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Ez-Robot Developers Kit

Dear ez-robot,

I got "EZ-Robot Developers Kit" recently. I have a question about battery.

For now, it is using "battery" for electricity. Could it be change to use "AC adaptor"?

Please help and looking forward to having your answer very soon.

Best regards, Ricky Ma 25 Aug 2014


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hello yes you can use an ac adaptor but then it will work when plugged in to the wall

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It depends on the voltage and the current of the AC Adaptor.

The EZ-B V4 can accept 4.5v to 16v with the ideal voltage at around 7.4v

You will also need to make sure the current output of the AC Adaptor is high enough to power the EZ-B V4 plus any other accessories driven by the adaptor. Most AC Adaptors are rather low current outputs, 1A, 2A or 3A usually, in some instances 5A. If you have a lot of servos this can require a great deal more than 5A and will cause problems.

Also, by using an AC Adapter you restrict the range your robot can physically move (if it is a moving robot). It stops becoming portable if it needs plugging in to a wall outlet.

But yes, you can use one just take the above in to consideration.


Dear Wolfie and Rich,

Nice to meet you both and many thanks for your helpful answer!

I will try to do with your solutions.

But I have an experience that I do mistakes to plug in wrong adaptor, then the board is broken. Besides, I will do it again by using your opinion!

Thanks and good day!


Also, make sure that you have the polarity of the barrel jack correct. It is important, and you could damage your EZ-B if it is not correct. The center part (post) must be Positive (+)


this adaptor can be used to when you dont have the batterie yet? adaptor


No. This charger will probably only charge at 1C or 1.3 amps. I am just guessing here.

You would want something like what DJ mentions above.


Patrick, that is a battery charger not a power supply.... Take a look at the ones DJ linked to.....


i will thanks

oeps they dont send to belgium,but i got the idea.

dj adaptor


i checked the ones i have.can this one be usefull?

User-inserted image

i cant read AMP

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2250mA is 2.25 amps.

Depending on what you plan to drive it may work however that may only be enough to power one or two servos.


sorry Rich, somehow I paged beyond your initial post........2250 mA = 2.25 amps


If I use 16kg servo motor x 12pcs. Is it 7.5vdc 6 amp power supply enough to support all servos?


i was looking to power the jd.the batt maybe not reddy for chipping due to , certificate is not reddy i need to look for 6.00 amp


question is resolved and many thanks for all upon people! :D