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Windows 8 Compatibility


Are ARC and all of it's components and support software compatible with Windows 8?



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I've been running ARC on two different pc's which are running Windows 8 without any problems myself..
yes, one of our testing machines is Windows 8:)

@Mike, you can download ARC by clicking Downloads from the top of this webpage
DJ. I was thinking of getting a Microsoft Surface Windows 8 touch tablet, wondering if ARC is fully compatible with a touch tablet, it would be very convenience to be able to control a robot from the tablet.
....Surface Windows 8 Pro tablets are due out in 2013, they are a bit beefier in regards to CPU speed etc. I'd love to get these to work as onboard computers....if as DJ says, Windows 8 works with EZ, then it should work if it has enough horse power.
The current MS Surface runs Windows 8 RT, which is the ARM-based OS version. The ARC app will have to be ported to this version of Windows by DJ for it to work. It would be a great thing to have happen. :-)

The Surface Pro, which is rumored to ship early next year, is a standard Windows 8 OS (X86-based). ARC will work on that the same as it would on any Windows 8 PC.