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Check out my edit to the previous post - the tutorial is super useful and fun because we teach the robot do DAB!:D
I tried it all for some reason it doesn't work. Any other suggestions?
Thanks so much for all the help
What do you mean it doesn’t work? Select the servo position that’s the direction and angle you desire. Inverted just means the max position - the desired position. I recommend watching the tutorial from above in detail and understanding the math. It’s simple subtraction (180-30 or 180-inverted position)

150 degrees is the opposite of 30 degrees. 

130 degrees is the opposite of 50 degrees

177 degrees is the opposite of 3 degrees

and so on...
@Dj sures 

When ever I go to power the servos the whole EZ-B will just shut off.
That’s what I mean, it’s not working.
It’s not a problem of amps because I have the servos wired up directly to my power supply. 

I thought it was was shutting down because the servos were working against each other.
so do you think it’s a problem with the servos not moving together or could it be something else?

It is indeed power. Your power supply does not have enough amperage. Please follow the tutorials or use a proper power supply.