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Question With 2Nd Ezb Purchased

My first one worked great. Actually, it is the ARC I am having trouble with. I create my ports and save them in two places. When I call them back, it does not have all of the ports. Also, my connection can only be established in EZ-builder. I have tried to MERGE with my programs after I have connected. But the whole thing is kinda squirrelly. so, I figured I would make mention of it.



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I will check it out. It sounds like a similar issue we had a few weeks back with modified servo control.

I just opened it and saw some control, not all controls though, and a modified servo control. Are there more than one of them? If so that may be the problem.

Just looked at the file as if it were an XML file (which is what saved files are) and your controls are there including connection so yes, I would say it is the problem I mentioned in the first sentence. I hope DJ is aware of this and has fixed it for the next release so just hang in there for now.

You are doing everything right so good news there:)

Edit: It's a pain but if you wanted to get on with things try removing the modified servo controls. Make a new project, import everything but the modified servos. If you want movement use a modified servo control panel or custom control panel and set them up in that (if they are for movement).
I do have two modified servos for the wheels to the robot. They are the only two continuous servos. They came from Parallax.

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It stumped me a couple of weeks ago but digging around found the problem. I don't know why but having two modified servo controls screws up the project. I guess nobody found it before, or few have ever found it because they are rarely used other than for movement and when that's the case a modified servo Movement Panel is used.

From the looks of it your project uses them for movement so if you wanted to get on just add in a modified servo movement panel, set up the ports correctly and voila. You can still use 2 (or more) modified servos with no problems, you just can't have two controls.

You could use scripts to start them in each direction or stop them but it would mean 3 scripts per servo. One for forwards, one for reverse and one for stop. Each with the command Move(servoPort, forward/stop/reverse).

Or you could use keyboard controls to trigger the moves, or a joystick.

Plenty of options there so you can get on with the rest of the project if you wanted to:)
When I tried to use the movement panel, it gave me an exception error repeatedly.
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Oh, it should work... Was it a pop up dialogue with the continue, cancel etc. buttons on it?

You can use the custom movement panel, I used it for testbot since he had to drive 2 modified servos per side so 4 in total. Just use the script commands Move() with relevant ports and directions for each direction, ignore speed.
I will try them without setting up the motors first individually. I will try the Movement Panel by itself.

I will let you know.
Well, it did not work. I tried to post the message it gave, but it would not let me post.

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I'm not home at the moment so can't do it yet but if you let me know which ports do which modified servos I'll try adding the panel and pop it on the cloud for you. I wont get chance for another 4 hours though.
Right motor is D19, Left motor is D18. It works when I set them up individually. But, when I save them, I loose most of the 20+windows I have setup. Movement Panel does say continue. But, gives me an error.


I just posted BOBII in showcase section.
OK, so I changed all of the ports to match the Boxrobot example. Still doesn't work. It says disconnected.
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Try this one

I added the modified servo control panel with the servo ports you said, saved it, closed it all, opened it again and it remained there so should be OK.

You may want to merge into your current project, just select the modified servo Movement Panel and import it into what you have set up already. If you find one of the servos needs to be reversed just swap the max and min values over.
I never could really save the four times I set it up. But, at least I checked the hardware and know that it seems to be working.

Now, I can save and reload. Very nice. But, the Modified servo control panel does not work at all. It says disconnected. So, he can't go anywhere for now.

I did the motors separately and they worked by themselves each one. But, no Movement Panel works.

We are making some progress. But no movement panel.

Thanks for what you have done so far.

United Kingdom
Just a thought, what happens if you change your EZ-B to connection 0?

There is no place for board number in the servo control panel, I only just remembered that (board 0 is always used for movement panels).

Give me a minute and I'll make a custom control panel for you to try using the script commands:)
United Kingdom
OK, updated the file on the cloud, download

Directions may be a little wrong since I did it quickly and don't know which way around the servos are fitted on the robot but if it is wrong just change the forwards and reverses in the script commands to suit.

Edit: Just out of interest, why is it set to board 1 when you have no board 0 set up?
OK, I switched it to Board#0 and everything worked. What am I going to do when I turn on my other robot that is already using board#0? How does that work. it has a Roomba control and uses the panel.

United Kingdom
Did the custom Movement Panel work with the script commands Move(1.D18, Forward) etc.? (the latest one I plopped on the cloud)

If not then you will need 2 instances of ARC (assuming you are going to be controlling both robots at the same time) since only 1 Movement Panel is supported per ARC and it is assumed that Board 0 is controlled by the movement panel. If you will have either/or then it isn't an issue, just load up the other project and have both projects use board 0 with their specific port.

Failing that, wait and see if DJ fixed the issue with modified servo controls.
Or use scripts, one to move forward, one for reverse, one for stop etc.
Or use the keyboard control and map key presses to the servos.
It's fixed in today's update:)
Hey, D.J. it is nice to talk to you. You have been so busy working, I have gotten tired for you. Good to hear from you.


Mel (MovieMaker)