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It's dependent on the communication method. The hardware UART within the EZ-B will adjust the baud rate when connection is established. The EZ-B has a 16 bit resolution baud rate generator, which is dependent on the 40 mhz clock speed.

To simply answer your question: Any BAUD Rate at all.

However, here is the error table:

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Also, if you're interested in the baud rate detection process during a connnection attempt, this will help..

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The EZ-B's Enhanced USART module supports the automatic detection and calibration of baud rate. This feature is active only in Asynchronous mode and while the WUE bit is clear.

The automatic baud rate measurement sequence begins whenever a Start bit is received and the ABDEN bit is set. The calculation is self-averaging.

In the Auto-Baud Rate Detect (ABD) mode, the clock to the BRG is reversed. Rather than the BRG clocking the incoming RX signal, the RX signal is timing the BRG. In ABD mode, the internal Baud Rate Generator is used as a counter to time the bit period of the incoming serial byte stream.

Once the ABDEN bit is set, the state machine will clear the BRG and look for a Start bit. The Auto-Baud Rate Detection must receive a byte with the value 55h (ASCII "U", which is also the LIN bus Sync character) in order to calculate the proper bit rate. The measurement is taken over both a low and high bit time in order to minimize any effects caused by asymmetry of the incoming signal. After a Start bit, the SPBRG begins counting up, using the preselected clock source on the first rising edge of RX. After eight bits on the RX pin or the fifth rising edge, an accumulated value totalling the proper BRG period is left in the SPBRGH:SPBRG register pair. Once the 5th edge is seen (this should correspond to the Stop bit), the ABDEN bit is automatically cleared.rnotr


Wow, thats exactly the answer I wanted:)