3)
servospeed(D10, 3)
servospeed(D9, 3)
servospeed(D8, 3)


#walk forward sequence

#right leg forward left leg back

#right leg
servo(D10, 65) # right hip forward +10
servo(D9, 64) # right knee forward +10
servo(D8, 46) # right ankle tilt +10

#left leg
servo(D2, 62) # Left hip back +10
servo(D1, 63) # left knee back +10
servo(D0, 42) # left ankle tilt -5
servo(D8, 56) # right ankle centre
servo(D0, 47) # left ankle centre

#left leg forward right leg back

#left leg
servo(D2, 42) # left hip forward -10
servo(D1, 43) # left knee forward -10
servo(D0, 57) # left ankle tilt -10

#right leg
servo(D10, 45) # right hip back - 10
servo(D9, 44) # right knee back -10
servo(D8, 61) # right ankle tilt +5
servo(D0, 47) # left ankle centre
servo(D8, 56) # right ankle centre


Thanx again.


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not to shabby neighbor
Hey Madrobotman,

That sounds really cool. Can you post a youtube video link?

G'day, EEGbiofeedback.
Here's a quick video link.
Although this is a lynxmotion Brat I plan to use this as a platform for my "ATOMO" project. I needed a more adaptable walker base for his electronics although even this is too short and will need to be made taller.
I also made another, biped walker ("Atom", "Atomo's" cousin) , taking inspiration from Japanese 50's tin robot toys (which I collect) He's made from tin, painted with added litho designs. Filled with lights and low tech sound boxes. geared motors and cams for movement. i plan on getting the EZB mini to control the lot.
Almost finished Atoms head and body. I will post pics when i work out how.
cheers inventors.
I'd love to see a video of this robot also:D