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Bootloader Question

Hey DJ, I've noticed in the source of EZ OpenBot you have the message type BootLoader, what is it for? Another question, I see the EZ Bot board is an ATMega128 if I'm not wrong, then it is possible to program it to run without a computer (Embedded programming). I've found ET-AVR ISP in here http://www.futurlec.com/ET-AVR_Stamp.shtml#Programmer which is the board's programmer, now please correct me if I'm wrong, in this case any program that can run in the ATMega128 will run with the board provided in the kit, right? Now remember I'm not in favor of embedded programming, I just like exploring to depth. Now in case I flash and install my program with the ISP cable I will loose ez robot's firmwire, yes? Now I know you (DJ) update the firmware via bluetooth, so I could run and install my own programs in bluetooth technically, am I incorrect? What would be the steps? And if I do is there any way reinstall the Ez robot firmware? Thanks:)


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Hello Dux welcome to the EZ Robot forum!

The power of ARC and SDK is from using the power of a controlling personal computer. The microcontroller ofcourse is loaded with firmware to interface with the features. Removing the firmware will render the board basically useless in comparison to the flexibility of ARC powered by a pc. If you remove the firmware you may not be able to get ez robot firmware installed correctly agian. I don't recommend this experiment. Try sdk if you really like to write your own code. It has more features than any microcontroller out there;) -Josh S
jstarne1, yea I know the power of the EZ B, but remember my post, and actually all others, all my experiments are for learning purposes and I have clear what is best and what is just old tech, etc, but I was asking if maybe there was a way to make the firmware look say like "old" ez robot firmware so I can just update it with the normal updater. In the case the SDK or the builder ask for an update before using, I've built my own SDK in Mono based on the Openbot source.