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With Synthiam ARC Pro, you're not just programming a robot; you're shaping the future of automation, one innovative idea at a time.


very cool! that "Sam" 's head is jammed with servos and sensors...My FRED will be more android but I hope to have another torso with more human expressions ..using those cheaper EZ-B 's i keep hearing about :)


ANDROIDS are mostly what i make ,with my AI software


This will be available from our website in a few weeks :)

The head has 10 servos.

2 x right eyebrow 2 x left eyebrow 2 x right eye 2 x left eye 2 x mouth

You can do that baby, plus more. With the AutoPosition control and this new product, you'll be able to do an amazing number of facial expressions. Also, if you notice the magnets in my hand, those seperate and are used to attach any rubber face to the head. This means you can make a rubber mask yourself, buy one online or at a costume store. You can make any of your favorite movie characters come to life... :)

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Poor Pinhead.:( Already obsolete before you were done. :)

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Is this part of the revolution?


@Tameion: It's a gift to you all, before Revolution :)

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DJ is there any info on it's size?

I have a feeling one (or more) of those babies will be on it's way to the UK as soon as they are available, although so will the extra EZB required for the digital ports...

Looks like I'm going to be cold and hungry this winter :)


Hahaha! Robots > Food :)

It's about 20 cm high.. I'll have to take a look next time i'm in the lab.


DJ he be able to walk down the street and look and act human like the said in the video clip

Showing emotions in a head is the easy part


It little off topic DJ ,but can EZB recognize faces from one face to another and tell its name. also like in a crowd be able to pick the person out and say (HI DJ) Thinking it needs a photo data base to find a match,same with objects too,and objects may need more then one photo data base for each room

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That would be along the lines of to detect custom objects like clocks, pens and I assume faces would fall in to that too... Face may be a bit easier thinking about Android's face unlock security feature...

There is a topic about custom detection somewhere on here.


@RichMR2 ARC also supports the exact same features as OpenCV for detecting objects. However, like OpenCV, you need to create a Haar Cascade of the image with a classifier. It's not an easy task.

Press Config on the Camera Control to access the Custom Detection configuraton.


Robotmaker and Rich...DJ has solved the face recognition issue by having EZ-B recognize QR Codes! ...slap a QR code on the forehead with the persons name! In a robotic voice..." stop frowning DJ , I was barely able to read your name":) (tongue in cheek)


hahahaha qrcode face masks


Thanks DJ for creating the head frame! I have already started on FRED but looks like he'll be getting a little brother :)


I guess i need to test it and compare to OPENCV I do like ROBOREALM alot better and hope it makes a interface to EZB soon it has so many many modules for face and object detection ,color changes,math, it will be a long list to add ,since its a video processing software and very good add to EZB plus makes DJ job a lot easy too

here is a link to all the modules and filters well over 100 for video and i think more then 50 on robots and boards,one looks is it detects skin color.

roborealm list of modules and filters


DJ i check config in camera ,only can save one photo,so how do you save a lot more,same with object detection too,there is more then one object in a house,and i would think on faces ,more then one.

Second how does it compare them,dont see anything in camera controls or config

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Tracking, Custom turns on tracking for the custom detection.

You can only load 1 Haar XML at a time.


yes i know,so it really doesnt compare with a few faces only one,so its only tracking not recognizing faces or objects

Tracking is good for if you want to track a person moving around or one object like a ball

Where recognizing it if many people in the room comes up to the robot it will compare with the same face in the data base,and auto add the face if you write extra softare for it.

Same with objects too.would really good to have this feature in EZB.


@RobotMaker, you would need to use the EZ-SDK to become that customizable. If I were to add multiple Haar Cascde detection in ARC, you would need a very powerful computer. Roborealm has some neat features. ARC has more.


BUT not many in video processing ,and you have to be a very good programmer to use the SDK

To me it looks like french :( :(

I was able to use 9 faces and i can add many more in HAAR cascode detection using only windows xp pro and single 1.6 ghz without the resouces or speed get used much in windows task manager

Hope Steven from roborealm will make a interface soon so EZB CAN have access to over 100 filters and modules for VIDEO PROCESSING

DJ how many video or camera filters and modules does EZB have ?


@DJ, I have a Vflash and a new Projet 1500 cranking out my android head parts. Mine will have a silicone face that slips over the under skull. I should have the prototype and molds done by February and will be selling them on my website soon. Perhaps I'll scan and pull a mold off of your animatronic head and create custom faces for folks to buy and place on your heads?. Anyone interested? If so what type of faces would you like to see?

Did you find someone to fill your Solidworks position? Many seats here in LA.


also about harr cascode correct if i am wrong DJ, i thought its only for saving or tracking a image so you are only using it once.

IN comparing faces for recognition,you save many faces in a folder and then compare one image to it till its found.


this may be a bit offtopic right now, but it's related to the very first posts of this thread:

i wonder if you've seen this video, @robotmaker :

this face can express many emotions for sure.

@DJ , is this possible with the EZ-B kit? (perhaps 2 boards, since it needs 23 servos excluding other things) i'll defenitely buy it if it's available here. :D

and when exactly will the robot face be available (the one in the first posts)? (so i can order it together with my ez-robot set)


I would think EZB is perfect for it,i think its near the same as the baby robot face


@fxrtst , I am def interested in your silicon faces. What is your website so we can all check in?! :)


One in the video looks very high cost to buy or make,i thing it takes high current with 16 servo's I like the one DJ has posted


Sites not up yet. But will be when live.

To be clear I'm not hijacking this thread. I don't want to take away the excitement from the robot revolution and DJs advancement in ez robotics. Months ago I announced that I was creating a business plan and executing a business, based around the evolving board and the software. There is no doubt that DJ is passionate about robotics and has the ability to evolve the product further. If he sticks with it, he will indeed be the Edison of modern and future robotics.

Based on the EZB advancements I chose this year to roll out for sale, an android head and then other platforms for hobbiests and then onto much larger robots. It seems we both had similar ideas! This friendly competition, can only mean great things for the consumer hobbiests.

May the robot revolution begin!


fxrtst hope the price is very low for hobbiests


I must vouch for fxrtst' and his work. He creates the high end rubber legs & arms of choice for the B9 Builders Club and does amazing work. I am lucky enough to have bought a set from his last run. They will last a 100 years! Truly amazing work and a truly honest and hard working guy. He has learned from the best in the Special Effects industry and is now among them. He's the real deal. I've been waiting for his "coming out" announcement and it looks like it's close.

Dave Schulpius

PS. Will, Hope you don't mind me speaking up here. If so send me an e-mail and I'll edit it.


I am shooting for procucts that are aesthetically pleasing. I will sell them without servos and the EZB. That will allow the hobbiests to use Servos off the shelf or their own stock. So the price will be lower than if I sold them completely rigged. Although I could keep a fully rigged as an option.


That sounds good mostly me i am looking to make my own,using very little serovo's but still have many emotions DONT need servo's to do all emotions,there are other low cost idea's but still hope to see what you have and cost

Have any video's of your design

second will the eye take web camera to place inside


Thanks Dave! I'm just a regular guy who started in my basement doing rubber monsters at the age of 12! I've always had a passion for robots. The EZB has given me a plethora of ideas for products. And with new pricing on these boards I'll be able to throw one in every prototype!


@robotmaker, no video of design. Keeping it under wraps. As for the eyes , no the sizes are based on human sizes and to get the camera and moving parts of the eye in there together would be impossible. ( I am speaking of the wireless camera that comes with the kit ). Maybe there are other micro wireless cameras that would fit!?



There ones at .75 inch square and some even smaller,most eyes are about 1 inch round,like the one the sell on ebay,and DJ has and i have the same one too,camera fits easy in it.

Also with all your servo's using in it have you check the current,in a normal face it should draw so or alot and more or less depending on the emotions its showing

Thats a major item in battery controlled robots,in animation i think its not important mostly i would say it run off a AC line

Need to keep the battery usage as low as possible or use a much larger battery and then higher torque motors or charge every 15 min

I was able to reduce the current on servo's,you make your own servo with feedback circuit and pick higher torgue motor and the right gear ratio to give you double the torque you need and run the servo at half the current and torque,

Been designing my own servo's for a very long time

Look at my omnibot 2000 problem the arm has lift power of 200 pounds at 1 amp but only using less then 100lbs and under 500 ma

Same servo from servocity draws 2.5 amps at near 200 lbs

Feedback is easy only need a servo board and 5k pot and upgrade if needed the h-bridge chip on the board


Keep in mind, that face is not part of Revolution :)

We have not filled the second Solidworks position yet. Over a hundred applicants locally - we're the engineering capital of Canada (and I think also USA) - plenty of people are excited to work in robotics! It's awesome... Although all the submissions will make interviewing next week very difficult.

We have had a solidworks employee for the past 2 months. We are hiring our second :)


I sleep and wake wondering when the revolution will begin and dream of what it will contain. When my friend will you announce the revolution? A month a week? When?

Omg good luck on those interviews! That's a lot of interviews.


Will, umm, I mean fxrtst, Do you have any pics of those rubber monitors you made in you basement years ago? I'd love to see where it all started. You had a web site once a few years ago wiht more of your work. Is any of that still available?


LOL I am sure my mom has a picture of those early days in the basement! All my personal stuff has been moved to Facebook. I will share an album there, some work over the past 10 years and include austin powers, peral harbor, planet of the apes (2001), the watchman, benjamin buttons..and on and, just a fraction of the past 25 years.

Work Pictures


Thank You for sharing! and its an honor to have you on the Forum :)


You are welcome. I'm just another robot fan, and builder.

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This has turned in to an awesome thread, but my bank manager wont think so... Rubber arms, legs, faces etc. all fit perfectly in to my big project I have planned (once my smaller ones are done and I have the experience required for it).

I now have images of Robin Williams half way through Bicentennial Man springing to mind (thanks irobot for mentioning it, I finally got round to watching it the other day).


Your welcome RICH:) I am convinced 20 years from now we'll be seeing a lot of personal bipedal robots. I watch your threads closely bytw because they are SO informative.....and I too understand about the "budget"....Its hard to "keep up" sometimes with new developements happening daily but we just have to jump in at some point!


I mostly like bipedal robots ,last one i bought sells for over $3000 ,i got a good deal on it and its hard to find in USA. japan is the only place you can get it another is ROBOPHILO robot i am getting this week ,this one going to use EZB and that will be number 74 robot i have

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@irobot I try to be as informative as I can be and fill posts with as much information as I can so it's great to get confirmation on that. The way I see it is if I can help someone then I'm going to. If I see something that doesn't sit quite right with me I'll mention it and give constructive advice. I do that because I appreciate all constructive criticism on my own posts and ideas etc.

I started out on a budget, that went out the window in the first week. Too much temptation on ebay is another killer... Originally I wanted an Omnibot, I got one... then I picked up the Hearoid... then another Omnibot for parts... then a RAD... a Robosapien V1, A Robosapien mini and only today my Roboraptor turned up... So much for just wanting an Omnibot:) But I digress... what was the topic here? :)


@irobot i give the best advice i know too,mostly designing circuits witch i am close to a expert on and sensors i am the same,plus i know a lot about designing making your own servo's

I say the same as RICH, I give constructive advice if someone doest agree with me its ok,i dont think they really made it or tried it but will still take there criticismon my posts or thier posts

Only item i lack is programming,witch i started to learn

Some would say programming is easy and electronic designing is hard,mostly becauuse the are into programming

Once i get good at programming most likely i will tells others its easy


74 robots! Robotmaker what an amazing collection! I am finally getting to understand your "accent" and better able to understand your information. Thank you so much for being so busy on this forum:) As for Rich's accent ..I just hear a "wonderful brit accent" :)

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Oh it's not wonderful, it's often slurred and words run together but that depends on how much I've had to drink :D


I NEVER DRINK OR SMOKE,nor have i tried them too :D :D