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Iotiny And Dynamixel

How can the ioTiny be used to drive a Dynamixel AX-12 servo chain?

I wrote an init script


and got: Error on line 1: UART port is @ 0, 1, or 2.

If only pins 0,1,or 3 on the Tiny can be used as a UART can the Dynamixel plugin be expanded to include a UART pin choice?


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The iOTiny does not have a uart port... You could try SendSerial instead?... Using SendSerial also means you don't have to initiate the iOTiny's digital port prior to sending data... For reference the board layout of the iOTiny is shown here (middle of the page)... EZB and iOTiny info


Just checked the dynamixel plugin... Unless it is somehow updated to work with the iOtiny you're out of luck where the control is concerned... However, you may be able to control the servos "somewhat" using SendSerial commands and scripts... This is just a guess however since I have never used a dynamixel type servo before...


Richard is correct the IOTiny, has no UART port and therefor cant use the Dynamixel with it.


@Richard R. & @fxrtst, You guys are correct. Unfortunately for me. Thanks for the reply.


If you wanted to set the dynamixel baudrate to 115,200 - i can modify the plugin to use a digital port rather than UART. That will work on the IoTiny


@DJ will modifying the existing plug in that works for the ezb make it now unusable on the ezb4/2? Thanks Chris


@kamaroman68 If you read between the lines @DJ will be just adding support for the IOTiny. It would be rather silly to add dynamixel support for the iotiny while dropping support for the ezb4....


@DJ Sures,

I have the baud rate set @ 115200 now.
If I could use the ioTiny for my project it would be a big help. Thanks.


@DJ Sures,

You have done it again!

Initial test of the new version of the Dynamixel plugin works with the ioTiny driving my AX-12 servo chain. I have tried only several servos so far. Now I will replace the EZ-B4/2 with the ioTiny on my robot. I hope to have pictures and maybe a video soon.

Thanks again.


Talking Baud rates here, I have a Question on when it becomes relevant. At 115k, realistically how many servos moving at once to notice a performance decrease?


,,,hello any one in here?