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Inmoov Legs

Some extra filament rolls and servos....

Picture from the official InMoov site under activity members

User-inserted image


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Sure, you guys think it can be done by Saturday... LOL... So we need someone who can cnc and maybe we can use these servos for the leg joints...High torque servos...
Great Britain
this guy is doing what the xrobot guy is doing, just in a more controlled manner


nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind and heart to it.

I fixed it for you


nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind and heart money into it.
Ok Richard r you got me there lol that is true with out the money, we couldn't get very far lol. But like dj said the ez sdk would making the programming a breeze and there wouldn't neccessarily be a need for a aluminum frame I mean the xrobots guy used nothing but 3d printed parts other then the aluminum rods and he also made linuar actuators from the hd servos he had and some 3d printed chain belt I to move the thoughts and knees of the legs. But I do agree with the money thing that always creates and issue when it comes to any thing lol and my bad y'all I didn't mean to insult any one with the hobbyist level thing, I just mean that nothing is impossible even at a hobby level lol. I just like to give hope to beginners and those who dream big like I do
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does anyone have a 3d printer, to make stuff lighter, could u not just print them hollow, or you could not put much of an infill.
I have two 3d printers.... If you're talking about the inMoov itself.... some parts can be printed with loose infill, but others like gearboxes, arms, shoulders and most parts of the torso will need strength and therefore have a greater % of infill... Either way, your inMoov (without legs) will weigh in at about 25lbs....
Great Britain
do u think that we should come up with maybe a lighter 3d printed skeleton, and maybe a sheet metal skin to hide all of the electronics.

or ... the x robots way with relying on momentum to make it walk may not be such a bad idea, because we could use less power in the servo, and make it up with the side to side momentum that the weight of the inmoov would bring
You could try a mix of the two I mean what's to say you couldn't use a lighter skeloton with sheet metal and use the x robots design that would make a great improvement I would think but I'm not an expert lol just a thought
Great Britain
yea r u gonna try to make a bipedal robot
Put some concepts on the forum. Give the community a chance to tweak some designs. Protype designs can be metal fabrication, wood, 3d printed or whatever for prototypes.
I would like to see what happens ! ?
It all could be done with 3d printing, but a smarter design is needed than inmoov. By smarter I mean less material and smarter strength construction. The inmoov designer used more material and thickness to increase strength - that's like making airplanes out of lead to be stronger... Or bridges.

Who would be interesting in putting together a walking humanoid project together in github? We could collaborate easier on there.
I would interested.... I agree, lets not try and make a bus into a sports car.... Can we redesign inMoov or just start from scratch?.... Anyway, I am if it can be done...
Great Britain
i'm sure that it could be done:D:D
I would like to be involved.
To awnser your question andrew earlier, yes i am eventually lol i just gotta get stage one of omega project complete first then im going to save up to start on stage two of omega bipedal stage I have a showcase design of him in bipedal stage, you should check it out and let me know what you think and i would like to but I don't have a 3d printer, plus I'm in the USA lol I just use scrap parts to build my robot lol but if I could I would be in a heartbeat, not to mention I'm like super broke lol
Great Britain
have u got any vids of the project, or picturs, your concept, that u want to pass him down sounds pretty cool:D:D
No vids yet just my concept bidal stage and my omega status in the community robots under project showcase (:
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hi, what r your names on github
Does the group think a scaled down set of legs using standard servos and aluminum or 3d printed parts could be made to walk? DJ says the basic program can be done. We know sensors are coming. I would like to hear others thoughts. I have ideas for the mechanical portion but I need additional input.