My Name Is Cameron, This Is My First Robot 6

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I am 10 years old.
My grampa and I built this robot over a year ago.
now I have a computer to do my own ideas and scripts.
My brother also has a new homemade robot.
It is fun make new things for my robot and share with my younger brother.
hope you like my robot.

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July 26 2017
Awesome! :)

Sorry to say this, but here we have the proof that robots are not the future...our kids are! :D
July 26 2017
Super awsome that you AND your brother love robots! I see a bright future ahead. Great job!
DJ Sures
July 26 2017
Very cool, Cameron. Six has always been my favorite robot. I really like the way he walks, and when you added the music, he became extra cool. High fives!
July 27 2017
Thanks for watching my robot! I really like the music my grandpa and I added. I'm going to see what other music I can use with six.
July 29 2017
Wow very cool, you're starting at a great age and it's great your grandpa is helping you. maybe one day you will build a robot to take care of your grandpa in his golden years. Your mom or your grandfather may not like it, but it would be cool having your robot chasing the cat. :D

Great job!
Published on Monday, July 24, 2017