Un2003a 28byj48 Stepper Motor Project


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This is a tutorial for implementing UN2003A 28BYJ48 stepper motor controller combo. This motor stepper controller combo can be purchased very inexpensively from the web. Great for adding open loop positioning to your project in a very cost effective manor. One caveat is the the motor at 5v is about 1-5 rpm...


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User-inserted image

The project is listed in the EZ-Cloud v1 as:
UN2003A 28BYJ48

Ex post facto:
Disregard the colored jumpers on the digital ports. Rearranging the jumper wires was like pulling out individual grey hairs, serious pia.

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Thanks mate, very usefull info ! Right on time cause I'm experimenting with steppers right now.
Very cool project!

This inspires me to consider a method to vote on Project Per Month, and the winner gets an EZ-B mailed to them!:)
New Zealand
I like that idea.....
I like it a lot.....
I'd like mine with postage ....
I'll be in like a shot

I'll make it with servos...
...to cook green eggs and ham
and then name my robot
'Sam' if I can.

Okay... its the last day of the school holidays and this teacher is makin' the most of it and scripting up a storm!

This is really good. I want to use steppers in another, larger project and was unsure how to do it.
Is bi-polar or unipolar stepper motor. i forgot 5 wire is unipolar
Second there is a circuit from RC to stepper motor control circuit under $15 and drive it from a servo pulse.

drawback on using 4 digital lines is that needs 4 digital ports ,and cost little less
On servo (RC) control is costs a little more ,but only uses one digital port

Much info on servo controlled stepper motors on jan issue of servo MAGAZINE
ha! thisis so freaking awesome! thanks @leversofpower !

the neck in the Ultimate wall-E is a stepper motor....i didnt thinki would be able to use it, and could not for the life of me think i could fit a tild attachment and a mini servo in there...
whats next a 5 axis cnc machine using the EZ-B? If this works this mean a very cheap cnc controller.
Stepper motos would be asy to add to EZB only problem would the software to map the item you want to make or from a CAD software,that would be the biggest problem
The stepper motor is still a mystery to me. I've seen on you tube the very same stepper motor moving at least twice as fast as I could make it move with the EZB. There appear to be timing and acceleration aspects to driving the motors that I havn't grasped correctly. Also the specs say it steps at approx 5 degrees yet I seem to be getting less then a degree at 512 positions. There is a half step going on. If your up for a simple mystery, buy the stepper motor and controller from ebay for 3 dollars and download the project. Easy yet mysterious, at least to me.

I'm deep into modding the RC car chassis and gutting the roboquad and totally redoing it with hbridges and programming so not sure when I'll get steppin' again... ;)
@leversofpower i just got my UN2003 kit with stepper motor in today ,so will try your code and see whats wrong with it.
Also have another bigger stepper motor to try on it,and i do have the ULN2003 CHIPS ,but a lot easy when you have a board made for fast protoboard testing and working out the bugs.
Thanks robotmaker, your insights will be appreciated.
I did find a few of my stepper motors i have ,some will need a high power design

One i like alot ,but so far cant find out where i put it is a linear screw stepper motor very small size
and might work great in my johnny five lynxmotion design to pull the eye camera in and out like they way a slide works.