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More details will be coming out throughout the year
Can a regular Kinect do these things? I have one of the first releases.
That's crazy improvement

- detects micro skin movement to see best heart rate
-eye and facial movement, expression and direction
- tracks 6 figures at a time and because of the active IR feature room lighting even in darkness doesn't matter.
-3d depth mapping improved

I'm impressed with the improvement. I can see the reason why they would want to make it standard for every Xbox. It won't be cheap but that didn't hurt Sony when it was 600 bucks.

Since its a required accessory it may be easy to get one from somebody who doesn't like using the kinect or is just desperate for cash. They will be easier and cheaper to obtain. I only hope the one for a PC and a Xbox one are the same accessory.

If this or even the original kinect is integrated as a module in ARC and supported in SDK it will be epic.
United Kingdom
As great as that looks I am always reminded of the Milo demo of the original kinect which implied much more than we actually got. I'll hold off on the excitement for now.
I just watched that demo. That was not realistic at all. It felt completely scripted and not a good representation of the kinect equipment. First off kinect can't focus on a image on that paper 4-6 inches away. Yup I see what you meant.
most likely i will get the first one out.i saw it while back and was very cool and now video is much better.