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I decided I would start the ALeX project. This was going to be similar to aameralis's lexi 3000 v1, but I cant get into the pages with the pictures due to many pictures, so I'm runnin' solo.

Now Alex.
Approx. height when finished: 4.5ft
Approx width: ?
Weight: 8 pounds or less

Head will be made of a Lysol wipe container stripped of its rappers. I am planning on building arms for Alex with cardboard but may change material.

Some robotics parts:
Servos: 8 min.
Camera: 1
Battery: 12v SLA
motors: 12v 200rpm 2.4kg torque (pwm'ed down)

1 empty de-odorant thing(doors in body)
1 flashing light board
4 boxes(9" x 9" by 8.5" )-possible use in making skirt
3 boxes(10" x 12" x 3" )-dunno
1 box(3' 8" x 12" x 12" )-Body
Too many LEDs

User-inserted image

Basic idea of body shape:

User-inserted image

Need some pointers on what adhesive to use to attach the parts. Liquid glue? hot glue? wood glue?

I hope to get building soon! Please comment!

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Just ignore him, it'll be noticed however if you do feel like reporting it use the Contact Us page to bring it to the EZ-Robot staffs attention.

Ok so I finished cutting the skirt.

User-inserted image

Test fitted and I have to squeeze to make stuff align. This sparked another idea.

User-inserted image

Why not make a Minecraft creeper robot? Minecraft is the hot topic these days and I think it could be cool to make one.
1. easy body work
2. less servos, therefore saving money
3. Minecraft creepers are commonly searched.(the stats don't lie)
Creeper search stats

What do you think? Yes? No?

User-inserted image
Yes! , sssssssssshhhhhhhhh, boom! It must follow your guest until it gets close enough then explode lol. Very cool nerd bot , my daughter would love it.
I think the Minecraft idea is ingenious. You should totally go that route. Simple cheap and fun with some pop-culture thrown in. Everything EZ-B should be. Bravo! I'm a little jealous that I didn't have that idea.;) A+++ Technopro:)
Ok so here's my idea(also my to do list):

1. wood panel on the bottom for drivetrain.
2. wrapping paper tubes for a frame and structure on inside
3. Maybe add leg animations? aka have a servo turn an assembly that makes the legs go up and down.
4. Find head box large enough.
5. get 360 model in detail of creeper
6.make good sized decals
7. get a bunch of giant construction paper sheets(Green)

Hope to see this ready to go once I have the electronics.

I have a way-for-it-to-follow idea. I'll get a shirt made that has a QR code on the back that translates to "creeper follow this".

Thanks again,
Making a new post for the creeper and will leave Alex on the back burner.
Good organizing and cool project Techno! Looking forward to seeing creeper.....creep :D
Here is a construction suggestion. Buy some expanding foam insulation (Great Stuff is a common brand). Then fill your wrapping paper tubes with it. Do not put too much in them it does expand. You may have to punch a few small holes to get it into the middle. It will give you a much stronger frame while adding very little weight, and not much expense.
Well, here's an interesting thread wake up!

After a year with the "creeper" Going nowhere, I decided to make a b-line for Alex. The creeper design will be used in the making of Alex, with structure variations, different material styles and so on.

One plan is to layer the cardboard siding to make it stronger when faced with carrying heavy items, as well as more cross bracing.

Also, I will be adding some character with tapered edges, indents, and highlights of specific areas.

Sketch below. No movement until after exams though.

User-inserted image

Here's the drive train test. Moves the 5 pound creeper body around fine. 30 pounds is no trouble either, though the wheel treads started to fall off.

This is foam that has slots, and was originally used for transporting hard drives. I'm thinking of using these in the back of ALEX as vents, with the bottom one set to open up for electronic access.
User-inserted image
Long time no update! Here it its!

First thing since the update, the creeper was removed from the base, and weight testing was done. 30 pounds is the safe max for these motors, so for cargo sake it's 25 pounds for the robot.

I built up the frame with indents for looks, and I must say it is solid!

I got caster wheels and mounted them to Alex's underside.

Now I must test the power train with ez-components.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

That's all for now! More updates soon!
It's been a long time with not much progress. I burnt up my Hbridge with reverse wiring, which has left me in need of one. I got some of the siding cut, but it has yet to be fitted. Have some other projects on the go, plus school coming up, so I'm a bit slowed down at the moment. Need to get an order through for more parts!
Alright! I made some more progress. I got the bot skinned, and started working on the vent Backpack I will use as an access door.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Today I got the backpack finished and test fitted. Doesn't look half bad!
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Last night I finalized the mounting style of the back pack. It pressure fits through cardboard cutouts. I also rough organized the front slot and screen layout .
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Who can guess what this is made out of? It was unintentional, but I'm using it for an indicator in the head.
User-inserted image