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Ezrobot Tshirts

Hey, I just noticed one item missing from the store. Ezrobot Tshirts ! What better way to get the word out ! I know I'd love one


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How about ez-robot shoe laces?!
EZ Robot shoes with auto shoe tying *Back to the Future*
Id buy a nice fitted hat and a few t-shirts. I work from home and all I wear 95% of the time is shorts and t-shirts anyway. It would be like a new wardrobe for me...


How about ez-robot shoe laces?!
@DJ you're just being ridicules now.... How am I going to use those with my Velcro shoes? :D I vote for ez robot underwear.... Getting tired of the ones I buy from Wally World anyway....:P
United Kingdom
Let's not forget the "EZ-Robot Back Scratcher" ...

User-inserted image
I would like to have an Ez robot backpack
I would like to have a sheet of vinyl EZ Robot stick-ons with logo and text in different sizes to adorn my many existing (2) and anticipated robots.
@nomad18.08 , you will never get a job as a fashion designer. *sick* LOL. Nice try though. I do like the coffee mug though.
hi dave

they are not my design.hehe
We do have stickers being made right now. They will be shipping with all new orders starting sometime in June. I'll let you know:)

I'll check into shirts. I think that is a real good idea. Can't believe we don't have any lol
Awesome... Nomad is buying EZ Robot T-shirts for the whole forum.... Put Nomad down for 500....:P
I really like the sticker idea. I'll put one on my car and on any robot(s) I make.

*eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* *eek* i have two dollar for now *blush* *blush* *blush* *blush* *blush* *blush* *blush*