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Omnibot 2000 Replacement Tread - Ninjaflex

Got a 3d printer and some Ninjaflex filament. You can print an Omnibot 2000 replacement tread. Enjoy.

Thingiverse Replacement Tread


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Long time no hear! Great to see your input. Don't keep it a secret what kind of 3D printer :) and what is your latest/old project or new design?
Printrbot jr is what I've been using to print with. I have only been keeping an eye on DJ's stuff lately. I sold my ezb v3 to the guy making the evil looking robot with wheelchair base on these forums.

I've been working on a Arduino controlled Omnibot 2000. It will run on two Arduino megas...and will eventuality interface with the new ez-b via serial and ROS via tcp. The camera functionality that ez-b has is the best, per milliamp, par none. The servo sequencer is excellent as well.

I've designed up a few custom 3d printed mods for the Omnibot that expands on and also fixes the robot. The Omni I bought for 80 usd looked like it had gone through a cage match with a three year old. Everything was broken. It even had a hornet's nest in it!

User-inserted image

See this video for chest plate and faceplate.

I've just finished some 3d printed wheel encoders using hall sensors.

How goes your robotic engineering?
Would that be Doombot, its about the most "evil" looking bot! Are you going to order an EZV4 when they start to ship? Cool eyes !........Hall Sensors! wow I love those...small cheap and fairly accurate are you using them as positional combined with the servos or for any dc motors?

I am pleased with my Steam punk robot F.R.E. D. I havn't up loaded any progress pics for a long time ,
but because I nag others to post theirs I better up load soon:D
Wow those eyes are awesome! how did you make them?
Evil looking robot lol , I can only guess who that is.



Thanks so much brotha! You can see your ex-V3 on the Doombot's chest haha. I have a second one going on the platform/base...I need a third one for the extras...Anyone selling? \m/

I'd love to get a v4 my brotha but since I didn't preorder, it may be a good year before I see one in my hands.