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Resolved Resolved by rickymahk2013!

Humanoid Project Full Scale

Hi ,

i want to build a humanoid robot , that walk on 2 legs.
i , figure i need strong servo´s that provite the weight.
because my humanoid robot become about 190 cm high.
but i not sure if i can use normal servo´s from the EZ-b developer kit.
i think that is to weak to suport movement.
also i want build a accu 12 volt or 24 in it.
so he have power on is onw while.
I hope someone can help me.

regards Michael
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Did there error happen during the installation? Or when first opening the program? Or where you running something in ARC, like a script?
That's an odd error @RoboMicke. I assume it happened at runtime, yes? Or when you went to open the ARC application. Did you click "Ja" to view the help information? What did it say?

The error appears to be related to how the .NET framework hendels your computers location and default language settings. From MSDN

But, because the error code specifically tells you what the issue and gives you an option to view help notes, it is safe to say DJ and the EZ-Robot team are aware of this, because they set the error message to handle it.
Awesome @thetechguru! I can confirm you can change the decimal setting in Windows 8.x by using those directions.

Who knew those were there, LOL? :)


Who knew those were there, LOL? Smile

I have seen this before with some software I supported in my previous job, which was all written for North America and UK computers, but had worldwide distribution.

We wound up changing the software to handle other locale settings better, but unfortunately I have no idea what changes were made, so can't provide any advice for DJ on that front.

the problem is right at the start of the ez-b builder.
when I click on yes I come on this link :


I do not know what to do.

the last update that made my computer.
has changed my program.
I have now with my email address to login instead of my old code I had.
for the computer program are changed.

my computer can not stand on two days.
then get my desktop black.
and the computer icons will not to respond.
it freezes.
fortunately I can reboot the computer.
and the weather seems to do normally.
until there two days are over.
then it starts again.

I'm going through my ideas.
maybe I should run to the store and ask what I can do.
as a last option.
Did you follow the directions given in the links? It seems you have a language issue with your version of windows. You need to change the decimal from a comma to a period:

Decimal Change
If you receive the error, this is because your culture is not set to use a Period as a decimal separator.

Visit the Control Panel -> Region -> Additional Settings -> Change decimal from a , to .

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Thanks for the help;)
its working.
now i can start programming;)
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What did you do that rickymahk2013 helped you resolve?
@Dave Schupius

The thread was marked resolved a month ago when rickymahk2013 recommended some motors. Unrelated to the latest problem with the OS Locale settings.

rickymahk2013 helpt me out whit strong servo´s.
also he helpt me whit order the servo´s.

Unfortunately, you can select one person who helped you at that time.
all who have helped me earn the same tittle (you Helped resolve)
I've generally everyone thanks for the good help.
my ez-b software is now good.
I wanted to run a test.
with my servomotor, but that was not good.
because I could not find ez-b v4, WiFi in the list of the ARC software.
my computer was able to find the wifi of the ez-b v4.
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Your ezb4 is still in AP mode... You can't use the scan tool for it until you put the ezb4 in Client mode..... Take this lesson EZB connection modes then the next one too...
according to the website, I must click the round icon

User-inserted image

when I do, I end up here.

User-inserted image

it should actually be this.
at least I think.

User-inserted image

Perhaps I miss something.
I just do not know what it is.
as I know how to solve this.
I can change the AP mode in client mode.
This is sick dude.
Hi OakMot,

how do you mean by that?
Besides you also have a nice humanoid project.
can also walk on two legs?
I finally got my first test with the servomotor.
next step is to make frames for the servo motor.
as soon as the servo motor is in its frame.
I can finally program.
it would slowly processing.
maybe I have about three months a walking robot in home;)

best regards
@RoboMicke.... "sick" in this case means good or cool... It's basically teenager slang for awesome....:)
oke ;p
I was not sure.
thanks Richard R

Yeah! Sorry. You're project is awesome. I'll be following your project to see how it goes.

I believe that if were going to build any robots with maximum potential, they need to be humanoid, at least to start. The reason being, we are introducing these machines into a world that is built around the human structure.

As cool as it is, wheels and treds for robots aren't practicable. The world we live in is based off of bipedal movement, so anything we build needs to have bipedal movement to reach the most potential possible.
As steep as the climb is for humanoid walking robots, it needs to be started. The more of us work on it, the brighter the future for robotics.