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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

How To Servo Invert On Exsisting Robot 12249

Working with a hexapod, 12249, that is 3dof each leg. mine has a couple of positions that need servo to be inverted. Ive tried with adv and config of servo, fine tune and by adding but so far nothing reverses the servos in question. Im sure I read over it but I need some help. How do I get servos to invert???

Thanks in advance


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Just add the servo control to your project, press the gear icon and check this invert option!!:)

User-inserted image
I have tried that with no positive results. I'm using "auto Positioner" Would I need to delete servo and then add it back with vertical/Horizontal servo control? would I need to open up vertical/Horizontal servo control for each servo? 

Thanks again
hi DSbaily

did you ad the ports in auto positioner? i did notest when using a vertical/horizontal servo,
when invert servo is checked and you hover with you mouse,the degree changes when letting go the mouse button.

User-inserted image
I'll add an invert servo option for the Auto Position fine tune in the beta update that's going out this afternoon. It'll be a quick feature to add

Just getting back to this and followed your instructions. Do see invert and change to set of servo's backward but still operates the same, no change??  I did copy this robot from an exsisting one so I didnt call each servo. no sure if thats the issue or not.  Hexapod 12249 3dof is what I remember. 
Thanks for any help you can give.

Given by that screenshot, you inverted ALL SERVOS haha. Which means you inverted the problem :). You only need to invert the servos that are backward from the relevant frames. In your case, you may need to select ALL FRAMES. But do only the servos that are reversed
That was your screen shot. I picked the 3 servos, one at a time, inverted and choose All Frames. still no inversion>>
Haha - well that's even funnier cause i quoted myself =)

Here's how to do it...

1) Load the frame editor in the Auto Position control. Select a frame, for example to see how it worked. To see the servos, check PORT EDIT MODE. Here's the servos' i'm gonna INVERT for demo..
User-inserted image

2) Press FINE TUNE button
User-inserted image

3) Select the servo. Select the INVERT option. Select the frame to be affected. Press EXECUTE
User-inserted image

4) Notice how the servo position has been inverted. It is now 130 vs 50. That inversion is 180 (max) - 50 = 130User-inserted image
Happy New Year DJ
I will get back to project this week end but when I tried it the day I downloaded the beta release it still did not invert movement of servos in question. was hard to find time over hoilidays but normal times are coming!