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It'S.It'S.Omg It'S A Cylon

It's now only a matter of time before they enslave us.:( Thanx!


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That man is bullying that robot


I bet he wouldn't bully Doombot and if that's the way some people will treat robots then it no wonder they will emancipate themselves. cool stuff though.


OSHA would love him, He uses proper lifting methods.... LOL... I was waiting for him to turn around and hit the guy that pushed him down or at least give him a universal hand signal........


So I've watched this video a few times now and at first I was more than impressed BUT this almost seems to real to be true. I looked at Boston Dynamics website and this model of robot isn't shown there. There is a reference that they are trying to put something together for the Darpa challenge in 2013 - doesn't seem very up to date. I know Google bought them out in 2013 and not much has been out there since. What's going on behind the scenes to make this robot do what it's doing? Is somebody running it with a joystick? A couple of the scenes just look phony. The scene where it is walking beside a human and the sequence of it getting up after being knocked over and then walking out the door. Has anyone seen any other videos of this robot or have any more information on it? If it's all true, for sure it's a game changer. Maybe it's just my suspicious mind, it kind of reminds me of the Hover board video with Christopher Lloyd in it.


Totally agree Bob... I am calling this "faked or an enhanced video"... somehow... Smells fishy to me...


i dont think its can see clearly footprints in the snow. schadows on the wall and doors.also the man uses a stick, to let the robot fall or puch him away, he knows why he dont want to , get his fingers trap in a servo for excample,he would surten loose that finger. there is another robot of this company that do great stuff.


@nomad... Computer CGI can fake anything... By your accounts the movie Avatar is real because the aliens left footprints in the mud? @Nomad have you ever heard of CGI?


Awesome video...also saw it today for the first time! I guessed it was speeded up, but they showed it was real time when there was a human person interacting! I was amazed, I also saw how slow things were at the DARPA but this was amazing...could be that it used less computing power because tasks were more simple? Did not seem to be a CGI thing to me...but who knows?;)


@All I don't think Boston dynamics is a bogus corporation...a serious robotics company would not dampen their reputation with fake robot videos...

@Nomad Really dude? You really haven't heard of cgi?


Did Boston Dynamics make the video?


Yes, it is a general dynamics video. I saw their Cheetah live 3 years ago, and although tethered for power and control, it was advanced enough that I believe this is real. I can't imagine it can go for more than a few minutes without recharging though.



Well, if it is real it should win Darpa hands down this year... Compared to the bots at Darpa last year this thing (again if real) seems light years more advanced....


What surprised me was the foot movement during the hike over the rough ground to keep balance.


what next comes after the video of sarah conners.did you see that too?


Ha Ha... Didn't see that, Very informative. I showed my wife :D


:) it shows man are superier .haha


Did anyone notice that in the video of the robot moving around in the warehouse and out of the door that they had gliphs posted all around the room including the door exit.


yep.the most impressive i find is when the robot stand back up from the fall, with just servo or motors from his ankles.


That's what I've been wanting to do for years now...I wanted glyphs and qr codes all over my house so the bot knows where it is, where to go, etc


Hmmmm....the Link seems to be not working! confused


I found it by searching for rise of the robots. It is an episode of Nova. However, it might be geo-restricted to US only. Pbs is US public television. I don't know if they allow streaming to other countries.




i dont know what cgi is,am no programmer.


@Nomad Ahh dude, language barrier. I'm not referring to Common Gateway Interface, I'm talking about Computer Generated Imagery, the stuff they use in don't think Superman is really flying on "Man of Steel" do you? The others are just implying Boston dynamics might have used CGI to make a fake robot video. That's all.


@Nomad... I will give you a hint... It is used in pretty much every modern action and sci Fi movie ever made... You don't need to be a programmer to know what it means... It's talked about all the time on TV and the internet.... If you were born in this century you would know what it is...

One final hint... Try Googling it...:)



why try google it if i dont know what it is,am thinking do,oh that hurts.

virtuel ....


That's why you google... to find out what things you don't know or understand. That's what I do when I don't know something....

CGI = Computer Generated Imagery... Like in Jurassic World, Star Wars, Superman, Avatar, Star Trek movies...etc... Or did you think that everything in those movies was real? As in Jurassic World having real dinosaurs on an remote island somewhere out there?


i found a error in the video.when the robot pics up the boc 10 lbs you hear the sound of grabbing the box before his hands touched the box.


Funnier than the original!


Ya, I feel the pain. That's exactly what I would expect the robot to say. LOL! :P


if you dont start the video,look at his right foot,doesn look real robot. do i must say am feeling little sad for the robot.


It's not fake - however, an infinite amount of time with an infinite number of monkeys using an infinite number of typewriters will create the script to Hamlet...

To summarize, you can spend a month filming the robot attempting to perform the same routines and chances are, if you're coding is right, it will do it one or two times. 1,000 takes and 1 final cut:)

Lastly, you can tell in the videos that there is no navigational way-point. The processing capability and physical engineering requirements are designed for stability, not navigation. That being said, it's clearly a huge leap forward in gait stability and recovery. Once this technology is able to compensate for directional stability (meaning, recovering and still being able to navigate a pre-determined path) it will be awesome.

What i mean by this is if you had a pathway consisting of boulders/rocks/rough terrain, the robot's primary function is to maintain stability, not navigate the pathway. So the robot will be twisting and rocking from side to side, which does not provide any course correction or way-point navigation.

Still, it's great to see robot videos like this - specifically when they're viewed by people like my mother, who would have traditionally never seen it. It means robot's are becoming a little more mainstream - that's great news!


dj good its all about his head i see something turning, is that similar like david cohran use the lidar?

i think robots are getting better to with things like walking,speech,recognition. it took me some time to get used how they are build or look. now i now they are build the way what he needs to do.


It's awesome to see such advancements lately in the robotic industry. The reflex ability is really something special. That balance is better than me on my airwheels a3 that's for sure. This next decade is definitely going to be something special. Thanks for the share!


What I find interesting about the gait is that it doesn't seem to shift it's weight from side to side to walk. Just lifts the leg and places it forward. I wonder if it can balance on one leg like that for an extended period? Or is it actually doing what humans do when they walk, a series of controlled falls.


My guess is the use of gyro's. I suspect one in each side of the backpack, and one in the center, maybe in the head. The speed of the gyro's can be manipulated to adjust for angular compensation.

The use of real-time momentum calculations are visible in both walking and standing up from lying forward. For that, they'd be using a combination of gyroscope (for force) and accelerometer (for angles)



What I find interesting about the gait is that it doesn't seem to shift it's weight from side to side to walk. Just lifts the leg and places it forward. I wonder if it can balance on one leg like that for an extended period? Or is it actually doing what humans do when they walk, a series of controlled falls.

It appears that the hips are fixed around a knob rather than a straight rod extending out...I feel like it would be able to balance steadily on one foot or even try to ride a airhweel q6 hahaha