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Custom Firmware

Hey, I asked this in another Category, probably not the right one... but anyways I'm trying to replace the EZ B code in my board with custom AVR code as I know the board is an ATMega128. The thing is I do not have a programmer, but I know the EZ B has a bootloader for us to update the firmware over bluetooth. The code 14 activates the boot loader, but how can I send the program I've built? Any help? Do I send the hex file as a byte array?


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The EZ-B is not an Atmega128 - it is a Microchip PIC. The code is not compatible and is also not compatible with the bootloader. The EZ-B firmware is only compatible with the bootloader. You are unable to program custom firmware onto the EZ-B. To control the EZ-B, download ARC or use the EZ-SDK. The ARC software has a development environment for EZ-Script, if you wish to create your own program.

Otherwise, you may convert your Arduino program to EZ-Script very easily.
Hola DJ Sures el firmware EZ es open sures? Es creo q queme el pic:( saludos desde bolivia felicidades muy buena la página esperare tu respuesta mi correo es andresetn@gmail.com gracias saludos
the ez-robot firmware is not open source. however, any projects you build within the framework using SDK or ARC you can release as open source
Ok muchas gracias dj sures! Empezare utilizado ese entorno! Gracias saludos!