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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Auto Position More Board Connections Then Board 0?

Does the auto position control only work with the board index connection 0?  with auto position

or is there a way to use it with board indexes  connections 1,2,3 etc... with the auto position?



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Yes - why is your entire message in bold? Also, you didn’t tag Auto Position as linked to the question. That’s super important to help keep our content organized. Thanks:)

Click a servo
User-inserted image

Then select the board index
User-inserted image
Thanks, I should have know that, 

sorry for bold stuff

thanks again

solved again by DJ
Taking this one step farther, given that each robot would have it's own EZB and each having their own wifi logged on, is it possible to use Blockly rather than Auto Position to make multiple robots move one after another?  In Blockly is there a way to designate each different board? There are pros and cons when using Auto Position but I will use it if needed.
Ah thank you, 
So if you want to Move servo D4 to 60 on Board 1 then Board 2 is done like this?
Command Control Connection, Connect 1
Move servo D4 to 60
Command Control Connection, Disconnect 1  (it's 60 till you change it?)
Command Control Connection, Connect 2
Move servo D4 to 60

which are totally different from each other
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You dont need to disconnect board 1.
Use sleep to time the events, the move command does not wait till the position is reached.
Hope it helps
I agree auto-position is easy

Step 1 -  go to "projects" on the top of the ARC program, then go to add

Step 2 - add  - movement panels

Step 3  - then click auto-position movement panel

Step 4 - add a servo (whatever D0 to D23)

Step 5 - click to open the servo

Step 6 - select 

User-inserted image

Step 7 - there you have it, pick board number 0 to 4

User-inserted image

Good Luck
Thanks, just having the knowledge of doing it different ways is very helpful. Will be trying it both ways and see which one works the easiest.
Have another question
I want to have the Adc get a value from Board 0, from that value want it to make a decision-say turn on a digital switch D0
and have the Adc get a value from Board 1, from that value want it to make a decision-say turn off a digital switch D1
and have the Adc get a value from Board 2, from that value want it to make a decision-say turn on a digital switch D2

From the auto positioner I cannot do a few things
Set a Digital Sw on/off  and on which board  this is one of the reasons why I say there are pros and cons of using autopositioner -just a matter of time before it's figured out by DJ though
If you try to do this in blocky you cannot differentiate which board for the digital switch, seems like it have to be done with code- but I'd prefer to do it with Blockly though.
The Auto Position is one of nearly 600 robot skills to use for ARC. The Auto Position is for creating gait and animations using servos. 

to do what you ask, using a script robot skill is the correct tool. With that, you would have a loop that monitors an adc value by having an IF condition that sets the digital port. 

It is important to recognize the correct tool for a job. For instance, you wouldn’t use a hammer on a screw. You would use a screw driver. There’s a correct tool for each job. 

or, you wouldn’t sleep in your refrigerator. Etc...

the Auto Position is not a tool for anything other than it is intended. The same as your refrigerator, which is not for use other than intended.
Ok understand, thanks for the input and sending me in the right direction. You've done a wonderful job with the robot system. I appreciate how you use
whole lot of knowledge behind the scenes to make very complex item look easy. By the way both my parents came from Canada. Ok now I'm off to dig into script robot skill and figure it out.
Awesome - the script robot skill uses Blockly as well, so it’ll be pretty easy for ya. And thanks for the kind words!