Live Robot Hack Session
DJ Sures

Dj's 5th Live Hack Session

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In this 5th live robot hacking event, I will demonstrate how to program an Arduino and connect it to ARC via USB and Bluetooth. I'll also control a Robotis Bioloid with the Microsoft 360 Kinect... and if there's time, it will be fun to give you a live demo of EZ-Robot's prototype Indoor Positioning System.


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8-)cool,sounds like a fun one!


i love these live hacks .


I hope I can remember to watch. This sounds very interesting and helpful.


So are these hacks on youtube or how do I ask you questions?

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In a few hours you’ll find out :). There will be a chat window next to the video when the broadcast starts.

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I guess I will not be able to watch because will be busy at 7 pm :(. Also DJ the forth live hack session I cannot watch because it says "Video unavailable

This video contains content from Kobalt (AWAL Digital Limited), who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."


Thanks for everyone that joined - it was a lot of fun, minus the WiiMote fiasco! Skip over that part and see how we "remote controlled" the Bioloid through an InMoov using the Kinect and WiiMotes. Omg, i've never done something so cool before hahaha


:PThat was the best Hack night so far! Jeremie had Voltron walking around and you had all the rest of the robots having a dance party at the end with a kinect ! It was complete WestWorld mayhem going on in your Lab, gotta love it! Take care guys and good night!


User-inserted image connecting the wii mote was a great where chould you lay down the wii mote on a destop?


I wasn't able to be there but I'm really looking forward to watching this and Jeremie's videos. Sounds like it was a blast and lots to learn from.