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Hey Guys,

I've read lots on the forum, and posted a hand full of times, but I thought it was about time I launched my first major project (well, my second really, I converted a wall-e, but I thought there was enough of those on here :)).

So here is announcing OmniMC, an Omnibot 2000 media centre:)

User-inserted image

The idea is to make him all RC and to also house a Raspberry PI running RaspBMC as the media centre bit. I'll then add some speakers and maybe some under-bot lighting:)

I'm wondering if then I can control the whole thing with one of these:

Cideko AVK08

Other than that, I'm kinda just winging it and seeing what other bits and pieces I come up with.

To start with though, I've done the usual thing of gutting him and sticking him through the dishwasher

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

So right now, he is prepped and ready to go.

I've already got my EZ-Robot kit, and a few components such as 6v battery

Power Sonic 6v Battery

Some blue replacement bulbs

Blue Bulbs

My Raspberry PI (which arrived today) and I've just won a screen for his chest:)

Veba TFT LCD Monitor

While I'm waiting for some other bits, I've also been looking at making some replacement tires which you can see details of in one of my other posts

Omni2k Wheels

So that's pretty much the state of play at the moment. I'm pretty much a novice at all this, so I'm looking forward to the challenge. Lets see if I've bitten off more than I can chew:)

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MATT have a blessed safe christmas and a happy new year.
@matt I know i'm really late asking this but how much did shapeways charge?
United Kingdom
Hey Troy, it depends on the model. You upload a file and it gives you the cost of how much it would be to print it.
ok I found an idea of pricing on the site. Now I need to learn how to do sketchup easily.:)
United Kingdom
Sketchup is really easy to get started with, all the other 3d packages are just overkill in comparison.

Best of luck, and let me know how you get on.
I will Matt. Btw where in the UK are you? Usually when I fly home from here it takes me through Heathrow.
United Kingdom
I'm in in a town called Penistone (lets see if that get's picked up by the bad word filter ;)) which is mid way between Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester so not really near Heathrow (the nearest major Airport would be Manchester)
i love LEEDS ,I have been there for see the castle,i been all over UK and FRANCE ,and love LONDON alot 4 times so far,maybe sometime up thier again will stop by
oops I drifted off topic with useless posts.
United Kingdom
Hmm, we should hold a big EZ-Robot conference (we'll call it that, but realys it's just an excuse for a load of robot geeks to get together and geek out :))
lol right! oh yeah there is a chat room
United Kingdom
Yay! Looks like Santa brought me a few bits:)

Here's the Android box hooked up to the screen

User-inserted image

And here is the remote I'll be using:)

User-inserted image

Had a quick play with the remote in ARC and got all the buttons working. Not sure how I get all three joysticks working though, but am sure I'll figure it out.
that's a serious remote. I WANT ONE!
Remote looks very good,i do see it go for about $150.
I got amost all my machine shop tools and going to wire them up today.
Only part is all-one lathe at $500 or $1000 to order,but this weeek hope to start back in my robot building and add photos.
Thats awesome! I see on ebay they aren over 100 bucks. I will probably stick with my cell phone as a nifty controller for right now. Glad to see you got the android box in and working. I love seeing progress on it matt.
I JUST GOT MINE FOR $60 with free shipping from amazon MATT just like yours only black
i get it this friday
i see now on amazon its $79.99 free shipping
Cideko Air Keyboard

User-inserted image

this is the one i bought
I GOT MINE early from amazon ,i said riday but got it today,very nice joystick
Thanks MATT for finding it,just i need to get the manual online
Matt! what is the latest? Is the project finished? i like the hands.