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Error On Line 1: Capability 'I2C Master' Is Not Supported On This Device.

Was trying to use the mpu6050 plugin with an of the schelf mpu6050. When i run the code stated here:
 i get this message: Error on line 1: Capability 'I2C Master' is not supported on this device. 
Does this plugin only suports the  EZ-Bit MPU6050?

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You have to connect to an ezb supporting I2c before running the script. At the time of this response, the two i2c supported ezb are from ezrobot and they’re EZ-B v4 and iotiny. The arduino ezb does not support i2c at the time of this response.
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Dj i am using an ezb-v4.
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Now i can connect but synthiam freezes...
ARC freezes? Does the red LED stay lit on the ezb? If so, your i2c device is not communicating and it’s locking the ezb v4
When I used a third party MPU-6050 board with the EZ-B I had to change the SDA and SCL pullup resistors as the on-board resistors were too weak (4.7k I believe). I changed them to 1Kohm.

I also shortened the wire length to diminish the capacitance on the SDA and SCL lines.
The SDA and SCL pullups are 222 (2.2k). Tested the mpu6050 on an arduino and it works ok. I will try to shorten the wires. Is the i2C line diferent on the ezb v4? I thougt it would be standard.
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I2c is a standard.
The i2C lines aren’t different, it’s just the requirements of the STM32 chip. It requires less capacitance on the wires than the Atmega328. To bring the capacitance down you need stronger pull-up resistors, probably 1kohm or even as strong as 330ohm.
Got it. Will try some stronger pull-ups. Thanks.