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Maker Faire, San Mateo, Ca May 18-19


Are any of you guys going to the Maker Faire in California next month? I'll be there!


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Nobody is going?



I'll be there.



Great. I love that show. Lots of fun for the whole family!



Are you participating? Have you started an EZ-B project?



Not participating. I started an EZ-B project 3 weeks ago. I am building a Wild Thumper 4WD Chassis as a basic platform for an autonomous vehicle. I try to spend 2-3 hours a week working on it, so it is coming along slowly. :-)



I'm on my second robot and I started it last May-June. Things have changed. I'm scrapping my base and redesigning it. It's a slow process but it'll be fun. Name TBD That's my current guy. But a very slow process.


Been out of touch lately. I'll be there at least one day. Not sure if I should bring my wall-e. I haven't touched him in awhile.


We should arrange to all meet. Either there or somewhere near. We won't have a booth this year but we will be there:)


Cool! There is a pretty good British Pub about 100 yards from the entrance to the Expo Center. That would work :-)


Me? Beer? What, am I Canadian or something?:) That's a good idea!

We haven't decided which day we will attending yet... Most likely the first day.


Cool. I know that bar. Just over the tracks. On 25th. The swingin' door?


Yes. The Swinging Door on 25th. Are you local cyberdude?


I will be there Saturday. I think a meet and greet would be nice.



I would love to come by I don't think I could afford the travel to both maker fair.


Someone set a time for the meet-up! DJ, you have the greatest restrictions, so may I suggest you pick a time? The bat is literally half a block from the front entrance to the expo center, right over the tracks, on the left ; )


Let's meet on Saturday. I will presenting twice that day. I know one time is 1:30 PM in the Maker Shed. I am unsure about the second time. I will post soon as I hear back:)


Great! I am free all day on that Saturday. I plan on getting to the Faire about 30 minutes before it starts. So around 9:30am. I'll have my wife and two kids with me. I will hang out most of the day. I only live a mile away from the fair grounds, so it is very convenient for me.