Published on November 15 2012

How Do I Shovel My Snow?

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With a robot, of course! What did you expect?:)

This is a robot shell that I built with some students in the summer for a robot challenge. The robot chassis is from an electric seat scooter. I attached part of a shovel to it and stayed warm inside, while the robot did all the outside work:)

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May 27 2015
You should think about adding an affordable controller that will work with the EZ-B. I would buy one. I sure could use this at my home in the winter.
Is it possible to make it autonomous as well?
November 5 2018
Bumping because it is that time of the year again.
DJ Sures
November 5 2018
Ugh don’t remind me:) we got snow today! Not much, but enough.

Guess I better get the snow robot out
January 13
With the recent snowfalls in our area this is a timeless idea. Makes me want to go find an old scooter to hack.
January 13 — Updated January 13
That is such a great idea as out here in Barrie we are in the snow belt area and not looking forward to the rest of the winter. They do sell these type of ready made   snow robots (I think,will need to double check that) similar to lawn mower bots but cost a small fortune,best to make your own with an EZB anyway!
Also DJ thanks for that Ebay Link on the motor controller it gave me more insight on what to look for in my new projects! I have learned more in the last week than what any damned technical college ever could in a year,All hail EZB and Synthiam!