Elvis Gains An Extra Degree With Ez Robot Hdd. Elvis Alive Robot Hack With Ez

Steve S

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" Elvis Alive" Robot Hack with EZ Robot, lotiny controller, and software.
I purchased a non functional unit from E-Bay that would not complete startup.
My intention was, if I could not repair it, it would be useful for a robotic build.
After evaluation, one motor gear was not completing startup sequence.
I repaired that, and the unit completed the startup sequence.
Merne kindly sold me an extra controller that he had.
The WowWee Robot was great, but it lacked any realistic rotation motion.
I planned, and built a Rotation Pedestal that adds so much more realism to the
"Elvis Alive" Robot. I can program it for each song or let it choose up to 6 random rotations, as I did in the video.
I used a new EZ Robot HDD servo that was superior to another digital servo that I experimented with.
My plan of an extra additional servo to rock the body, was not necessary, because the lazy-susan pedestal had enough flex
with the 10 lb. robot to move with it's many head gyrations.

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gospel songs i love.my fav is,nearer my god to thee.also the end song off,
This is awesome! Looks so much better.

Question -- are you interfacing directly with Elvis' CPU for control?
Thank you for your comments.
No, I did not interface into the original Elvis CPU.
I let EZ Builder choose up to 6 random rotation pedestal positions in the video.
I could not find the script used in the video, but it was random number generator, that would move the HDD servo to different positions.
Great project! I am doing something similar with the other version which is the Chimp head...it is so annoying all the monkey noises. I have also removed the hair and face so it is now just a robot skull with really bad teeth, will have it running with EZ controller (no more monkey noises) and the EZ camera I just ordered but great to know about your EZ hdd servo hack!;)
robo rad,
Thank you.
There is a youtube video with a skinned chimp and an elvis, very funny.
Google "youtube fancybot with chimp".
I did not put the link in my showcase, but you will find it.
Looking forward to your hack.
Steve S
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t-800So I am excited about hacking my old Chimp "Alive" I have received the EZ-B camera and just starting to learn how to get the robot vision tracking to work and I must say it sure can do many things in the tracking! Having my old Rad robot track vehicle as a test subject to follow a red balloon and play with it across the floor was really fun to watch, now want to get more into the face tracking and other cool stuff for theĀ  Chimp Alive project. I also just bought the T-800 Chromed Terminator Head and Neck plate from China as it was still half the cost of buying the Chromed Cylon full sized helmet that I was planning on.So most likely gonna ditch Chimp Alive and use EZ cam on the Terminator when it arrives in about a month, I will also be looking at buying a 4 wheel drive tracked robot base from China to use under the Terminator Torso (For the out door festivals next summer) I need to plan it, but this is all Fun any way!