My First Robot "minion"


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I got my kit and then started kicking around ideas of what I wanted him to look like. I wanted him to be something different. So I began searching the internet for one eyed creature/robot.

I was playing with ideas and then I watched Despicable Me and was like oh that's it!!!!

I got my kit. Decided to use the 5" round base 5" base so this is why I am using the 2.5 Amp Motor Controller.

I used a Quaker Oats tall can. Yes oatmeal. ;o) I then took rigid wrap
Rigid Wrap This stuff is like a cast if you've never worked with it. I wanted strong but light weight.

User-inserted image

Now it's hard and you can drill etc. I then took a bowl and formed the head. I then took a yellow t-shirt and made the body. I then took liquid latex and put several coats on to make it where the fabric is durable but would move.

There are some foam thingies that stick up to help support the bowl portion that makes the top of the head.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

That then fits on top. The camera goes into the white leather eye ball so that it can move around. I then took a Stage 8 nut and traced it on foam sheets to make the part for around the eye. I made the head band thing with leather scraps. It is now black.

I made the original arms with the same foam stuff that holds up the head but they were really too heavy for the servos. They worked but would drop once they were lifted. So I am redesigning those. (I am not ready to move on to incorporating other servos, next one, already have a project in mind and may enlist assistance)

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

To color the liquid latex. I put a few coats on then mixed in the black paint and added another coat. No good if you paint it then put the latex, it gets all funky. You have to mix it in the latex.

Then the overalls are just an old jean leg, the little pocket is the little inside pocket. It is also covered in latex to give it the same look.

I am adding a mp3 trigger. I found some minion ringtones. Some of them saying little things from the movie and the theme song, "I'm having a bad day". Started playing with the triggers.

I still need to figure out all the permanent wiring stuff for power. He is not fully functional yet.

Will update later.

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Kristian... Thank you. Have you seen the movie?

@Robotmaker.... Yeah but the minion was a little fun project. I am not planning on doing any upgrades for him. The little base provides plenty enough power. I am using the motors that came with the gear box.

Poopie part is I can only play with him on a table. He can't go far enough away from my computer to get off the carpet. He's too top heavy to go on the carpet. He falls.
Yes, I have seen the movie. Despicable me, turns out he was not so despicable after all huh? I liked the movie. I espescially love the car and its matching garage lol. You could make a lot of those Minions too and have them perform different tasks. Do you watch a lot of movies?

Is it possible to add some weight on the bottom to counter act the weight above?
might need to shift the weight around be better,main reason adding more weight meens need more torque from the motor
a lot of robot makers dont check the full load of the robot design,then they need to make changes for extra torque,witch is sometimes a lot of rework

when i design robots i find about weight the robot will handle and carry ,like a beer then add extra weight and then find the motors to match it
same with batteries,i found how current is needed for every sensor,motors,servo's and electronics and add it up,and then see how long i want the robot to be on without charging
always do this first ,then measure the weight with my battery design
i have a very long list of designing a perfect robot with out mistakes or very little
might do a post on it
Yeah I don't have enough room for a bunch of them. Hahahhaa... and the design is really for fun I wanted them to look like them so he has very little functionality.

The base is only 5" and it's pretty tight in there so not much room for weight.

That is true. I think though, if sfoy has sufficiant torque already and even has to limit the PWM to 50%, then adding a little weight might be more practical without having to change a lot about the robot itself, that would really be a shame because it's sweet looking just as it is.

I think that most of the weight is from the material it is made of, it would be hard to shift the weight without starting over and changing it's entire construction. The camera is also adding weight and probably is the major part that is shifting the weight to the top. Though the cam isn't al that heavy I'm guessing and can easily be compensated for, the rest is mostly the Minion itself.

Just a bit more weight on the bottom might just make that difference between falling over and maintaining stability. You could simply place something in there just to see how far of an effect it really has. Then you could think about what kind of object of similar weight and various shapes could be added.
oops, I didn't see your last post haha. Never mind the weight thing. :P

All the weight is at the bottom. It's not very heavy at all. It's really that it's on a 5" base that's maybe an inch from the ground. If he's on a flat surface he's great. But the
base is really small and he's about 17" tall.

He cant move off my carpet in my room (where pc is located) because of the bluetooth.
Oh haha I'm sorry Samantha, I miss understood.

And yeah, having hundreds of them might be a little too much. I do like your Minion though, it certainly looks the part and it's just very original. Very cool. :)
mostly it batteries are at the bottom to balance the weight,mostly what i meant about shifting weight
I completly missunderstood, my apologees.

Did you have already have new ideas for a project Samantha?
I'm curious to see more of your work.

Yes actually my next project is in the works. I am hacking a robosapien, for his torso. I am using the head from ottobot. I may be using a hearoid omni bit for lower body. Got mini itx. So he will not need a computer. He will have ai.
That sounds really cool. I can't wait to see some pics.
That does sound cool, I can't wait either.
Yeah we'll see what happens.....
i have a robosapien with a remote in perfect condition,but i dont think yet i am going to hack him
if i do ,will get another one
sounds very cool your next robot hack
Robotmaker - Well you are providing the base. I have the sharper image Robosapien that is chrome. I think he will look nice. The other parts will probably be painted black....
PS. DJ said in new release Robosapien will be supported.... :o) I was going to use an arduino hack.... But thanks to DJ.... Woo hoo!
How is Minion doing?
yes SFOY how are you doing we all miss you and i would like to know the MINON is doing too
also have a blessed mery christmas and a happy new year
scanning......scanning...... where is the rest off the topic? *blush*