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Better Range

Hey, If I want to get a better range in the EZ-B, how can I achieve this, Xbee? Wifi? Because the camera has an incredible range and I'd wish the EZ-B did too, but how can I be able to achieve this? I'm a programmer and starting robotics so I'm not expert in the hardware, where can I find an installation tutorial for either of these?


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You can get up to 300 feet of wireless distance by upgrading the Class 2 Bluetooth device installed in the EZ-B with a Class 1 bluetooth board. Here is a source: Class 1 bluetooth
You will also want a 6 pin header to solder onto the board and then it will just plug into the EZ-B 4 pin connector with the two outer leads not used. A Class 1 bluetooth dongle will be needed for the PC side of the connection.