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Name: Data

This is a full-scale replica of Data from Star-Trek that I have built to entertain the clients of ReStoring Data, a Canadian data recovery company located in Vancouver, BC.

As passionate about robotics as I am, I thought it would be entertaining to have a full replica of Data in my data recovery company.

Data has two SM-S8166M servos for the head and other two for each arm and is running on the old EZB board. The arms are currently purposely disabled to limit movement as this guy can hit you if you just say Hi 5 :P

Right now Data can follow faces and movements, tell random jokes, respond to specific commands, is greeting clients.

I’m still working on his personality and some dance moves...

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This is awesome! I wouldn't be able to handle having Data around, I'd always be wondering if someone replaced him with Lore eek

You ought to make Spot for him! Could use a Roli... :D


Outstanding... I would like to able to use that face on my InMoov Robot.

Where did you get that?


Hi jackphillips1953, I love your InMoov Robot and I’m thinking to make it as my next robot. I’m not sure if this type of head will be good for you just because it’s not elastic material, it’s a resin casting.


Chrissi, I’m actually programming him to dance to this spot rap song



@robotdude you're my hero! Please get a video up so we can share it!


This is one of the first head tracking attempts.


Thanks.. too bad.. it would be very cool though if I could. Let me know if can think of something.. The head size looks about right.


jackphillips1953 maybe you should use something like latex head mask?


Wow dude , that's so sick ! I grew up with Star Trek the next generation. , you really should make a android cat for him and name it spot !


Robotdude, What great work and how fitting is it to have DATA as a representative to your data recovery company! I was always awed watching L C DATA and I remember his presentation about Spot and his tail. Is the body a light weight plastic, did you purchase it new? It would cool to lift up part of his head and see an EZB.


The body is from a new light weight plastic mannequin and I must say it was very easy to work with. It cost me around $45 on ebay. The EZB is actually inside his body together with the small tablet computer, noise-canceling microphone, and the speaker.


Ohhh wow, that would be sweet. Good work. If you get him doing Ode to Spot, be sure to record it for us :D


Your Data is looking really cool!


Thanks mcsdave.. you did an amazing job with Dave! Very impressive personality and movements! I need to program Data to be responsive like your Dave.


@robotdude The face is so impressive! You should post an instructables on how you did that! :)


I was planning to install him servos for the elbows but after I got a punched from his unpredicted Hi5 I decided to put it on hold until the software is more stable.

We have just posted DATA on our Facebook page



My robot does High 5 also, but he is unlikely to hurt anyone. I would like to see your robots arms move. I will be working on my android in a few months and will be needing good motors. Data might need I R sensors so he wont move his arms if anyone is too close. Plus they would help him know where people are located so he can turn to face them.