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I have waited patiently for the last TEN MONTHS, received nothing but boiler-plate promise responses to my queries about when my order will ship.

My order was placed 04Nov2013 with a verbal promise that "all orders are expected to ship by 15Dec2015 and arrive prior to Christmas"

I believe that EZ-Robot is a scam and this order will never be shipped.

I caution anyone who feels compelled to order from this company that their service is non-existent and any funds sent are probably wasted.

I will be reporting this company to the local authorities.

Hope this can help some other folks to understand what they may be dealing with.

Mary Lynn Haviland


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You could handle it this way, or you could contact ez - robot directly, who would be able to give you a better idea of when your order will ship. At that point, you could decide if you want a refund or decide to wait. The cool thing is that the people you would be talking to are the ones that would be able to help you to make that decision.

This just makes you look like you are trolling. Just saying.


EZ Robot is certainly no scam. I've been doing business with them and interacting with this community for about three years now. I own three version 3 ezb's and 3 version 4 ezb's. This platform has brought my full sized exact replica of the 1960's Lost in Space robot to life and able to act and respond very close to the beloved original TV robot. Ez Robot is a indestry changing startup company that has just started shipping their redesigned V4 system a couple weeks ago. EZ Robot has been very up front on why it's taken this long to gear manufacturing and bring it to market. In short you made a preorder and it's very common for companies to take a year or more to start delivering something this new and visionary. If you can't wait then ask for your money back.

As far as the empty promises of delivery dates, I understand your anger but as each delay pushed the delivery date back, EZ Robot was right there with the truthful explanation.

Bottom line is that the new system is now actively shipping and back orders will soon be caught up.

EZ Robot is a world wide robotic game changer. Maga large companies have already tried to buy EZ Robot out either because they fear the competition or wanted to absorb the technology.

Nuff said. eyeroll


Ultimatly you lead with your patience and how it has ran out. These outlashes are not necessary and at your request they refund unshipped orders. Use the Contact Us link to send a massage with your request. Hundreds of people have ordered ezbs before and recieved them , i assure you they will agian.


Why do that (report to the local authorities....)? Just contact EZ Robot and ask for your money back.... Wouldn't that be easier?.... By the way, EZ Robot is a Canadian company so how is "the local authorities" going to help you?


Hi Mary Lynn,

I came across your EZ-Robot Forum post this evening (now morning?) and want to provide you with all of the information you are looking for. As we have shared on the Community Forum, we have already shipped all of the Developer Kits orders (orders that did not include Revolution Robots) to our customers around the world (this batch reached 19 countries in 6 Continents), and began shipping Hexapod orders last week. We are beginning to ship Humanoid (JD) orders at the end of this week and should have tracking numbers for all JD customers shortly after. Following this week, we will be shipping Roli's the week after (requires the most assembly work so it will be done last).

There have been many small updates as info comes to us daily and we have been sharing most of it daily on the EZ-Robot Community forum (instead of through emails), while also answering as many questions as we can. If you are unsure or worried about your order, I can assure you it is almost complete and both of your orders will be bundled and shipped together (using Free Shipping). With that being said, we do not want to make you feel as though you were locked into a bad situation, and can refund you without delay if that was of interest. If you would like a refund, please let Aislinn know via the email I sent you (contains the same info as this message) and we can do that right away.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions and we will do our best to respond quickly and build your confidence in our product.




iff ez is a scam they do a very BAD job exsposing themself averywhere. also there adres is here .where they work. be very carefull to get involved whit police or authority, it can rapidly turn against you. make contact whit ez ask any,even a refund. but dont spread your hate ,do the wright thing.


this topic makes me very SCARED! :(

because next week i will start purchasing EZ-products but this guy waited about 10 months and he still didn't receive...

i hope EZ can solve this problem and improve their customer service... and i also hope when ordering EZ-products it should be less than a month to send the items to the customer...


This person pre-ordered parts that were in development. You will be ordering parts that are in full production. Two completely different situations. You have nothing to worry about. If you make your order in a month, I am sure that the backlog of thousands of pre-ordered products will have been fulfilled and you will get your parts in a normal time when shipping from China.

Remember that there are many agencies that are involved at that point like with any other company. Shipping from China can be slow, but I have yet to have any issue with receiving anything from China. International shipping is never as fast as we would like.


@yatakitombi..... To be clear EZ Robot does not have a customer service problems (in fact they excel in that area).... The problem they are/were having is/was manufacturing, which is now becoming less of a problem as it looks like the assembly lines are rolling now.... Last year just after the announcement of the new Revolution products EZ Robot discovered they needed a new manufacturer(s) because of the huge demand they had for their new product... Their current manufacturing system was inadequate so they went looking for a new one.... They looked in the US, Canada and possibly even Mexico (I don't know) and finally had to go to China.... Anyway, long story short after 11 months and 1.3 Million dollars spent they have finally bringing their manufacturing online


@DJSures: Sir, i need a reply from you... i need assurance about how fast if i order maybe next week because i can't graduate if the arrival of my ez-parts will take long... i trust EZ-robot to solve my project so easy but i worried so much about the shipment... :(


@yatakitombi... You have had months now to order (you have been asking question for the last 2 months on here)... So you still have not ordered? No offense, but maybe because you are waiting so long to order it's you that's causing your own shipping delay as well? If you had of ordered 2 months ago, you would have had a much better chance at getting your order much sooner....

DJ can't promise you anything... he has no more control over the manufacturing than you or I do...

My advice to.... place your order ASAP!


yeah! i asked about 2 months ago but i said in my previous thread i will order in this month after the document of my project done... why he cant promise? he is the CEO... "if really want there is a way but if dont want there is so many reason"...

@DJSures: if i need to pay extra money to rush the shipment, I WILL PAY... i just need a clear conversation if i buy...

United Kingdom

Everything is still in pre-order state and the backlog is being cleared, there are thousands of orders on backorder.

When do you need the parts by? And what parts?

I am 100% certain that there would be hundreds if not thousands of customers who wouldn't like it if orders were able to jump to the front of the line, especially since some of us have waited for near a year for them and have funded EZ-Robots R&D so that they didn't need to "sell out" to unfair terms.

It has been said that the backlog should be clear within a month or so after the parts are ready to ship. Jason has responded to this topic with some valuable information which you can use to help you make your decision.


@yatakitombi.... Rush shipping? Shipping to you probably would take only a week.... Shipping isn't the problem... The problem is thousands of orders still to be filled... Paying extra won't help, either.... You won't get any special treatment.... Everyone here is equal...


@yatakitombi, what parts you are ordering will affect the time line as to when you get your order. Maybe stating the parts that you will be ordering and when you will need these parts will give someone the information needed to answer the question better. For example, if you need a device kit, the backlog on those has been fulfilled. If you need Roli, they haven't started rolling these off of the production line yet.

If you need a roli, maybe you need to order the dev kit and find another roli style platform for your robot. In any event, stating what you are ordering might be helpful. I may have missed it if you said it, and if I did, I am sorry I missed it.

BTW, that last sentence was fun to type...


@yatakitombi I am unable to commit to a delivery date. Our product has become very popular and there is a waiting queue on first come first serve, as well as product availability. Within the next few weeks, there will be less of a delay because our logistics process is beginning to come together :)


i happen to really hate when people think that just because they took 5 minutes out of their life to pre-order, it means that they should get the product first because they're special.

also i just noticed i bumped an old thread and made myself look like an idiot gg 10/10 no re


Hey, sudo, its all good bro. Did anyone happen to notice that mlynn never added to the conversation? She probably got her order lol. I ordered nov 8th and got my v4 after nine months. The final product exceeded all my expectations. After using the v3 for two years, im a believer and never would have even considered cancelling my order. @yatakitombi, make that order now!


im a believer/all-around worshiper of EZ-robot and once i get my order (it has a JD head so it should ship sometime within the next couple weeks) i'll be able to make some pretty cool stuff :D


Glad to see the forum being flooded with new projects using the EZ-B V4. Seem like you guys are no longer behind on shipments. If I order the EZ-B V4 and camera, What will be the expected shipping date?


I think all pre-orders are shipping out prior to any new orders. There is one robot that hasn't shipped yet. It is the most complicated robot to manufacture. I dont know if EZ-robot plans on pausing shipping until some tutorial material is created or not. I know that some of the questions that have been asked by the preorder customers are being added to tutorial videos for non-preorder customers. It may also be that documentation needs to be modified to cover any issues that have come up with the delivery of the first robots. This could delay non-preorders.

There are also a lot of resellers who are waiting until after the pre-orders are fulfilled. This could delay non-preorders also.

All of this is why I choose to preorder and wait.


Pj, if you order now it won't ship for at least a month. We will most likely be a month behind for the next 4-5 months :)

So better get your orders in ASAP! Seems like our product is hot. Too hot to keep up with orders


@dj sure that is great news!

You are doing a Great job!


P.s. parts that have so far are Wonderful!


P.s.s. The others are doing great also, if I lived closer I would buy you all beer and pizza!


Ps.s.s. Maybe I will take trip next summer and do that!


:);):) ;)


I'll hold you to that! Next year I expect beer and pizza - we're Canadian so you know the way to our heart... Beer! and hockey... But mostly beer :D