Voice Recognition Robot

DJ Sures

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Re-using the Cookie Monster shell to show off the EZ-B's Voice Recognition ability. This robot will respond to voice commands.

You may have seen this robot a few times on my webpages. I re-use robot shells to expirement with new modules that I'm working on. This particular new module is a voice recognition and speech synthesis.

It's dynamic, where you can add multiple voice commands (phrases), and the module will trigger an event when it detects an audio match of a phrase.

The skeleton of this robot was custom built. The outside skin is from a Cookie Monster Stuffed toy. I removed the stuffing and wrapped the fur around the custom shell. I secured the fur to the shell with a hot glue gun.

The EZ-B made the new version a very fast development. I copied the Cookie Monster project, modified it and added voice commands.


1 x DIY Robot Frame
1 x Cookie Monster Stuffed Toy
1 x EZ-Robot Complete Kit
1 x sharp gp2d05 distance sensor

Dremel or Equivalent Tool
Krazy Glue or Equivalent Adhesive
Tiny Screws (Saved from taking toy apart)
Hot Glue Gun
Zip Ties