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Switch On H-Bridge?

Switch On H-Bridge?

Hi, On the 2.5A Motor Controller that is sold on the EZ-Robot store, there is a pushbutton switch labeled S1. It seems to toggle an LED that is labeled 5V Power. What does this...
Odd Behavior With Xbox Wireless Controller

Odd Behavior With Xbox Wireless Controller

Hi, I am using the Xbox Wireless Controller and I noticed some odd behavior in the ARC. The left-side analog joystick on the controller...

New Kinect

Heres a cool video with a demo of the new Kinect sensor which will be shipping later this year

Maker Faire, San Mateo, Get Together On Saturday

Hi, For all of you that are coming on May 18th to San Mateo, CA for the Maker Faire, lets get together for a beer or something. I think DJ said that he would be there on Saturday, so lets target late Saturday afternoon at the Swingin Door Pub. Swingin Door Pub Its located about 1 block from the main entrance of the Maker Faire. The Faire runs from...

Wild Thumper Alternate Wheels

Hi, I like my Wild Thumper 4WD, but the wheels are really meant for rugged, outdoor use. I would like to replace them with similarly sized wheels that are smooth (unlike the kit wheels which have big spikes for traction on dirt). Have any of you done this before? Can you recommend a website to shop for replacement wheels? Thanks, Mike

Maker Faire, San Mateo, Ca May 18-19

Hi, Are any of you guys going to the Maker Faire in California next month? Ill be there! Mike

Wiring Up Two H-Bridges

Hi, I wired two h-bridges (from the EZ-Robot store) to the 4 motors on my Dagu 4WD Thumper. I wired one h-bridge to the right side wheels (each wheel gets one of the dual outputs from the bridge). And the other h-bridge to the left side wheels. My question is: can one digital output from the EZ-B board be used to drive two digital inputs on the...

Free Online Course On Robotics From Georgia Tech

Thought you guys might be interested in this. Looks pretty cool. This course investigates how to make mobile robots move in effective, safe, and predictable ways. The basic tool for achieving this is control theory, which deals with the question of how dynamical systems, i.e., systems whose behaviors change...

Robogames 2013, Fri-Sun, Apr 19-21, 2013 In San Mateo, Ca

Ill be there! If anyone else plans to go, let me know.


Hi, I am having trouble finding a source for small washers (#2 and #4 washers for 2-56 and 4-40 screws). Most hardware stores in California only stock #6 and bigger. Does anyone have a source for the smaller ones that they would recommend? Thanks, Mike

H-Bridge Details

Hi, Can someone please point me to a detailed spec sheet for the 2.5A H-Bridge that is sold on this sites Store? I read and watched the tutorial but I have more questions. Also, does anyone know what the IN1-IN4 pins are for, exactly? Why do we need 4 digital signals for 2 motors? Perhaps forward and reverse for each? Thanks, Mike

Schematic Software

Hi, What programs do you guys use for creating electrical schematics of your creations? I would need something compatible with Windows 7 & 8. Thanks, Mike

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller For Windows

Hi, Will the Xbox 360 Wireless controller for Windows work fine with ARC out of the box or will I need to program something custom for it? Thanks, Mike

Li-Ion Battery Pack Suggestions?

Hi, I am going to set up a Wild Thumper 4WD with an EZ-B and I want to run it off of two Li-ion battery packs. I will use one ~7.2V pack for the EZ-B and one ~12V pack for the motors that turn the wheels. Do you guys have any experience with any particular brands of battery packs that you can recommend? If so, can you also recommend a good store...

Ces Exhibit?

Hi DJ, Are you going to exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month?

Hi And A Question About The Wild Thumper Chassis

Hi, I am new to the community and ready to get started! Ive done some robotics in the past and am just starting to get into it again. I was greatly impressed with the hardware and resources available for EZ-Robot. So I am ready to jump in. My first project will be an autonomous vehicle for outdoor use (navigating neighborhood sidewalks). I probably...

Windows 8 Compatibility

Hi, Are ARC and all of its components and support software compatible with Windows 8? Thanks, Mike
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