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Long Jd

I made a long Jd I call him LD for long D here is the picture hope you guys like it
And i was even able to move him and best part no extension cables were used.
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looking great,video plzz.
okay but long jd is not made right now I can post it in about 2 days or so when I re make it don't get mad please this is the time limit sorry:):)
take your time.are you planning to gif him turneble elbows?
Can you tell me how to do this? Aside from ordering the servos. How do you program him to walk with the extra joint?
you have to add a servo in the ARC software and write the port that it should control you can call the ez robot office sorry cant explain much because it is hard to explain
i made a little video with a long arm .has elbow and can turn grippers.
if you maka your poses slow ( 45 ) it will be possible.


did you tried a different setup, e.g. connecting the rotation server directly to the gripper ?
am going to try that as soon the batt is charged.
then i make a new video,then they can see and start there projeckt.
thanks ptp

i had some juice left in the batt.
here is the rotation servo on gripper.

seromo hope you like it
here the jd calibrated,you will need to adjust the walk forwart&backwarts,
and some more.when the jd makes a move ,you hear very low some noise,
just lift the jd up for that and sound is gone.
i will make some more video's later.
happy building