Live Robot Hack Session
DJ Sures

DJ's 6th Live Hack Event (Raspberry Pi & NeoPixel with Arduino)

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In this 6th installment of DJ's Live Hack Events, we'll be installing EZ-Builder on a Raspberry Pi, install plugins and control a robot. There's a conversation regarding NeoPixels and how to drive them from EZ-Builder. I'll connect a NeoPixel to an Arduino and control it via EZ-Builder.

I was watching that video yesterday - ironically! How long did it take you to get running?
This seems to be great...also having in mind that the Raspberry Pi 4 is around the corner!!:)
It took me about 3 hours because it takes an hour to run the disk image command and then another hour to write the image and then when you boot the pi and do the setup and stuff it takes about a half hour.
DJ is there going to be a live hack tonight?
Yes if you have to do all from scrap it takes a while...could be nice if there would also be some ready to use image for first timers!
But once you are set updating your software is really easy and fast!:)
The guy in that video posted another yesterday. This time he’s running Windows off an SSD rather than microsd. The performance is twice as fast but still no where near the speeds were used to. That’s great progress!!!:) very excited for it