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What Is The Exact Model Identifier Of The Camera?

Hey, I notice the webcam does not work well with mac, just in bootcamp. The thing is I know it's a sonix camera, but I dont know the exact model, it's something along the lines sn9c20x no? I found a drivers page in sonix, but I need the model:P


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He says in many of his camera videos it's a No-name camera.

Hope this helps. Cant tell you more than i know.
there is no specific model. I rescued the product from being discontinued. I found it last year and the company was going to stop making it. For the price, it is a very useful part of robotics. Sadly, there isn't much information on it. I don't know why it won't work in OS/X as it is a generic video input device
It is detected, but when I try to access it it just captures 1 frame and streams that