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Need Some Help /Wire Diagram To Go By

I have taken a couple of years off of this omnibot 2000 build. I kind of get stuck, frustrated and quit. Then every no and then I comeback and look at it again. I have watched a lot of the videos people/bot have recommended and I'm still stuck. Mostly this is because I'm not an electrical engineer...LOL I know how to take things apart and monkey with stuff. I can solder and follow instructions but this project has stalled. My main issue is that the videos go to fast and are not detailed enough for my limited knowledge. So here is where I'm at. How do I wire the hbridge to the ezb and battery and how do I wire the 8 motor wires to the hbridge? Here are a couple pictures to show what I have going. Thanks in advance for any advice.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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Awesome! Thanks, Everyone! I will get back when I get something to happen! Please the more pics the merrier.
Would this work for my battery needs? I found it in my barn from an old RC car. Its barely used.

User-inserted image
Yes that battery should work great. If you want the battery to last longer in the future buy a battery that has a bigger number where it showing 1800 mah ,find one that says 5000 for example and Lipo batteries can put out more power than a Nimh.
Hey everyone. It LIVES! I had an issue with the switch on the Hbridge. So I sprayed some wd40 on it and blew it out with air and now she is a rolling. 

Sorry. Next dumb question.... How do I make him go faster? Is it my battery? He is Suuuuper Slow! I added the PWM and that didn't make a difference. It does work though I can make him even slower...LOL

Thanks again, everyone! This is the farthest I have got. Now I know with confidence I can buy another EZB v4 and Hbrigde for the other bot my son has already torn apart.
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It’s slow because there are two gears in the gearbox of that robot. One is slower than the other. You have to open it up the gearbox and turn the gear shift motor that moves the gear manually by hand. 

Or you can study the wiring schematic of the gear box and learn the third tiny motor that changes gearing. 

Its easier just to move it by hand.
Wow. That's crazy. DJ you are a Genius! I shifted dude into second gear and now he mosies a lot better!