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Li-Ion Battery Pack Suggestions?


I am going to set up a Wild Thumper 4WD with an EZ-B and I want to run it off of two Li-ion battery packs. I will use one ~7.2V pack for the EZ-B and one ~12V pack for the motors that turn the wheels.

Do you guys have any experience with any particular brands of battery packs that you can recommend? If so, can you also recommend a good store (online preferable) to buy them?

Thanks very much, Mike


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3s 11.1v (thats discharged voltage) 30c lipo from turnigy , 5000mah. , get a 2s battery for you 7.4v


Thanks for the tip! Those look like good batteries.

What do you use for a power supply and balancer/charger for those?

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I use Turnigy for both the battery and the balance charger. I have just a basic, cheap turnigy balance port charger, charges at 80mA so takes a while with a 5000mAh battery but safer that way and should extend the battery life (apparently).

This is the one I use; Plus a 12V adaptor from an old DVD player/router etc.

Or this one would work well too I guess

I have mine built in to my robot and the balance port connected perminantly, the 12v jack connects to the original omnibot jack on the back so it can all be charged without taking it apart. Auto cut off when charged too and charges each cell to 0.01v of each other (mine have been perfectly matched every charge so far).

Turnigy are affordable and I have no problems with the quality.