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Robogames 2013, Fri-Sun, Apr 19-21, 2013 In San Mateo, Ca

I'll be there! If anyone else plans to go, let me know.



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I went last year. There were lots of screaming kids and you're in a very small area.

I'm assuming you are local. Where? I'm in Richmond

I am in San Mateo. I can walk there, :-)
Nice... Are you participating?
No. Not participating. I'll be there with my 12-year-son to watch some of the competitions and check out the vendors.
Have you been? There are very few vendors but there are some cool bots. What day are you going?
Sunday. Noon-4pm ish
On Sunday you'll get to see the finals, better ones will be later but something else to consider is that they start Friday night, many of the bots are pretty beaten up by then. One of the ones I wanted to see got taken out the day before. Poopie! But you'll see the better ones.