Published on April 22 2015

Lt. Commander Data's Child "lal"

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Lt. Commander Data's child "Lal"
My latest project which is powered by a EZB4, is a re-creation of Lt. Commander Data's android daughter Lal.
It is based on Star Trek, The Next Generation, season 3:16 "The Offspring".
She is intended to be a Humanoid house robot with less degrees of freedom movement from my previous robot Captain AnnDroid.
I wanted to keep her her low maintenace, basic, and dependable.
She is about 4 ft. tall and weighs about 13 lbs.
" After new a servo addition" Lal's head utilizes 3 HD EZ Robot servos for pan (rotate left and right), tilt (up and down). and head daisy (like a puppy dog).
2 HD EZ Robot servos for arm movement now ( may add an elbow or wrist servo?).
IRobot Create V.1 for drive platform.
She uses great EZ Robot features like Multi-color camera tracking, and plan to add some type of A.I., like Dave Cochran designed.
Special Thanks to EZ Robot and D.J. Sures for providing a great product that lets people pursue their robotic dreams.

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April 2 2017
Thank you Dave, it was fun.
I read your EZ Robot writeup. My first computer robotics experience was also with a Commodore 64 computer using a relay board, and a Covox VR (very crude) system.
Have you tried making any more latex female masks? That was creative.

It was SPOOKY when I googled it!
Thank you.

That means alot coming from you.
Steve S
April 2 2017
I am working on a C3PO robot about the size of my Dave robot.
My android takes up a bit more room and needs larger motors.
I will get back to her.
I have 3 of the EZ Robot V4 controllers.
April 27 2017
I just found out my robot "Lal" was featured April 5th in roboticgizmos and Robot Enthusiast, along with a link to EZ Robot.
The WorldNews ( Network featured some of "Lal's" videos.

Will's robot "Alan" was also featured in Roboticgizmos November 2016.
Thank you EZ Robot and D.J., YOU MAKE ROBOT BUILDING FUN for Everyone, even amateur DIY roboticist.
I can't wait to try the HDD servos, so many new advancements.
Steve S


Robotic Enthusiast
April 27 2017
Great to see your robot in the press!
You have done a great job with Lal.
April 28 2017
Thank you for your comments.
"The Offspring" was one of my favorite Star Trek episodes.
Steve S
"EDIT" Added pics of Create Mounting.
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