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Connection Example Using Serial Port In C#

Hey, can any one help me here, I'm looking for a very simple connection to the EZ B using pure serial ports in C# which I know is possible, take in mind this is COMPLETELY for learning purposes, I'm aware that the SDK exists, but does anyone know or can provide an example of connection to serial port and doing something like simply moving a servo? That would be awesome!:) Thanks


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There is an unsupported ez-openbot on google that you can review:


Josh, don't forget to link this in the wiki. :)


Ok, I need a bit of help. I opened up ez openbot in Visual Studio Express 2012, chose update and tried to build solution. After all the files finish building I get error RC1015: cannot open include file 'afxres.h'. Sorry for asking, but I've only used C++ to develop in mac :)


Ok, I fixed the error by changin afxres.h to windows.h, now I'm trying to test, I replaced the address in the sample that comes with the sdk. I used the address I found in Control Panel/Devices/EZ-Robot/Bluetooth/Unique Identifier, but I still get a runtime error after the connection is attempted, if I boot up my ez sdk project everything works fine, why is this?


Hey, I'm now trying to use Serial Ports as I once said, in C#. What I've got so far is this, I'm trying to get a ping response, but the program gets stuck in the first read call waiting for a message from the EZB, what am I doing wrong?


Ok, I did it :), figured out... if I'm not wrong. First ping no return, then I have to keep pings each second and THOSE return the firmwire, now all commands I send are working:):):) . Moving servos in all C# with SerialPort


I can't seem to get anything at the google repository. It is new to me, how is it used and what files do I need to download tom get the ez openbot running on a PI?