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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

L698 Motor Control Alternatives?

I've used the L698 motor controller with IoTiny for a few projects, but its form factor is a bit big and has a somewhat awkward design.

As I continue to be a beginner, are there alternatives to the hbridge that are compatible with the IoTiny? Perhaps something like an MX1508 http://www.techmonkeybusiness.com/using-the-mx1508-brushed-dc-motor-driver-with-an-arduino.html

Or some other brushed dc controller with a smaller form factor?


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I've used the L698 motor controller
I'm not familiar with that model, is a cheap clone ?


but its form factor is a bit big and has a somewhat awkward design.
I' would rather focus on the specs versus if is visually apelative or not.


As I continue to be a beginner
As beginner you should rely as much as possible on ARC's supported hardware, unless you are familiar with scripting and / or ARC's custom movement control.

You missed the most important detail: the motors specs, if you plan to use one or two motors.
That motor driver would work with the regular HBridge Movement panel. But it will not work with the PWM HBridge Movement panel. This means you will have no speed control. That hbridge does not support speed control. It's either on or off full speed. If you want a smaller hbridge, simply use the internal servo PCB. A servo pcb is ah hbridge.:)

User-inserted image
looking to the existent information the IN1 is forward PWM, IN2 is backward PWM. You have speed control, but is not compatible with ARC HBridge control.
Thanks for your input fellas.

I do prefer using 360degree servos as motors as they easily work with the movement panel. 

However, I was looking at SMARS open robot project (http://www.smarsfan.com/) that uses an Arduino, two 3-6v small motors, motor shield and other electronics. It looked like fun. So, I wanted to use an IoTiny instead, but the Hbridge was too big for the 3d-printed body that it uses.  I'm still new to Fusion 360 so modifying the body to accommodate the bigger hbridge form factor isn't in the cards. 

I'll stick with servos for now. 

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Yah - servos will be great. But you can also wire the servo PCB to the existing motors and use them as hbridges. Remember, the electronics in a servo is really just an hbridge. 

Given the size of the iotiny, i think an lm hbridge would fit next to it. If all else fails, a bit of duct tape never hurts:D HAHA

And you can still find room to mount the camera on the front. A robot without a camera isn't a robot:P
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Hi I hope all of you are ok

I use the L298N Motor Drive Controller Board Module Dual H Bridge DC Stepper on Amazon - it was only 12.99

User-inserted image

I finally got the sparkfun motor controller you suggested.   Would you happen to know how to hook it up?


Take a look at the hbridge pwm movement panel. That’s the skill control that you’ll want to use. The link Jeremie posted has a list of the ports on the pcb. They match up to the manual of the hbridge pwm skill control
Thanks Guys!

I've looked at the hbridge tutorial and the sparkfun motor controller and tried connecting it to the IoTiny, without success.

My read of the both diagrams is as follows:

Sparkfun -------- IoTiny (SF - Left side with pins)
PWMA         ----- ENA
AIN2           ------ IN2
AIN1 ----------IN1
STBY   ------------------
BIN1 ----------IN3
BIN2       ----------IN4
PWMB     -------ENB
GND        -------- Motor 2 GND

Sparkfun -------- IoTiny (SF - Right side with pins)
VC --------------
VCC------------  VCC (From Sf to Iotiny)
GND ---------- GND (From Sf to Iotiny)
A01------------ Motor 1 in
B02------------ Motor 2 in 
GND -----------Motor 2GND

As for the HBridge with PMW Module settings

LTrigger A ----- D0
Left Trigger B --D01
LPWM _____ D4

RTrigger 8 ---- D02
L Trigger B ----D03
RPWM -------- D5

What do you think? Where am I going wrong?
PWMA ----- D4
AIN2 ------  d0
AIN1 ---------- d1

BIN1 ---------- d3
BIN2 ---------- d2
PWMB ------- d5
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Hi, here is my 2 cents,

I used with Arc, an IO tiny, Ez-robot battery, movement panels, the H-Bridge PWM control with a tank chassis works well, forward, backward, left, right 
use the L298N Motor Drive Controller Board Module Dual H Bridge DC Stepper

here is my video:


here is a pic
User-inserted image

IN1 Input 1 for Motor A
IN2 Input 2 for Motor A
IN3 Input 3 for Motor B
IN4 Input 4 for Motor B
EN1 Enable line for Motor A
EN2 Enable Line for Motor B
User-inserted image

It seems the main issue is the power:


VCC: This is the voltage to power the chip and talk to the microcontroller (2.7V to 5.5V)
If you are powering the IotTiny with more than 5V you can't connect the Iotiny VIN to the H-Bridge VCC otherwise your bridge will become a decorative accessory.

To be on the safe side:
User-inserted image

VCC = IotTiny 3.3 V
VM = IotTiny VIN 5v-12v (max)
Thanks for your help.

The two N20 motors work fine with my Hbridge, but I cannot get the Sparkfun motor driver to work. 

My goal was to find a motor controller with a form factor smaller than the L298 motor controller that would be compatible with IoTiny. There are lots of projects that use a small Arduino and a small motor controller/shield such as SMARS.  Perhaps, I'll stick with bigger projects that can incorporate larger motor controllers or just use servos where I can. 

I'm sure i'll be back with more questions.   

Thank you.
@ggr_scott the diagram that @ptp shared was great, it should get you most of the way there. The only other thing I would add is that you can treat The PWMA and PWMB as enable lines and just tie them to 3.3V for testing and see if that works. As for the inputs just follow what @DJ mentioned.
Thanks @jeremie! As my proficiency in making product compatibility choices is nil, I'm going to work with known products that work. The HBridge is working fine for us. My boys and I created this platform for learning the ARC. We have a separate one using 360 degree servos and a camera that can follow our faces, colors and objects.

.User-inserted image