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Custom Firmware

Hey, I asked this in another Category, probably not the right one... but anyways I'm trying to replace the EZ B code in my board with custom AVR code as I know the board is an ATMega128. The thing is I do not have a programmer, but I know the EZ B has a bootloader for us to update the firmware over bluetooth. The code 14 activates the boot loader,...

Connection Example Using Serial Port In C#

Hey, can any one help me here, I'm looking for a very simple connection to the EZ B using pure serial ports in C# which I know is possible, take in mind this is COMPLETELY for learning purposes, I'm aware that the SDK exists, but does anyone know or can provide an example of connection to serial port and doing something like simply moving a servo?...

Dc Motor And Continuous Servos

Why do you guys from EZ Robot ship the EZB with Continuous Servos instead of DC Motors and H Bridges?

What Is The Exact Model Identifier Of The Camera?

Hey, I notice the webcam does not work well with mac, just in bootcamp. The thing is I know it's a sonix camera, but I dont know the exact model, it's something along the lines sn9c20x no? I found a drivers page in sonix, but I need the model :P

What Is The Amperage Of The Digital Pins?

What is the max amperage that the digital pins give? I don't mean the power pins, I mean the signal ones.

Arduino And Ez-Robot Hybrid

Hey there, I recently got myself an arduino uno for embedded programming, but it lacks the amount of IO pins the EZ-B has, then I thought to myself, why not control the ezb from the arduino? So here, I've ported a minimal part of Openbot to arduino to control servos and set digital ports for now. To make this work you connect the pin 5 in your...
At What Baud Rate Does Ez Builder Run?

At What Baud Rate Does Ez Builder Run?

What is the baud rate of EZ Builder? What's the board's default baud rate?

Programming Ez-B

Hey DJ, is there any chance you can tell me what kind of input does the EZ-B bootloader take? Am I violating any terms of the EZB? If not is there any way in which you can help? I've always wanted to program the EZ-B with my own code, and yes I'm fully conscious that Im not going to be able to use EZ SDK, nor EZ Builder, but is there any chance of...

What Kind Of Microprocessor Does Ez-B Use?

What kind of microprocessor does EZ-B use? Does it use an AVR or a PIC, if so, which model would that be?

How Can I Change The Name Of My Bt Module?

I want the BT Module to have the name of my robot, how can I do this?

Using 2.4Ghz Camera's Communication Module On The Ez-B

Hey, I've noticed the bluetooth communication in the EZ-B has a certain low range, it stops working at about 5 meters, but the camera has a very large range. I'm wondering, is it possible to use the camera's communication module to communicate with the EZ-B? I understand I'd have to do some programming to get the data off the USB, but in the...

Ez Sdk Ports For Ios And Mac

Well, they're not as advanced as DJ's SDK, but it works for my robot :). The one of iOS only has servo control as I started it this weekend. It requires jailbreaking though :P as Apple can only talk with their approved devices or BLE, and your bluetooth module is not BLE, sorry for that :P. Anyways here they are Mac:...

Ez Robot Ports

Hey, I've been enjoying my EZ Robot and decided to stop using Bootcamp on my mac. Which is why I started porting the parts I needed for my robot. So far I've managed to make a mac port with webcam, tracking and movement and an iOS port with movement, not controlling by WiFi, the app is running in the ios without the need of any other device, but...
Camera Can't Power Off Nor Display An Image

Camera Can't Power Off Nor Display An Image

Hey, I received my EZ Robot kit yesterday at night, and I set up the camera and everything worked fine, at a moment, I noticed the...

Bootloader Question

Hey DJ, I've noticed in the source of EZ OpenBot you have the message type BootLoader, what is it for? Another question, I see the EZ Bot board is an ATMega128 if I'm not wrong, then it is possible to program it to run without a computer (Embedded programming). I've found ET-AVR ISP in here

Wireless Camera Freezes After Single Frame Capture.

Hey, I've managed to make a limited port of ez sdk to C# Mono and now I'm running all the software and developing my robot on my Mac, now I know it's not your job to help me as you do not support mac, but I suspect I'm not too far from this. When I try to use it it just captures a single frame and stays there, but the frame updates each time the...

Better Range

Hey, If I want to get a better range in the EZ-B, how can I achieve this, Xbee? Wifi? Because the camera has an incredible range and I'd wish the EZ-B did too, but how can I be able to achieve this? I'm a programmer and starting robotics so I'm not expert in the hardware, where can I find an installation tutorial for either of these?

Wireless Camera In Screen Using Ez Sdk

I've already seen the camera streaming what it's seeing in the bot, in the EZ Builder, but I want to do the same in EZ SDK, I want to be able to watch what the robot watches, how can I achieve this in C#?

Recognition While Speaking

Is there any way to know if the ezB Controller is speaking so I can stop recognition while it is speaking? Thanks

Several Ez Robot Questions

Hey, Im a long time programmer looking to start in robotics, and i've several questions aboutnthe ez robot kit. Complete hardware noob here, so be patient :) First: Can I replace ez robot's microcontroller with an embedded board and switch between that amd microcontroller for testing? If so how, and where could I buy the embedded programming board?...
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