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Programming Ez-B

Hey DJ, is there any chance you can tell me what kind of input does the EZ-B bootloader take? Am I violating any terms of the EZB? If not is there any way in which you can help? I've always wanted to program the EZ-B with my own code, and yes I'm fully conscious that Im not going to be able to use EZ SDK, nor EZ Builder, but is there any chance of me being able to program it without erasing your boot loader, if not, thanks anyways :).


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Question directed to me in the subject are deleted, fyi:) .. This is a community and we share and work as a community

You cannot program the EZ-B directly. The development environment can either be ARC or EZ-SDK.

If you wish to program a microcontroller directly, I recommend using Arduino. We also have an Arduino add-on coming out soon - which will allow the EZ-B to controlled by it.
I'm already controlling my EZ-B using my arduino :). The thing is, the arduino is only 16 Mhz : P