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Odd Behavior With Xbox Wireless Controller


I am using the Xbox Wireless Controller and I noticed some odd behavior in the EZ-Builder.

The left-side analog joystick on the controller controls variables X1 and Y1. Which is correct.

But the right-side analog joystick controls variable X3 and Y2. Which seems weird. It should control X2 and Y2.

Any thoughts? Can I change the mapping anywhere?



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United Kingdom
I have a feeling this was covered before since I had noticed that, and if I remember correctly it is not ARC that's at fault but a Windows problem... If I get chance later I will look for the topic.

How I got around it was to adjust the joystick config to suit. X2 is the LT and RT while X3 is the joystick if memory serves correctly. Since Joystick 2 controlled the head I just manually set the pan servo to X3 and the tilt servo to Y2 I think (I've since got rid of the joystick so can't be 100% sure).
Thanks Rich. I did the same workaround.

Do you know what the eight-way directional pad is mapped to in ARC?
United Kingdom
As far as I could figure out it isn't mapped to anything in ARC.
@rich Hi! Can you tell me how you manually set the pan servo and tilt? Im not quite understanding the process.
It is in the button mapping tab?
United Kingdom
To be honest, no... I removed the joystick control from my project since it is to be entirely autonomous. However, I will check through my old backups and see if I have a copy of it with the joystick when I get chance, and if not I'll have another look at the joystick control and figure it out for you (if nobody else steps up). Bear with me:)
United Kingdom
Click on the config button of the joystick control. You should get this screen...
User-inserted image

Choose Joystick #2 and #3 and enter the servos in the boxes, as highlighted with red.
Oh thanks! I will try this directly after work!
Yesterday I also configured my wireless 360 controller for pan/tilt of the head of rolling olli.
After some trying, i had pan/tilt on the right analog stick.

But there is another Problem, when I press the stick front or backwards, the head moves also left/right a little because the stick is very sensitive.

It would be great if there was a adjustable Dead Zone for the Sticks in ARC.