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South Africa
Asked — Edited

Just Unpacked!

Hi there I just unpacked my EZ-Robot kit and I am very excited.
I got everything going except the normal servos. I can hear the sound of them turning but the servo is not actually turning. Yes I know I am doing stupid but please guide me. My continious servos are working fine.

I am in my infant stage but I can see I will have lots of fun!


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South Africa
I see there popped up another thread of someone's servos that are faulty. No real help from anyone yet at EZ robot. Not looking good.
For the board and software excelent and my creation is taking shape.
Did you submit a support request? Or just this topic?
South Africa
Yes i submitted a technical request and got a reply from Amy, if i remember right, to look at the tutorial videos and I must be doing something wrong because all 4 servos can not be faulty. She said somebody more technical will contact me so I am still waiting for it to happen. I did tell her that the servos i bought from the rc shop works fine.
I have talked to Amy before, she seems nice but I don't think she's very technical. More of an office type. I know she's only part-time volunteer.

I would submit another request now that the guys are back.
South Africa
Cool will do. Thanks for your help sfoy they should employ you, your response is great. ;) ;)
I do like Amy. We have chatted more than just the support requests.

Thanks for your vote of confidence. But I am not sure if I'd be much help right now. The only thing I can think of is for them to replace the ones you have.

I used to run a customer service department for a ticketing company and I taught it at Bank of the West.

I have volunteered to help out but so far no takers. I have a broad skill set so I tend to be great for start ups. In a normal job where I only have one job I get too bored. :o) Never works out.

I am sure they'll take care of you.
Just my kit and all 4 standard servos don't work either. Went out today and bought a couple of parallax standard servos and they work fine. Bad batch of servos -hope DJ replaces them quickly.
Looks like some of our servos were faulty in a shipment from the factory. Contact Us with your order number and we will send replacements:)

Don't know how it happened, but I guess there's a first time for everything!:)

Sorry about that!
That is the most bizarre thing....
I know - It's not surprising that a bad batch can be manufactured. The servos shipped in the kit are Futabu and rebranded to EZ-Robot from the factory. Because we purchase so many, they relabel them for us - we're all about style:D

Futabu is warrantying the servos... So that's a good thing. It's costing us a fortune in shipping though:(

Not all of the servos were damaged in the batch, only a few. And they seem to be grouped together - so that's a positive!
could bad servos damage ez b or chip
still not getting connected tryed all sugested fixese
and diagnostic *mad* *stress* *tired* *confused*
Nah the servos can't damage the chip. The bad servos are because the motor wasn't fully in place and was spinning freely.

If your EZ-B was working, and stopped working - then something shorted or damaged it. It couldn't be the servos. But, don't worry because if your ez-b is damaged then it may only need a chip replacement.:)

You can send it to us and i'll look at it for you
South Africa
Hi there.
It is bizarre yes. I shipped the servos back to you guys 2 weeks ago from SA so it will arrive in the next week or so. I bought other servos in the meantime so I would rather buy something else if possible. I must say I was busy with work the past few weeks but had a good robotics session last night. I have some questions but will fist look through the tutorials because I am sure my questions are not unique.

Hello All

Question on the bad servos?
I too received 4 of the bad servos, what are we supposed to do to get replacements?
I can't wait to get my Wall-E, (which I picked up at a flea market for $20.00, remote and all :), started and impress the world.
I'm sure you guys will see lots of questions from me in here so put your thinking caps on!

Hello Herr Ball - Welcome. Submit a support request and someone will send you instructions on how to send them back for replacements.

@Toothsmith.... all the tutorials are one of my favorite things about EZ-B and the community is really helpful.
Guys...for those of you that received bad servos that still runs but not moving, here is a quick fix without having to ship them back and waiting for replacements:

1. Remove the 4 screws. make sure the gear meshed up right.
2. Push the motor up all the way.
3. Use double side servo tape to secure motor in place so it won't move down again.
4. Close up and tada! Working servos!

I hope this will get everyone back on building robots and DJ can focus on new releases:)
South Africa
Hi Louis
I hope your fix work for the rest of the servos but with mine it seemed the problem was not that simple.
I opened one of my servos and pushed the motor back up again. When I powered it up the motor ran for about .5 of a rotation and the gearbox ceased up. Then you need to release the servo because you can here the motor trying to turn but is restricted. If you do not put something below the motor to keep it in place the motor drops as soon as the gearbox ceases and run free.

Well servos asside I enjoy my EZ-B kit tremendously I just wish I had more time to play. ;)
toothsmith, i'm super sorry:(

This batch of bad servos had me a little stressed! But anyone who has received bad servos let us know. We don't even need them sent back, we'll send replacements. We know the dates of shippments within the timeframe of the bad servos. Just Contact Us and we'll take care of it.:)
South Africa
Thanks DJ. I have sent an email to support and will wait for a reply .
Put in my request to support and heard back within a day that new servos would be shipped out. I really appreciate the great support. Thanks!