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Free Online Course On Robotics From Georgia Tech

Thought you guys might be interested in this. Looks pretty cool.


This course investigates how to make mobile robots move in effective, safe, and predictable ways. The basic tool for achieving this is "control theory", which deals with the question of how dynamical systems, i.e., systems whose behaviors change over time, can be effectively influenced. In the course, these two domains - controls and robotics - will be interleaved and we will go from the basics of control theory, via robotic examples of increasing complexity - all the way to the research frontier. The course will focus on mobile robots as the target application and problems that will be covered include (1) how to make (teams of) wheeled ground robots avoid collisions while reaching target locations, (2) how to make aerial, quadrotor robots follow paths in the presence of severe disturbances, and (3) how to locomotive bipedal, humanoid robots.

it looks good,georgia not to far away from me too
Seems like an interesting class. I just signed up.
I just completed the course. It was very good.
Did u do the course Sam? Can I apply it to college or print out a dinky certificate? Lol
I am just starting today and in week one. I am not sure if it's transferable to a different college but at the end it does say that you get a certificate.
Then do it with me. I'm on week one Lecture 1.3 each video is a few minutes.
I will sign up for it today
You get a "Statement of Accomplishment"! It looks really nice hanging on my refrigerator :-)