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Richie Rich'S Tutoral Index :)

NOTE: This topic is over a year old and was started when the EZ-B V3 was current. Some topics linked to and projects listed may be out of date. Always check the information is current. If in doubt, ask!

To make it easier, and to save from bookmarking a bunch of pages just bookmark this one, this is an index of all tutorials and related downloads:) All complete and working with the exception of those noted (In Progress).

Note: These are in addition to the support tutorials and Lessons DJ and the EZ-Robot team have put together.

I will eventually add in all tutorials, for now its just mine and a few others that I have checked out but I need to check through the forum for others and confirm they are easy to understand and work.

This will be updated after any new tutorials are made, I also welcome any suggestions for future tutorials for any of the controls in ARC, EZ-Scripts or small electronic circuits, please just request in this topic and I'll see what I can do:)

So without further a-do... Threads # 2.5A Motor Controller Help

A An Introduction To Scripting Attaching Files To Forum Posts Auto Connect EZ-Script Automatic Battery Charger Docking (In Progress) Autonomous Roaming

B Battery Monitor Circuit & Script Bench Power Supply From ATX PSU Tutorial BlinkM Examples

C Camera Modification - See Powering The EZ-Camera From The EZ-B


E EZ-Script IF multiple delimiters EZ-Wireless Camera - also see Powering The EZ-Camera From The EZ-B EZ-Script Reference Manual

F Firmware Update Walkthrough


H H-Bridge Wiring

I I2C Help I2C LCD Help Importing/Merging Projects Improving Windows Speech Recognition



L LCD Displays - See I2C LCD Help LCD Displays - See Serial LCD Displays LiPo Battery Auto Cutoff (In Progress)

M Mecanum Wheels Moving Scripts To or From Script Manager


O Omniwheels

P Powering The EZ-Camera From The EZ-B



S Sabertooth Serial LCD Displays Speech Recognition - See Improving Windows Speech Recognition Switching circuits from ARC - See TIP Transistor Switch

T TellyMate Tutorial TIP Transistor Switch TB6612FNG Motor Controller


V Voice Recognition Cannot Start Error Solution





Downloadable Projects/Examples A An Introduction To Scripting Autonomous Roaming (Ping) V1.1.0

B Battery Monitor
















R RSS News Feed Reader

S Speak The Time Script









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You should try to have one for each letter lol


Awesome Rich that's gonna be super helpful. Is there a way to make this a sticky tread or something so it stays near the top of the GD forum?

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We can't sticky, we can just request it to be "stickied" I guess. Otherwise just bookmark it:) Or remember it's threadId 3778

It may also be cool if the title could be fixed since I mis-spelled tutorial.


Definitely bookmarked this page, thanks Rich! Does that list feature all the scripts you want to share with the public? I only noticed the autonomous ping script, do you have more?

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I have more and there are more in the forums from other people. It'll take some time to catch up with the forum posts since I will be checking them to make sure they work (where possible) before adding them on the list, but I'll get there eventually. The first post will be edited to add in new tutorials, scripts etc. that are clear and accurate enough to help people and those that aren't I will revisit and attempt to make clearer:)


Rich, Thanks for all the help you have already provided me. Your idea is a great way for users to access different subjects. Steve S


The example scripts that come in ARC are ok for learning but they are very simple. The Autonomous Ping was by far the coolest script I have run so far. It would be really great to have a curated list of user generated scripts. I would love to try out some more impressive and entertaining scripts like Autonomous Ping.

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That's what the Projects sections is there for:) Although a lot of scripts are just pasted in to the EZ-Script forum, I'll have to go through them and stick them on the cloud... There are a lot of cool examples on the cloud already though:)


oh wow I haven't checked out the cloud yet. I didn't even know scripts existed on the cloud. I will check it out.


Thanks for the page @Rich and for all the help.


I thought you did all them,i see DJ did most of them ,but thanks good place to have all info and codes by YOU. Second i see you like the nickname i gave you in a email richie rich,while back.

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Thanks guys, if anyone comes across a tutorial or guide or whatever that I don't pick up feel free to pop a link here and I'll add it to the list if it is clear and straight forward to follow (or rewrite it if it isn't).

I did start to add on the EZ-Robot's tutorials and help but thought they are easy enough to find anyway so took them off so the "real world" discussions with questions and answers etc. can be found easier.


Would be good also to add the the video link to each tutorial so its easy to find in one area.


Rich Thanks a million for doing this.

this may help others, this how I found your post...

Using google search...

how to Autonomous site:ez-robot.com

will restrict search only to ez-robote site.

enjoy, j


Something funny ,you know RICHIE RICH is my favorite comic book ,LOL Great to have all this info in one place so easy to find ,hope it gets updated a lot.

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@jdebay, you know there is a search box on the site too which works great:) But I have noticed people tend not to use it, this topic is intended so that those who wish to help others in the community can find the information quickly and easily (including me) as well as helping new members find things easily too.


Thank so much Rich, what another awesome contribution!

and dont be concerned about a trivevil speeling missteaks:) Perhaps the EZ Robot web person can correct it! I like Josh's idea of filling in every letter. As a community we ALL should make good efforts to help do just that:) I for one would like to see a script on Modified servo positioning ,Hall effect.

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I'm sure it'll fill up:) In the meantime if anyone comes across a topic that should be listed feel free to post and list it, I'll edit the first post and add it in the correct position.


@Troy, I made sure to bookmark this thread for easy recall.;)

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I need to find time to update this with a whole bunch more links:)


Rich, thank you so much. This will make it easier for us to find. You ought to combine all of these together and print it in book form and publish it. I am sure people would buy it. or at least put it in pdf format. We could download it. But, you would always have amendments to it. Basically, THANKS!