Published on October 11 2015

Ez-robot : Mars First Contact

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"The Mars EZ-rover, based on the EZ-Robot JD humanoid model, with added 3D printed parts is capable of launching a Hubsan X4 Mars Flyer Drone for high speed aerial recon.
During the mission, First Contact with an unknown lifeform was established and turned out as quite a shocker!"
I had the opportunity to 3D print some extra parts and turned JD into the Centaurus 2 Mars Rover, complete with 2 on-board cameras, a rock sample collector, wheels and stab legs, and a mobile platform to launch and retrieve a small X4 drone!

Don't miss the ending , love can hide in the oddest places in this universe:)
October 12 2015
Lol Richard, I would need a LOT more robots for that !

Thanks all for the kind words:)
November 23 2015
Totally Cool!
August 4 2017
Loved the video well done, specially the mars fpv.:P
August 4 2017
Wow, What talent! I'm still in the Stone Age! Im blown way! Great video, thanks for Sharing.
August 4 2017
Awh, it's a love story. :)